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Frizz September 2020

by FRIZZ Ulm

FRIZZ The magazine for Ulm, Neu-Ulm and the surrounding area

FRIZZ The magazine for Ulm, Neu-Ulm and the surrounding area Less

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The magazine for Ulm, Neu-Ulm and the surrounding area | September | No. 334 | priceless STAYING COOL AT 30 DEGREES LET THE SUMMER END RIGHT! VIRTUAL EINSTEIN MARATHON | NEWS FROM THE DOPPELSTADT & MUCH MORE

MOTOR OIL ADDITIVE VEHICLE CARE LIQUI MOLY MAKES TENSATION Dear customers, For years, the readers of the leading car magazines have voted us Germany's best lubricant brand. At Auto Zeitung and auto motor und sport for the 10th time in a row *. A particular success in a particularly difficult situation. Because in view of the global corona catastrophe, now is not the time for joyful dances, but for responsible action. With and for one another. Human and full of charity. With heart, head and heart for a decade and perseverance. In this challenge, my 1,000 colleagues stand together to give their best more than ever. For our partners, 1 the number one for our customers, for you! Because we can only do it together! r K a te Stay healthy! in de n oils! * Mot o re your Ernst Prost No. 1 for readers 10 years in a row No. 1 for 10 years in a row 2 years in a row No. 2 9 years in a row No. 1 for 9 years in a row Auto Bild readers. of auto, motor and sport. (Issue 7/2020) among the readers of the Auto Zeitung. in the care products category. among the readers of Motor (Issue 13/2020) (Issue 5/2020) (Issue 5/2020) Klassik. (Edition 6/2020) 3 years in a row the No. 1 2 years in a row the No. 1 2 years in a row the No. 1 among motorcycle readers. at Motorsport Aktuell in Motorsport Aktuell in (Issue 9/2020) www.my-liqui-moly.de in the category Automobile. the motorcycle category. (Issue 16/2020) (Issue 16/2020) * BEST BRAND in the lubricants category at auto motor und sport and TOP BRAND at Auto Zeitung for 10 years.

CONTENT 04 06 25 04 TALK OF THE CITY 18 SUMMER SPECIAL 38 KITCHEN MAGIC Frank Wesserlingk Let it end properly! Tips for everyone: Recipes from the south Managing director / authorized signatory at Hapag-Lloyd Paintball, balloon rides, canoe tours, beer fermentation travel agencies, wakeboading, water skiing, parachuting 40 CHILDREN'S SIDE and much more ... Children in action: sporty on the go 06 CITY LIFE For Dogs Only? in an interview | Farmhouse- 32 FILM 42 EVENT TICKER museum in Wolfegg | News from TTC Neu-Ulm What's going on in the cinema in September? Dates in the region | Folding bike - foldable, practical, good | Only virtual: Einstein Marathon 2020 | Internet der 34 LITERATURE 48 FRIZZ MAKES HAPPY Experiencing things at the Ulmer Weinhof Book tip: You don't have to be liked by everyone Great competitions 14 CAMPUS & CAREER 50 LAST PAGE The TRIANGLE at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences: 36 PODCASTS The last thing comes at the end Newcomers meet Experienced start-ups Listening tips from the Post für Dich editorial team - Judgment Day © Erin Gleeson / Knesebeck Verlag 36 38 40 Imprint: Publishing house & publisher: Property management & media advice: Editorial offices in this issue: Copyrights / Copyright: Neue Pressegesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Yasmin Tan Konny Hübner, Dominik Schele, © For the entire content, unless Frauenstrasse 77 • 89073 Ulm Tel: 0731 156-529 Ulrike Hoche stated otherwise, by FRIZZ Das Magazin. Mobile: 0151 24091787 Reprinting, even in part, only with the publisher's address: [email protected] Appointments and online editing: written approval by Ver Neue Pressegesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Tamara Saß, Dominik Schele was permitted. For unsolicited sent FRIZZ Das Magazin production management: manuscripts, photographs and illustrations Frauenstrasse 77 • 89073 Ulm Tamara Saß material, the publisher does not assume any liability. Tel: 0731 156-529 Tel: 0731 156-671 Title page: processing. Contributions marked by name Internet: frizz-ulm.de [email protected] Photo: Wesley Carvalho from Pexels do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Facebook: facebook.com/FrizzUlm Verlag. For the correctness of Instagram: instagram.com/FrizzUlm Editorial management: DTP and CTP / printing: Submitted advertisements, articles, photography, appointments and advertisements will not be bank details: Tel: 0731 156-676 warranty accepted. In the case of raffles at NPG KG [email protected], print run 12,000 copies and prize puzzles, legal recourse is closed. HypoVereinsbank Ulm. Misprints with reservation. BIC: HYVEDEMM461 Frequency of publication: monthly IBAN: DE65 6302 0086 0025 1734 22 Editorial deadline: 16.09.2020 National advertisements & association: Applicable price list: Media data valid from CityMags Vermarktungsgesellschaft mbH Advertisements: 01.06.2020 Varrentrappstr. 53 Stefan Schaumburg (responsible) Sales: Direct and own sales 60486 Frankfurt / Main Address like publisher Tel: 069/97 9517-10 Fax: 069/97 9517-19 citymags.de | [email protected] 03

CITY TALK FRANK WESSERLINGK MANAGING DIRECTOR / PROCURIST AT HAPAG-LLOYD REISEBÜRO With many years of experience and extensive know-how, “SÜDWEST PRESSE + Hapag-Lloyd Travel Agency GmbH & Co. KG covers a wide range of high quality products. We spoke to the general manager / authorized signatory Frank Wesserlingk. 04

FRIZZ: Anyone who wants to hold a congress, a meeting, a symposium or an event, still very large, many trips were held because of the travel warnings, can hardly get past Hapag-Lloyd Ulm. cancellations and even with short-term destinations in other European countries What is your success? the bookings start cautiously. At the moment we have Frank Wesserlingk at the travel agency: First and foremost, of course, the creativity and that, and with group trips, a very high level of effort with cancellation of the commitment of my employees. It is important to me that every employee and transferring bookings, but not facing any income. A person who is familiar with all facets of the event is well aware of the problem that every travel agency has in this crisis. is instructed. Thus the customer gets everything from a single source and quickly notices how effective and proactive the events are for him. FRIZZ: What are currently popular travel destinations? be nized. Frank Wesserlingk: The demand for holidays in Germany is enormous, unfortunately there are hardly any more offers here this summer. a name as a professional partner for customized advanced training events that can be quickly made back home by car in an emergency. Which mar- comes and no quarantine is to be feared. When it comes to cruises, is the idea of ​​marketing behind it? the small ships with good hygiene concepts become interesting Frank Wesserlingk: Recommendation marketing. We have become involved, as this is where the risk is lowest. Specialized early on in this segment and took over services that go far beyond conventional event planning, FRIZZ: Do the Corona protective measures affect the holiday- why are we gladly recommended and so do the new customers feel? usually come straight to us. Frank Wesserlingk: It is still taking a while to get used to the “New Normality” with a distance and a face mask, but I think the FRIZZ: How have you experienced the last few months? we don’t wear mouthguards on the beaches causing a serious drop in sales? Frank Wesserlingk: In any case, our industry has enjoyed it very much. met. Thanks to the rapid changeover to new services such as webinars and online events, we were still able to bear with- FRIZZ: Do you think that vacations will be much more expensive in the future? ge realize. All in all, with short-time work and austerity measures, Frank Wesserlingk: To be honest, in my opinion this has gotten through the crisis to some extent and I was able to be avoidable. With the low prices currently on offer, my employees can be given an employment guarantee. Do not realize sustainable tourism, which I personally believe in, where a fair profit remains for all service providers, around FRIZZ: Presumably there is still no talk of “normality” or employees pay appropriately and you are now bringing back the resources sustainably Events on the way? to be able to plan. Frank Wesserlingk: In addition to the digital events, we are again organizing smaller physical events, under strict conditions. FRIZZ: You also have an excellent business travel compliance with hygiene regulations and distance requirements. In many cases. What do you think the future holds in this sector? These are additionally streamed, so that there will not be as many business travelers as there will be customers online before the crisis. se? Frank Wesserlingk: Business trips will decrease. Man FRIZZ: Let's assume the corona crisis is over. If things go well, you have learned that you don't necessarily have to go to China for short meetings as before, or do we all have to take a giant step in the direction and video chats offer a good alternative. But how is digitization done? there is always an opportunity too. Frank Wesserlingk: Definitely. We have learned that some things also give customers a feeling of security and go digital as flexibly as possible and also make a lot of sense from a sustainable perspective. I'm being rebooking requests. Exactly for this reason we are just as sure that a video chat introduces personal contact to a destination manager program that cannot always replace the customer. It will be the mix. up-to-date shows the danger situation in the target area, whether through terrorism, political unrest or Covid-19. FRIZZ: Due to the global situation, the demand for online meetings and webinars is increasing. Are you now also in the FRIZZ: How many people does the SÜDWEST PRESSE + Hasem division work? pag-Lloyd Travel Agency GmbH & Co. KG? Frank Wesserlingk: We got into this area very quickly. Frank Wesserlingk: 74 employees, eight of whom were trainees, and we offered our customers the organization of webinars, online training courses and online events very early on. With be FRIZZ: What qualifications do your employees have? We have already organized more than 120 online events, including Frank Wesserlingk: They are mainly businesspeople for tourism - they already have extensive experience and excellent know-how, hotel and office management, but increasingly also tourism. Students. In addition to training as a tourism clerk, we will also be training at FRIZZ from September this year: Can you briefly explain how a webinar works? Office management apprenticeship. Frank Wesserlingk: A webinar is advanced training, a specialist lecture on the Internet. The participants can neither be heard nor seen, FRIZZ: “A typical daily routine”, what does it look like for you? but can ask questions or speak up. We set up the Frank Wesserlingk: breakfast, play tennis, pick up the mail, set up co-webinars, switch registration links in the customer design, rehearse daily meals, fitness, read the newspaper and then after work and in advance with the speakers and are available as a contact person play. (laughs) bar. In the live webinar itself, we ensure that everything runs smoothly ... of course, the reality looks completely different: The day's schedule is good, start and close the webinar, moderate the chat, switch to surveys filled with meetings, customer appointments, staff interviews, play films and intervene when there is a technical problem. and of course the considerations and planning, how we can finally evaluate, cut the webinar and evaluate customers and employees better and better. the event. FRIZZ: Where and how do you spend the summer? FRIZZ: One of your offerings is selling travel? Like Frank Wesserlingk: Camping with my family in Breta- is the situation in your travel agency? gne. Frank Wesserlingk: The uncertainty on the part of our customers is Konny Hübner 05

CITY LIFE ULM, NEU-ULM & SURROUNDINGS CITY LIFE ONLY VIRTUAL: EINSTEIN MARATHON 2020 Einstein has to run alone this year Corona has turned life upside down in many areas - sport is no exception. Things are still not looking very rosy for major events. The Einstein Marathon is also affected and cannot take place as usual this year. The running event will take place on September 26 and 27, 2020 exclusively virtually. This means that the runners cannot all start in the same place at the same time on the same route, but that everyone can run for themselves at home or on their favorite route. Participants will receive a start number by post from the Einstein Marathon Team. There is also an Einstein-Marathon-Corona tube cloth in the package, which can also be used as a protective mask.Not possible in 2020: huge groups of runners at the Einstein-Marathon. After your own run, the run data can be uploaded. Of course there will also be certificates, but Globus will be able to take part in the Einstein Marathon. The ambitious one is only available for download. The aim is to have more than 100 nations with them and the largest vir- The entry fee is 15 euros, which will be the first moment after Germany's current run. To achieve this goal it sounds like a lot. In fact, the organization of a virtual open participant like relatives and friends running event should not be underestimated. Invite this experience on all continents, also at the Einstein Marathon, the Einstein Marathon team had to do it themselves when they ran for it. The registration for the virtual marathon is currently in the virtual AOK company run a participation fee of 5 euros available in German and English, but the team is already working on postings, but this did not cover the costs. a translation in Spanish and Mandarin. The registration deadline The motto for 2020 is "Run globally for Ulm". The virtual Monday is September 13th, 2020. dus makes it possible that this year participants around the einsteinmarathon.de 06

FOR DOGS ONLY? DOG FOOD FROM MUNDERKINGEN In the For Dogs Only kitchen? 100 percent food grade dog food is made. (Photos: Photo Werner Ehingen) Dr. Sigun Halfmann and Susann Marion Hahl founded “For Dogs FRIZZ: Where do the ingredients in your food come from? Only? ”Ten years ago in Munderkingen as a manufactory for healthy For Dogs Only ?: Our meat comes from small farmers in the Regides Hundefutter. We asked what it is all about and our vegetables from the region, fresh from the farm and how they came to be. market. Our game comes from the Swabian Alb biosphere area. FRIZZ: With “For Dogs Only?” You run a manufactory that sells healthy dog ​​food in preserving jars. How did FRIZZ come about: What is the advantage of your “home cooking” for dogs? Idea? For Dogs Only ?: Since we don't get our meat from the slaughterhouse, For Dogs Only ?: The managing directors Dr. Sigun Halfmann and fen, it does not have to be heated so much. This means that Susann Hahl was looking for suitable dog food. the mineral and vitamin content is largely preserved. On the market, however, there was none that did not contain any of our own butchers on site, the animals did not contain any trans additives. Without further ado, they decided to expose their own portstress and thus not pour as much ad dog food brand onto the market. renalin off. FRIZZ: How can you imagine the development of new recipes or products? For Dogs Only ?: Dr. med. Vet. Sigun Halfmann runs a very well-known veterinary clinic and develops balanced recipes for our feed. The new recipes are also created through daily practice in the veterinary clinic, where it is shown again and again how important it is that dogs are fed healthy. We also make the development of THAT and the offer heavily dependent on what nature can provide us with depending on the season. Of course, the SECRET ASC H - FL E customer demand also plays a role. SCHEYFE NG IS THE ERUNG FRIZZ: The question mark in the name is no coincidence. BOTTLE- advise us why it is called “For Dogs Only?”? RI F For Dogs Only ?: The questioning is due to the simple fact FERMENTATION that our food - due to its 100 percent food quality - would not only be suitable for dogs, but also for human consumption. This has actually been tested several times. Always with incredibly positive feedback fordogsonly.de guenzburger-weizen.de 07

CITY LIFE FOLDING BIKE IN ULM - FOLDABLE, PRACTICAL, GOOD The folding bike workshop takes care of all types of bicycles Andreas Heiss has moved his folding bike to Walfischgasse TERN, BROMPTON, DAHON - brands that may seem unfamiliar at first, but old hands in the Business are.In which one do you now ask yourself? Im KlappRad, Ulm's number 1 contact when it comes to folding and folding bikes. Almost exactly four years ago, Andreas Heiss turned his hobby into a profession and opened his “KlappRad” shop on Frauenstrasse. He has now moved his business into the former Rank fashion store at Walfischgasse 16. Yes, the shop space is now significantly larger, but the wheels are still wonderfully compact. And nothing else changes in the actual concept either. The main focus continues to be on folding and folding bikes. But now cargo bikes are also part of the range. At KlappRad you get a large selection of different models, which can also be ordered in a variety of colors and sizes. A folding bike can be set up in less than 15 seconds, taken along and stowed away immediately and is effective for everyday use. Folding bikes are particularly recommended for commuters or short trips on vacation. In fact, there is usually no need to buy an extra train ticket if the bike is folded. With almost twenty years of experience and knowledge, Andreas Heiss scores with his customers and also has a bicycle workshop that is open for all brands and types of all bikes. So if you value individual advice and high-quality products, you should definitely drive by and see the practical folding bikes for yourself. klappradulm.de 08

PURE NATURE: DIETENBRONNER It comes from Schwendi, is over 5000 years old and is pumped from a depth of 100 meters - the mineral water from Dietenbronnner. Most of them will have seen the soda bottles in the beverage market and maybe even bought them. However, not everyone knew that Dietenbronner comes from the region. At the end of the 1920s, mineral water was bottled for the first time in Schwendi, in the district of Dietenbronn that gave it its name. The story of the source is, however, much older. It is mentioned in a document for the first time as early as 1427. People sometimes traveled from far away, because they hoped the source would have a healing effect. Today, Brunnenverwaltung Bad Dietenbronn GmbH is a medium-sized family company which, in addition to mineral water, also produces spritzers, limos and more. Markus Brzuske has been managing director for Dietenbronner since 2016. In the last four years he and his team have modernized the bottling facility, whereby the aspects of environmental protection and sustainability have received special attention. In the meantime, 75 percent of the old PET bottles are processed into new Dietenbronner bottles. The glass bottles can be filled up to 50 times and are even 100 percent recyclable. Would you like to find out more about the various aspects of mineral water, its operation and bottling? No problem. Dietenbronner offers guided tours. dietenbronner.de Dietenbronner Managing Director Markus Brzuske www.swp-hapag-lloyd.de We are looking for trainees to become tourism clerks for September 1st, 2021 work? Do you enjoy planning events and organizing the perfect event for customers? Then you are exactly right with us! We offer a wide range of training in various CASUAL areas! After your training, would you like to work in a travel agency, event agency, group travel BUSINESS or company service? With us you have the choice! In addition, we are also offering an apprenticeship as a clerk for office management (m / f / d) on September 1st, 2021. MADE TO MEASURE SHIRTS MADE TO MEASURE JACKET from € 99.- from € 179.- from € 399.- We look forward to seeing you! Further information at: www.swp-hapag-lloyd.de Email applications to Ms. Tanja Kohler [email protected] MEASURES ULM Hafenbad 11 89073 Ulm Tel. +49 731 144 100 33 [email protected] www.massnahme.de 09

CITY LIFE TTC NEU-ULM STARTS INTO THE NEW SEASON Image: Atelier Schlieper (2020) Image: Atelier Schlieper (2020) Image: Atelier Schlieper (2020) Image: Atelier Schlieper (2019) Tiago Apolonia Kay Stumper Dimitrij “Dima” Mazunov Vladimir “Vova “Sidorenko The TTC Neu-Ulm will start its second national league in September. This is also what club boss Florian Ebner sees. “The aim is for the league season. The newly formed table tennis team starts playing, new team quickly gets together and we get through a good team on September 6th near Bad Homburg. Club boss Florian Ebner also gives Geist one or two more wins. We want to establish a "place in the middle of the table with a tendency towards the league in the middle field with a tendency upwards" as a season goal. ttcnu.de The new squad consists of the two experienced top players and ex-European champions Emmanuel Lebesson and Tiago Apolonia. The 32-year-old French player is a national player and was European champion in 2016. The 34-year-old crowd favorite from Neu-Ulm won the European title with the Portuguese national team in 2014. Tiago Apolonia played an excellent Bundesliga season last year and was instrumental in the success of the TTC Neu-Ulm. The team is complemented by Vladimir "Vova" Sidorenko, who is considered to be the greatest table tennis talent in Europe, as well as the German top young player Kay Stumper. “It's an exciting mix of experience, talent and youth,” says team boss Nadine Berti. In addition, Dimitrij “Dima” Mazunov, a master coach from the region, “with whom we want to take the next step,” says the team boss. In addition, the Neu-Ulm club has signed the Chinese Hao Shuai, Asian champion in doubles and runner-up world champion in mixed. How often he will stand at the plate for the TTC is still unclear due to the developments in the corona pandemic. The newly formed table tennis team from Neu-Ulm will kick off on September 6th near Bad Homburg with Gustavo Tsuboi, who was in the TTC squad last season. “We want to start with a win against the newcomer,” announced TTC team boss Nadine Berti. In the second game of the season against Königshofen on September 27, there will be an encounter with Abdel-Kader Salifou, who scored spectacular points for the TTC last season. The first home game of the TTC Neu-Ulm is a derby. On October 2nd, the TTC welcomes the TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen. Where and how the game will be played is not yet known due to the corona. In the cup competition, Tiago Apolonia and Co have to compete in the first round with the current German champions FC Saarbrücken TT. “It's awesome,” said head coach Dimitrij “Dima” Mazunov about the draw. He still thinks a win with good team spirit is possible. 10

SEPTEMBER 2020 FARMHOUSE MUSEUM (WOLFEGG) SUN, 06.09. RODSCHA FROM CAMBODIA AND TOM PALME FRI 11.09. CINEMA: SMUGGLING HENDRIX THU 17.09. HG.BUTZKO SA 19.09. ULTIMATE EAGLES FRI 25.09. CINEMA: PORTRAIT OF ONE For over 40 years the farmhouse museum Allgäu-Ober- YOUNG WOMAN IN FLAME swabia Wolfegg has been showing the rural cultural history of Upper Swabia with the help of numerous historic farmhouses. In the museum houses, exhibitions and guided tours you can find out on Saturday 26.09. YASI HOFER History up close in a variety of ways. The farmhouse museum app also gives you the option of being guided individually through the houses. In 2020 there is still a lot going on in the farmhouse museum. Anyone who has always wanted to know how a linen cloth is made, how grain is threshed or how shingles are made can take a closer look. Craftsmen show their skills on selected days. In addition, a new house is coming to the museum this year! At fixed dates, interested parties can find out what has to happen before the house can be opened. It starts with archival research and continues through restoration to adaptation to modern technology. The summer holiday program is of course interesting for children. Thematically, things are very different here. Protective amulets are carved out of soapstone or apple fritters are baked on the wood stove. But adults are not forgotten either. In the farmhouse museum, for example, there are courses such as “Making soap yourself”, “Dyeing with plants” or Good friends - good conversation - good food in TOP quality - that's Jack's 1598 “Baking with spelled.” *** Where Meat Friends Meet! *** Unique atmosphere - nice and well-cared for service - great steaks from the Canadian high-performance grill (special side dishes: Röschti, Knöpfli, gnocchi, etc.) - constantly changing Röschtier dishes - large selection of homemade cakes and pies - romantic courtyard and much more more ... Jack's 1598 Neue Straße 100 | 89073 Ulm | Tel .: 0731 - 711 05 200 | www.jacks1598.de bauernhausmuseum-wolfegg.de 11

CITY LIFE EXPERIENCE THE INTERNET OF THINGS AT ULMER WEINHOF At the end of July, the LoRaPark at Ulmer Weinhof was opened by Mayor Gunter Czisch and initiator Andreas Buchenscheit. The whole thing is the result of an innovation competition organized by the city of Ulm. The show garden for sensor-based solutions offers clear examples of the Internet of Things. Here visitors can experience how sensors and the measured values ​​obtained from them can be used profitably. All current sensor data can be read on a large display, which can be found at the Weinhof. The sensors that are distributed all over Ulm include weather stations, noise sensors, parking space monitors and air quality sensors. Incidentally, the data can also be called up online. lorapark.de Andreas Buchenscheit introduces the LoRaPark ALWAYS STAYING COOL WITH THE COOLING MASK FROM ULM The currently very important mouth and nose protection not only heats up some tempers, but also the skin of the face, especially in summer. A mask from Ulm, which protects and cools at the same time, promises a remedy. You just have to look around. There are numerous mask variations, but none that cools. This is where the Ulm cold specialists from pervormance international GmbH come into play. The company has now developed special face masks that cool the skin. For this purpose, the high-tech fleece, which is otherwise used in cooling vests, was integrated into the design of a face mask. The cooling effect is not only noticeable, but also clearly measurable. "After the measurements with the thermal imaging camera showed a difference of 10 degrees, it was clear that we could make many people's lives a little easier with the mask," said Gabriele Renner, managing director of pervormance international. e-cooline.de - Advertisement - Peter de Baer • Verlag Mainz • ISBN 978-3-86317-034-9 • 14.80 € LUCIFER'S FLUCH The good book for people who want a better world! Why do we let people die of thirst in fields and forests? Although we live on a water planet. Are we too stupid to desalinate large quantities of seawater? Why don't we manage to replace all plastic containers with glass and porcelain containers? The journalists watch. They could move a lot together, not against each other like today. And why don't they? Now in all specialty stores and Amazon. 12th

- Ad - YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT SEX! ... OR DO YOU? IN CONVERSATION WITH HEALTH PRACTICE PROFESSIONAL CLAUDIA KAMP Claudia Kamp is a health practitioner for female and male sexuality. Since 2016 she has been running the center for holistic body awareness TaYoLing in Georgstraße in Ulm. We asked what her job is all about, how it came about and why there is hardly any public talk about sexuality today. FRIZZ: Ms. Kamp, you are implementing the health policy. The offers differ- FRIZZ: Feeling will also be discussed in 2020, only behind tikerin for female and male sexual focal points and looking out of hand, about sexuality. ity What can you imagine by that? different angles. You bring How do you perceive people in dealing with Claudia Kamp: I support both men and people together, reduce the shyness and the issue? ner, women as well as couples, important instal- lations reduce shame. You carefully maintain Claudia Kamp: Many have a basic knowledge, formations about sexuality in general, as well as the limits of each individual, open up new horizons - the sexuality of procreation and conception - individual tips for themselves and their fulfilling zones and a further attitude towards life. Concerning our guardianship. But sex is what you talk about to maintain sexuality. I have various offers to support steps towards a fulfillment ... In our society there is an education such as tantra massages according to TMV lender sexuality. comprehensive conditioning. It's a shame, because eV, Sexological Bodywork (sexological bodywork, as a customer once said after a seminar: we are all human. We all have similar work), Somatic Experiencing according to Peter "I came as a stranger and left as a friend." who occupy us and would- Levine (trauma) and am currently in training Sharing experiences brings us each other to discover that many women and men become sexologists after Sexocorperel. closer. have had the same experience or similar. From the medical anatomy and the questions and that there is no such thing as “I am physiology based, I impart knowledge FRIZZ: How and when did you come to your decision not right”. That sexuality is about body functions in the sexual inference to be active in this profession? the physical, mental-emotional and activity. Because our sexuality can only be fulfilled in a fulfilling Claudia Kamp: At the beginning of the 2000s a spiritual-transcendent level can be lived when we can become sick in our bodies for me, after training, is conceivable for many, but often at home feel, the psyche plays an important sister, some years of professional experience unreachable. Role. It's about body awareness, embodiment and my existence as a mother of two sons, and learned habits in sexuality, a new professional phase. According to a FRIZZ: How would you rate the people of Ulm on our love life, a great experience lasting several years, in this regard. Are you more likely to have flow. rend and after training in physical behavior, as far as the topic is concerned, or at least per work, did I recognize how all situations were more permissive? FRIZZ: With TaYoLing you operate a center of our lives that trigger reactions that Claudia Kamp: More and more people dare. The one for holistic body awareness, where you show yourself in our body. Was it a person to check, ask by e-mail or, among other things, various types of massage for a harmonious situation, in which I call myself and then quickly notice that women, men as well as couples offer and felt that I was in open that with us a professional competence in me- people could show different methods, felt free to come into more contact with oneself in my body in the relaxing and psychosomatic area. nte? Or did I feel pressured in such a way that there is one that is expanded through continuous further- In addition, you offer different my whole body contracted, imaginations. Coaching, seminars and much more. How was the tension created and literally who would you introduce TaYoLing to our readers- breath caught? Sometimes it's hardly too FRIZZ: It's an idle topic, but what about it? noticeable reactions of the psyche and the still we would like to inquire. Which Claudia Kamp: Part of our work is “gu-body. But if they repeat themselves often, have had an impact or have the Corona crisis "on the touch" to make them "tangible" and thus they will be memorized and may, under certain circumstances, your work? to support self-awareness. That of the patterns to be inhibited. From the body- Claudia Kamp: The crisis then went seamlessly into my pedagogical and advisory work. I came to massage - to tantra massage, enormous effects, when it was specifically transformed into such activity. ge - and discovered the Sexological Bodywork. at one time my work is more than important. Our offers all revolve around the I decided in 2015 to make myself the subject of self-awareness, that is, to make my own, because this format of work needs an embodiment, perception and its own space. My self-sufficiency in order to understand and the path to life began in February 2016. tayoling.de

CAMPUS & CAREER THE TRIANGLE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEU-ULM NEWCOMER MEET EXPERIENCED START-UPS The stage was set for start-ups at the HNU at the end of July: With Spark2Go, Wasserpunkt and PENG, three newly founded companies presented “The Triangle “Their innovative business ideas and competed against the established start-up RECUP and the medium-sized Berg brewery. All 30 guests on site were allowed to act as a jury, and interested parties could also join in via online video conference. The main focus of the evening: innovative business ideas for everything to do with beverages. The motto was accordingly: “Let's go for drinks!” Three young and two established start-ups presented in the pitch competition. From left to right: Luke Patruno (Sparktogo), the race among the three Annika Degen (water point), Marten Schulze (Peng), Ulrich Zimmermann (mountain), Florian Pachaly (Recup), Daniel Schallmo Newcomers made “water (HNU) | Image: HNU / Katharina Bill Punkt ”, a cross-university start-up of the University of Ulm, the University of Biberach and The first“ The Triangle participants ”were: the Technical University of Ulm.The idea behind Wasserpunkt is doubly sustainable: Drink RECUP is the Germany-wide deposit system for coffee-to-go water dispensers. 25 percent of the profit goes to reusable cups. The principle is simple: Coffee-to-go in RECUP instead of worldwide aid projects that order themselves in disposable cups for access to clean drinking cups. Enjoy coffee on the go and use empty water. The idea was rewarded with 500 euros in prize money, which cups returned to all RECUP partners throughout Germany and which the Ulm / Swabian chambers of industry and commerce contributed. Get the deposit back. The respective presentations were followed by a casual discussion: Dis- 1466 is given to the inn, located at the courtyards on the mountain, the right was given, among other things, to the role of universities and to baking, boiling and other butcher's shops, and since 1757 universities are given to business start-ups and the opportunities and the family runs the Berg Brewery - now in its ninth position. Challenges that arise for companies in times of corona neration. Hardly any other brewery can look back on such a long tradition. have such a wealth of experience. This was followed by the established start-up RECUP (German water point helps solve the global water problem with a nationwide deposit system for coffee to go cups) and the brewery and reduced plastic consumption in Germany. For this purpose, the public are publicly installed and at the same time gave the youngsters the public drinking water dispenser installed in German city centers. Advice on the way to let yourself be driven by your passion for your own With every liter you draw at a price of 20 cents, 5 cents of product will be driven: “Never lose sight of the glow - to build a water infrastructure in a developing country “This is what Uli Zimmermann, managing director of the Berg Brewery donation, said. e to all young founders. At the same time, he emphasized that an established medium-sized company in PENG, the Wach.Mach.Wasser sprang from the idea that the intensive focus on innovation must always stay on the ball. To experience the winner of the energy of the coffee bean - fresh and without additives. PENG In the evening, RECUP was chosen, whose product REBOWL is supposed to quench thirst in a lively way, completely without sugar and exaggerated in the takeaway business. benign taste. Natural, refreshing and radically simple. The evening was rounded off by guests and founders in the Wiley-Spark To Go, developed reusable metal bottles with in-park thematically appropriate, with an after-work beer. The integrated carbonation system, so that the relaxed get-together wherever you are, offered the opportunity to create topics of conversation for your favorite fizzy drink. Whenever and wherever you can delve into and socialize. want - without having to constantly buy disposable bottles. After this summer start, The Triangle is set to go into the second round in winter: Those interested can make a note of December 3, 2020. hnu.de 14

WITH THE PROS LIKE THE PROS! TRAIN ON A NEW LEVEL FROM € 29.90 MTL. more information at www.orangegym.one

CAMPUS & CAREER MORE SPACE FOR INDIVIDUAL LIFE RUNS The world of work is changing. Job profiles and plans change. Anyone starting an apprenticeship or studying today can look forward to many challenges that arise in the course of their working life. Flexibility is required in order to be able to exploit these possibilities and to master possible crisis situations. The Biberach University of Applied Sciences (HBC) is responding to this change in the working world with a new study concept, which the university management is currently working on together with all faculties. The first changes will be made in the coming winter semester - new students will then be able to plan their course of study more individually than was previously possible. Not all the details have been discussed yet, “but the objective is clear,” says Professor André Bleicher, Rector of the university: “We want to offer our students a broad basic course with a wide range of options, according to the HBC's inner city campus | Image: Biberach University of Applied Sciences so that you can orientate yourself at the beginning of your studies and later decide what to specialize in General business administration, economics, accounting, balance sheets and taxes, investing ”. This is due to the subject areas of the HBC, which have a lot of meaning and financing as well as marketing. offer full overlaps, possible, according to the university management. The Biberach University of Applied Sciences is concerned with the disciplines of engineering and in future, students should only choose the disciplines architecture, natural sciences and business administration at the beginning of their studies: In the subject area, for example, business administration, and within one orientation field, biotechnology, energy, construction and Real estate offers the phase of three semesters to get to know different professional fields. HBC offers various courses and study models. "The decision whether a student for the spectrum can be made many interdisciplinary references and live before the construction and real estate industry or the energy industry", emphasizes Bleicher. sated, so it is only liked when he or she has received initial insights, ”says Professor Norbert Geiger, Dean of the Business Administration Faculty. An example: The business administration faculty currently offers the independent Bachelor's degree courses in business administration (construction and real estate). The new study system at Biberach University offers both the supply and energy industries. Both courses of study have strongly changed demands of the working world. The right answers are industry-oriented and each build on basic subjects, as Rector André Bleicher is certain. hochschule-biberach.de HARD PROFESSIONAL ENTRY FOR UNIVERSITY GRADUATES The current crisis in the mechanical engineering and vehicle sectors - only knowing the basics such as German, math and physics, but construction, caused by Covid19, also has consequences for the graduates, who also know that they are manners master and know how to leave the university right now. In the opinion of Joachim Lang, set up a video conference and take part, ”said Lang. Recruitment agency for engineers and long-time chairman of the support association of the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, these new workers are currently hardly looking for companies that are currently hiring new employees. the entire application process is accelerated, the initial contact between applicant and company takes place much faster today. “The employers see to it that their existing specialists“ If we receive a good application, I would like us to be able to follow up and secure the existence of their companies, many make initial personal contact within 24 hours at the latest less worrying about new hires, ”says Lang. by phone, email or video. Because I want to win the best people through the Bologna process and other influences even in the crisis. ”The best graduates will also significantly decrease the future quality of the graduates. The tig was able to choose its employer, since the first contact with academics doubled overall, many graduates lacked it under decisive. “The companies will also pull along with the technically necessary basics. who dismiss Skype and Teams as a fad. Otherwise they'll lose touch, ”explained Joachim Lang. The Corona crisis added further requirements in professional life. "I expect applicants today that they do not study studium.hs-ulm.de 16

HERE YOU SECURE YOUR FUTURE. AND THAT OF GERMANY. Do what really counts: AS A SOLDIER (M / F / D) AT THE ARMED FORCES BASE Guard Battalion Federal Ministry of Defense, Berlin Get information now on 0800 9800880 or at a career advisory bundeswehrkarriere.de and get advice: (nationwide free of charge) office near you .

SUMMER SPECIAL SUMMER! LET IT END CORRECTLY! It's hard to believe, but from a meteorological point of view, autumn begins on September 1st. But don't worry, we still have a little time in terms of astronomy. According to the calendar, summer does not end until September 21st. So time enough to really celebrate the warm time of the year again. 18th

VISIT TO THE MARBACH STUD in the middle of the Württemberg biosphere area. The whole year around the Swabian Alb is the main attraction - top-class TIP and Marbach State Stud also attract visitors. With his events. For example, the GA FOR DP ner more than 500 years of history “Marbach Classics” (this year NZ IE FA E has postponed this cultural jewel to the 25th and 26th MIL, a visit is worthwhile al- June 2021) the Wuerttemberg IE not only for horse lovers. The Philharmonic Philharmonic and Tanzanian horses. Covered wagons and visitors insights into the work of carriage rides lead into the countryside and the history of the elders around the stud farms. ten state stud in Germany, which Queen Elisabeth II is also familiar with. In 1965 she wanted to please note: to watch horses, but ended up in the stud farm tours until accidentally in the Schillerstadt a maximum of 15 people back in Marbach am Neckar and asked: possible. Advance registration “And where are the horses?” Is recommended. As a horse breeder she knows her lungs are still closed to visitors because of the excellent reputation of this. Only stud farms that are world-famous for their guided tour through a booked thoroughbred Arabian breed are not allowed to enter. Anyone looking around here can allow the stables. Admire this unique breed as well as the endangered Black Forest cold blood and Althul.landwirtschaft-bw.de r / dpr Photo: Aurel Dörne r Allgaier ainau / Pete M Photo: Insel ISLAND MAINAU THE BAD URACHER CAVE EXPERIENCE WORLD MAISLABYRINTH WASSERFALLSTEIG -SELIGWEILER The island of Mainau, with its annual- The Wasserfallsteig is one of Stone Age adventures and excitement. Since the end of July, the abundance of flowers has changed over time, five premium hiking trails in three for the whole family: The corn maze at the service station is always worth a visit. Bad Urach too. In 2016 it was reopened in the Charlottenhöhle, the longest in Seligweiler. the 150-year-old arboretum was chosen as the most beautiful walk-through show cave on the As every year there will also be Germany's giant sequoia trees in 2020. The round Swabian Alb, it goes into a special motif. This impresses again and again on a hike through the glittering stalactite worlds. Year it's a sitting teddy bear, new one. Palm trees and citrus-rich landscape of the caves, which initiator Bernd Ruess in zen give the island, especially in the UNESCO biosphere reserve SchauLand, offers speaking the 16,000 square meter September Mediterranean flair. Swabian Alb has cut into two stones, bats and a cornfield. The printing waterfalls offer an exotic ambience. The story to join in. For the crossing of the tropical butterfly house, the whole acts almost like a kind of original information center. Cave house are over two meter high plants in the free-flying day and forest. The hiking trail leads to the Ice Age and Geopark Swabian designed false path should moths romp around. the Alb plateau and along Alb alive. Take around 45 minutes of your time- The island of Mainau is the ideal place on the Albkante, where there is real freedom. to pause and offers a feeling of space. The maize labyrinth closes for relaxation. In addition to nature, the breathtaking view of the barbecue area. For kids there will be green gates as early as the 13th and those interested in gardening as well as across the Uracher Alb and the Bur- there will be again next to the cave world in September. Visits are those in search of relaxation. The ruins of Hohenurach do the rest. A great adventure is also possible every day, even on Sundays. also many families on the island. playground. mainau.de badurach-tourismus.de hoehlenerlebniswelt.de labyrinth-ulm.de Polaroids designed by Freepik 19

SUMMER SPECIAL WANT ACTION? t Photo: Archive / Priva PAINTBALL QUADTOUR KOCHERTAL-DRAISINE KLETTERWALD IN GÜNZBURG IN NEU-ULM LAICHINGEN Paintball may at first be like a desire for action on four wheels - but those who like to use their own hands or feet The climbing forest in Laichingen may seem like a ne-martial "sport" topless? Then swing, put on, come to the ride with eben the deep cave - that is a and that is also not entirely from you on your quad and off you go ... ner handcar not around. To show with the very classic excursion tip for the hand. However, you don't have a quad? No problem. pedal-driven rail families. does it anyway or maybe For Neu-Ulm, quad-tou- rides are offered in an unusual way. Way through the Kocher valley. The corners and fun on the cable car. At least if you are still up to October it is possible to drive about an hour from tree to tree. Most fun with a few friends the field for in the group, with little traffic, for nature lovers as well as doing it, the speed has become or against another rene back roads, field and also sports fans an interesting self-regulating. The longest group starts. Paintball offers forest trails to curve around. There is an opportunity to visit the region. Cable car is 152 meters apart from fun and action, but tours are also guided. sometimes from a different perspective. It takes a surprising amount of tactics and teamwork. That means: to explore the abbreviation tive. From the train station a long time, until you arrive at the other end. Whoever tries paintball for himself, takes across the cornfield and runs out of about four arrives. don't want to have to go far. Boarding through the undergrowth, there is a kilometer-long railroad There are a total of 17 courses In Günzburg there is of course no paintball. Past meadows and forests to a steadily growing Schwie- zone ", which over seven game- The more than 60 kilometer-long Tou- to Untergröningen . The level of draisiness. Disposed by network bridge fields. Even with bad ones, there are enough space for up to seven over swaying planks up to the weather, thanks to the change of paint, that not people, but also a ride of Tarzan ropes remain climbing tech- ball- Hall to be played. matters. as a couple is possible. nisch nothing to be desired. paintball-guenzburg.de atv-quad-tour.de uhlbachhof.de kletterwald-laichingen.de 20

EXCURSION TO THE ALPSPITZ TOP TIP AU P SFLU G ZIEL S- G bH & Co.K pitzbahn Gm Photo: Alps The Alpspitz in Ostallgäu is close to the summit. The view that you can hike. wonderfully embedded in a here at 1,575 meters enjoy Second possibility: on asphalt mountain range. From Ulm it can be fantastic. From the summit, there are paths past the Mit- less an hour and a half to the telstation and the Enzianstube to Nesselwang, where the large Grünten-, Weißen-, Hopfen- and Kronenhütte are located. There is a parking lot for the Alpspitzbahn, Foggernsee and, for example, Kässpätzle for several det. Neuschwanstein. People from the cast iron pan. The third variant is ra- What the excursion is suitable for the sant: For adrenaline junkies, the whole family does, is the deed- But with the all-round view, the Alpspitz is still something ready. the adventure is not over yet: the “Alpspitzkick” is a zipline that you can take comfortably if you want, you can take the gondola - a cable car that takes you back to the valley station with the cable car drive, up to 130 kilometers an hour in se the chairlift to the mountain station, of course, but also those lofty heights want to be transported to the middle station, or whether you want to descend on foot. Until being promoted. And if you don't have enough of an asphalted Venkitzel from Nerman on foot to Antelstation, take a grip. At the Weg mountain station. If you take a little detour in, you can take the rest of the way to where you arrive, invites you to purchase the sports center, you can return via the Was valley with the summer toboggan back to Böck for refreshment. The waterfall path at the ruins of Nessel-iegen. The pivotal point, however, is past the castle and back to the valley station alpspitzbahn.de DAV TRAILPARK ULM The DAV Trailpark in Ulm offers plenty of action in the skill area. It has separate exercise areas that change in three different ways, based on your own cure areas. to hone vent technology, brake technology without locking wheels. The SWU Trail Blaustein offers refinement and balance for a varied stress training. corner profile. Regardless of whether on the flow line, with its curves and bends. The DAV Trail Park Ulm is open to the road or the downhill route. Accessible and free to use here. you can push your limits. Please note: trained on the pump track There is more coordination and a helmet requirement on all routes! Jumping technique, whereby you have to fully observe the rules on the stamina boards! improves. It's hard to believe how hard it is to curve around on these little hills. dav-trailpark-ulm.de Polaroids designed by Freepik 21

SUMMER SPECIAL IT GOES HIGH r / dpr Photo: Aurel Dörne PARACHUTE JUMPING BALLOON RIDE ZEPPELIN BODENSEE VIEW ENJOYING THE VIEW IN ILLERTISSEN Ever from 4000 meters you want to go up high, A zeppelin flight on the ground- If you have a beautiful view in Ulm stepped into the void? but would like to see it more relaxed, that would be the highlight would like to enjoy, has several The breathtaking step to and take it easy and the off this summer! Possibilities. Of course, dare and enjoy from a functional point of view? Then an airplane with the airship Lake Constance offers itself to get off the highest church tower - balloon ride is just the thing for spectacular perspectives of the world. But what if you are not on the floor for a long time. See Fuchs with balloon rides. You have the opportunity to get a good look at the very person who is standing, that is pure fascination. do you want to have the unique world from 15 different flight routes church tower yourself? Firmly connected with a professional bird's eye view. Whether to choose the breathtaking or something different. Our tip here is the panoramic tandem master to experience the overwhelming nature of Lake Constance, to experience a sightseeing experience. tower at the Wilhelmsburg. Just you, the free fall from a height Swabia, Upper Swabia, Allgäu The zeppelins move in new and the one from about 4000 meters is a bit wobbly, to then and the Swabian Alb or the one from a height of 300 meters with the Berbling Tower at the Adlerba - like a bird in absolute silence, bustling activity in Stuttgart, at a cruising speed of stei. From here you have a wonderfully open parachute to the sburg and Donauwörth. Experience about 70 km / h. In addition to the Piderable view over the Danube. Sliding towards the ground. Pro- your unforgettable balloon ride. pilot and a flight attendant For a slightly different view from professional tandem masters and you can expect a 90-minute flight with 14 guests on board. From the top we recommend “Birdly”, the most modern equipment ensures a ride above the clouds. You can choose between virtual reality flight simulator for maximum safety. A little tip: Take a balloon ride for 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes at Münsterplatz 25. Here you “fly” The minimum height is 1.40 m, so you can keep going. Starting in Fried- even over the digital roofs is recommended from 14 years of age. good as a gift. richshafen. Ulms. paranodon.de fuchs-ballonfahrten.de zeppelin-nt.de 22

ABOVE THE CLOUDS ... ... freedom must be more than at a large airport. You're interested in being zenless. At least that's what it says. The Ulm Sports Aviation Club has the opportunity to fly on or a Who would like to find out whether the Erbach airfield in a hangar taster flight? Then come on, you really agree, you can just drop by different planes, sometimes in person at a weekend at the Sportfliegerclub Ulm in Erenen, for a discounted weekend at the Bach airfield. Charter price can fly - whether over. Without being a member of the club as a student pilot or as a hobbyist, you can test whether which gate do I have to go to? Wa-flyer. you enjoy flying. The security check takes that long? Questions that the 27-year-old Theo Wermeling se will be asked gladly at the airport. At the Er- (see picture) is one of the over 100 about the association, the association work at bacher Flugplatz is all something of the association's members. He flies and training to become a little sailor. But that is precisely what he has been able to do since he was 14. That may be informed in the pilot. be a big advantage, because if you surprise at first, but fly here, you can do a lot yourself. In Germany you can actually do it and you can take off more quickly at the age of 14. sfc-ulm.de CLIMBING COURSE FOR BEGINNERS ON THE SWABIAN ALB "Alpine Worlds" offers a wide range of rocks around Blaubeuren, offering a selection of climbing courses for every ideal opportunity for climbers. Including the course. For the environmentally friendly climbing course in the Blautal near Ulm. The course is the ideal climbing course Ulm-Blaubeuren recommended. The one for newbies on the rock. The course takes two days in a small group. held with only six people. The trainer trains you in the basics that you need for climbing. The course is ideal for the Please note: Switching from the hall to the Participation can in principle rock. Abseiling, top-rope climbing, anyone with a head for heights lead climbing, climbing technique and a certain level of fitness and, above all, the safety technique. nik are the focus of this course. alpinewelten.com The Blautal climbing area is 19 km from Ulm. The 30 Velcro Polaroids designed by Freepik 23


CANOE TOURS IN THE WILD SOUTH Just let yourself drift away! You can do that on the canoe tours in the Wild South. • All-rounder C-1 = Hunder-PTIP sing to Gundelfingen F Idyllically situated in the Lautertal, invites you (1.5 hours, pure pad- GAN ÜR DIE ZE F AMI the canoe rental and beer garden del time: 40 minutes) LIE to a decelerating day holiday . The starting point is the boathouse located in Bi- • Adventure C-2 = Hunderchishausen to Indelhausen an der Lauter. From here you spa- (3.5 hours, pure paddling you on the hiking trail at delzeit: 3 hours) pier to Hundersingen (1.5 km). When you arrive there, please note: On Saturday you will get your equipment and an entry and Sunday is the instruction in paddling techniques. For nature conservation reasons, you can go down the river. turwunder 2019 “the Great Lauter Valley” from a unique This year you can only experience perspectives before you can make online bookings on foot (C-1) or by bus (C-2). stranded again in Bichishausen. When you arrive here, we recommend that you make a detour to the beer garden. kanutouren.com le Co © Red Padd 58 STAND-UP PADDLING WAKEBOARD & WATER BATTLE SWIMMING & SUP STATION WATER SKI Stand Up Paddling is developing The Seepark Linzgau in Pfull- Cooling down sounds good? It may sound strange, for popular sports, since it is the ideal destination in the village. How about a water-but why not just learn and exercise for the whole family in a short time. The sea battle? Simple, fun and going swimming all round? can. With a SUP you can park promises with a bathing lake, children can join in. Either many outdoor pools and bathing lakes have just relaxed paddling, at the playground, water ski facility, do you play each other or practice again or still take part in tours or yoga and water adventure world, restaurant divides you into teams. Ideally open. Cool off, relax and book fitness courses. In Ulm, you can take turns and make sure that everyone has that holiday feeling waiting on the 58th day of the 58th SUP event. The FRIZZ area of ​​yours, almost right in front of the tion, right on the Danube. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, such as a water front door. Whether all-round board, touring board tene or professionals - the water ski bombs, watering cans and what- On the next page we have or a sporty racer - here system offers the right sergistols for everyone. It is important that you put together a map so that you can find a large selection. Requirements. On two places you can refill your utensils again, which many bathing possibilities- At cold temperatures there are different lanes for everyone. When the water point involves keiten. Many will bring wetsuits to borrow what. If you are even further away, take a water-sure one another insider tip- so that you want the first Wasseraben action, the bucket offers you. If you have the options that not everyone knows. But nothing stands in the way of expensive. Gelie Obstacle Park over eleven jumps have a lawn sprinkler to start with, you should also be able to choose the boards and sliders - come here or a water hose is enough to take a few lanes to the quarry pond or on vacation - especially the ones Using adrenaline fans to the full is happy to do it - so will pull, splash something or be taken. on your costs. guaranteed everyone wet. just relaxing by the water. fifty-eight.de wasserskipark-pfullendorf.de ►►► Polaroids designed by Freepik 25

SUMMER SPECIAL Donaubad Wiblinger Str. 55 89231 Neu-Ulm FRIZZ GOES Westbad Moltkestr. 30 BADEN 89077 Ulm Freibad Blaubeuren Since the bathing possibilities- Mühlweg 16 are sometimes also lakes 89143 Blaubeuren, on which no Ba- Erbacher Baggersee are demeister, we ask you, near the Donaustr. always to be careful. The 89155 Erbach most important pieces of advice from the DLRG outdoor pool Schelklingen are: Hohler-Felsen-Weg 41 Badesee Donaurieden 89601 Schelklingen near federal road 311 - Never let small children out of your sight in the water 89610 Oberdischingen as well as on the edge of the pool or the bank. Always stay within reach. Bathing lakes Ersingen Waldfreibad Allmendingen Dellmensinger Str. 62 - Warning notices such as: Steep bank or swimming pool path 32A 89155 Erbach Swimming prohibited Always observe 89604 Allmendingen. Rississen Fischerwert bathing lake - always go swimming together or under 89584 Ehingen (Danube) view. - Know your own limits and take a critical view of the Ehingen swimming pool. Not over- Müllerstr. 35 get courageous. 89584 Ehingen - Only jump into the water in designated areas at Surfsee Obersulmentin. Sonntagsee Herbertshofen Leisure area Rißtal near Erholsweg 88471 Laupheim - Do not drink alcohol before bathing. 89616 Rottenacker. Overconfidence is inevitable. - Swimming rings, inflatables and air mattresses can drift off easily. Heppenäcker Bathing Lake Parkbad Laup Volkersheimer Str. 41 Lange Str. 90 89616 Rottenacker 88471 Lauphe Important: Please also observe the rules on site and of course the recommendations regarding Corona. Biberach outdoor pool Memminger Strasse 71 88400 Biberach 26 All information without guarantee

Burlafingen fishing pond near Maybachstrasse Pfuhler See 89233 Neu-Ulm near Holzstrasse 89233 Neu-Ulm indoor swimming pool Neu-Ulm Schützensee Kantstr. 4 Meerholzweg 1 89231 Neu-Ulm 89275 Elchingen Brandstätter See Near the St2023 e 89233 Neu-Ulm Ludwigsfelder See Alte Römerstr. 73 Illerbrücke 89231 Neu-Ulm An der Iller 89079 Wiblingen Großer Baggersee Badeplatz Wiblingen near Kemptener Str. An der Iller 89250 Senden 89079 Wiblingen outdoor swimming pool Auf der Bleiche 1 Ausee 89264 Weißenhorn near Freudenegger Str Str. 199 89269 Vöhringen ngen Auer bathing lake Vöhringerstr. 99 Badesee Heiligau 89257 Illertissen Near the Bischof-Ketteler-Str. 89186 Illerrieden Badesee Dietenheim near Röseweg pheim 89165 Dietenheim Sinninger Badesee eim Seestraße 88486 Kirchberg a. d. Iller Map data © 2020 GeoBasis-DE / BKG (© 2009), Google Filzinger Seen Seestrasse 36B 89281 Altenstadt Naturbad Schönebürg Hochdorferstr. 26 88477 Schwendi Kellmünzer Baggersee near Steinweg 89293 Kellmünz a. d. Iller 27

SUMMER SPECIAL Beer garden at Botanicum Hans Krebs Weg 89077 Ulm Klosterbräustuben Blautal Trout Farm Klosterhof 1 Im Kiesental 89275 Oberelchingen 89134 Blaustein Klosterhof Klosterhof 46 89077 Ulm Wirtshaus im Butzental Butzental 1 Beer garden at Groggensee 89081 Ulm Riedwirtshaus Zum Kreuz Barbenweg 11 Alte Römerstr. 2 Dorfstrasse 34 89584 Ehingen 89231 Neu-Ulm 89233 Neu-Ulm Amadeus Zum Schützen Bahnhofstrasse 8 Donauwinkel 6 89584 Ehingen 89155 Erbach Zum Ritter Bertholdstr. 8 Parkcafe 89079 Ulm Landgrabenweg 25 89250 Senden Gasthaus & Biergarten Wolfert Am Stadion 8 89584 Ehingen Zum Griaswirt Illerstraße 28 LAGOA 89269 Vöhringen BrauereiWirtschaft Parkweg 20 Graf-Kontrad-Str. 21 88471 Laupheim 89584 Ehingen Four Seasons Riffelhof Dietenheimer Strasse 63 Fesselweg 19 89257 Illertissen 88483 Burgrieden Schloss-Bräuhaus Bräuhausstrasse 17 89257 Illertissen Eberbacher Hof Schulstr. 11 88400 Biberach Garden restaurant Gerberwiesen Gerberwiesen 5 88477 Schwendi Biberkeller Birkenharderstr. 1 da Serafino 88400 Biberach Wilhelm-Leger-Str. 5 88400 Biberach Pflugkeller Gigelbergstr. 17 88400 Biberach 28 All information without guarantee

BEER GARDENS “St. Martin “IN ULM, NEU-ULM AND THE SURROUNDING AREA Augsburger Str. 22 89278 Nersingen Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end and soon sun and warmth are no longer the order of the day. Therefore, Jakobsruhe is the right time to visit one of the numerous beer gardens in the area at the An der Goldern Hegebung. Because who doesn't love it? Enjoy the sun and a cool drink under the open sky. Maybe a sausage 89231 Neu-Ulm salad to round it off. Life can be so easy. Done‘s beer garden So if you sit comfortably together and treat yourself to a beer or Wiblinger Str. 32 other beer, then you could start to send the Anwe Waldvogel 89231 Neu-Ulm a little bit of knowledge. Took another sip from the Grüner Weg 1 mug and started with the voice of the narrator: 89340 Leipheim Barfüßer in Glacis Turmstr. 43 “Did you know, by the way, that almost all of the beer gardens we know, 89231 Neu-Ulm are not real beer gardens? In a traditional beer garden, you can eat Bärenwirt Neuhausen dishes that you have brought yourself. Only the Hohlgasse 2 beer is bought in a beer mug at a bar. The visitors to hebbidee's 89291 Holzheim beer gardens often first spread a tablecloth before they pull out baskets of meat loaf, pretzels, butter, radish and mustard from their Jahnufer 50 89231 Neu-Ulm. In principle, a garden restaurant is not allowed to bring your own food, Insel vom Stein, not a beer garden. ”Fiddler's Green Irish Pub Insel 1 Volkertshofener Str. 7A With so much concentrated competence, your listeners hardly hear anything new -Ulm 89284 Pfaffenhofen there is more than you can buy a half or a wheat. The nice thing about it is that in Ulm, Neu-Ulm and the surrounding area there are Schlössle Alte Roggenschenke so many beer gardens that you can tell the whole story more often. In Offenhausen Hauptstr. 4 with this in mind: Schlössleweg 3 89297 Roggenburg 89231 Neu-Ulm Cheers! Hemperium Zinglerstr. 1 The mineral water 89073 Ulm Lochmühle Gerbergasse 6 89073 Ulm your home! Protected and originally pure - in several thousand years of the Alte Mühle am See Allgäuer Hof, the water was naturally filtered and mineralized through various earth and stone cloister mill 1 Fischergasse 12 layers 89297 Roggenburg 89073 Ulm Guild house of the Zwischen Alb and Allgäu boatmen in the heart of Oberschwaben's Fischergasse 31 Heidenheim 89073 Ulm Günzburg Ulm Augsburg Wirtshaus zur Ehingen Krumbach Brewery Clemens Kolb Brezel Ulmer Gasse 8 ALB Dietenbronn Landsberg Illertisserstr. 24 Sigmaringen Biberach Mindelheim 89297 Messhofen 89073 Ulm Memmingen Ravensburg Drei Kannen Kempten Hafenbad 31/1 Zur Blaue Traube 89073 Ulm ALLGÄU Graf-Moy-Straße 15 89290 Buch-Obenhausen What distinguishes Dietenbronner: Liederkranz • Free of harmful environmental influences Friedrichsau 9 • Very little sodium, no nitrate 89073 Ulm • balanced mineralization • good taste Cafe Carina Teutonia • suitable for baby food Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18 Friedrichsau 6 • CO2 friendly / short transport routes 89257 Illertissen 89073 Ulm www.dietenbronner.de Map data © 2020 GeoBasis-DE / BKG (© 2009), Google 29

SUMMER BUCKET LIST Although or precisely because summer is drawing to a close, many want to get everything out of the warm days again. Sometimes you can't really think of anything other than swimming and sunbathing. No problem! We have put together a small but nice summer bucket list to tick off. Let yourself be inspired. Yoga / meditation For and with children: workout paint windows with finger paint practicing the splits and handstand walking / forest adventure trail reading books basketball / playing football in the garden message for yourself or your kids in 10 years' time crafting kites / preparing for autumn time painting / drawing Have a play afternoon in the garden with the family, do some children's yoga, hang up the dartboard, build a tree house, convert the dining table into a ping-pong table.Cent a tent in the garden, rehearse and present a play, lemonade / cocktails / iced tea, make your own family tree, make a vegetable patch / herb patch, make a house / robot costume / ... from cardboard boxes. Make your own greenhouse Listen to radio plays on Spotify & Co. Make your own candles Paddling / bathing pool Learn to knit / crochet or sew Water fight Make your own bath salts / bath balls Scavenger hunt Cleaning windows Playing badminton Repotting plants Exploring domestic plants Mopping through the house / apartment Discovering animal tracks Ke tidy up carving slacklining paint with street chalk

FILM Presents the Film of the Month © Rapid Eye Movies Genre: Thriller, Drama | Director: Midi Z | Contributors: Wu Ke-Xi, Vivian Sung, Shih Ming-Shuai, Kimi Hsia, Lee Lee-Zen, Chih-Wei Tan, Hsieh Ying-Xuan, Jen-Shuo Cheng and others | Theatrical release: September 3rd, 2020 Nina Wu, a young girl from the prodigy of the film. Your plan goes press celebrates the movie. Can she withstand vinz, travels to the big city. She wants to look up and she is occupied. and in the end emerge as the “winner” Become a player, but the big role wants But before, during and after the shooting - or will she be just one of many who and does not want to come. At the same time she has to realize that fame comes at the price of loneliness and a slight depression at the top end of the food chain.Was allowed to sniff the role with many naked and ex-women? fight. One day she will play the title role in plicit sex scenes and a director who treats her harshly over and over again in a 1970s espionage thriller. The Taiwanese drama is reminiscent of perbots. Nina decides to take this role completely - everything from her. In the end, Nina stands in front of the fect Blue, Black Swan or Inland Empire, come to indulge and do everything possible to break down mentally, but garnish with a note of their own. 32 All information without guarantee

Kin-Dza-Dza The King's Man: Jean Seberg Pelikanblut - For the love of The Beginning Against all Enemies of my daughter Genre: Science-Fiction Genre: Action Genre: Biography, Drama Genre: Drama Director: Georgiy Daneliya Director: Matthew Vaughn Director : Benedict Andrews Director: Katrin Gebbe Participants: Stanislav Lyubs- Participants: Ralph Fiennes, Participants: Kristen Stewart, Contributors: Nina Hoss, Mu- hin, Evgeniy Leonov and others Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans and others Jack O'Connell and others rathan Muslu and others. September 10th, 2020 Theatrical release: September 17th, 2020 Theatrical release: September 17th, 2020 Theatrical release: September 24th, 2020 Wladimir will be adopted by a student - the beginning of the 20th century will be 1957, Jean Seberg Hollywood Wiebke adopted an Eastern European who said, Conrad from the Duke of Oxford turned his back. 1968 wants a Japanese girl. Your new that over there a man in the world of British espionage - Luc Godard, she definitely stands for protégé, the five-year-old Raya, who claims to be an outsider. In doing so, he meets many of his film “Out of breath” doesn't make it easy for her. You to be more earthly. The alien gives rich historical figures under and brings them to France. As if the bathroom smeared them with feces to understand that it is Ko- other the iconic artist she is back in the USA, making friends and impaling dead animals. And ordinates needed to get in touch via Mata Hari, the British - she turned herself with black power - while even the neurologists push a button back to his ral Herbert Kitchener and the activist Hakim, whereupon they believe that an improvement is beamed to their home planet. Wla- serbian assassin Gavrilo actress for the FBI so only in a specialized dimir pushes principle himself and a mysterious dangerous one, that she can be done on step establishment, wants to the button. and dangerous Russians ... and Tritt is monitored ... Wiebke don't give up. Russian classic from the year before the Kingsman-Kristen Steward convinced, the provocative film with some concurrent films. Film not quite. controversial approaches. hEIMKINO Four enchanting sisters © 2020 The Walt Disney Company because in addition to their singing genre: family | Fantasy Flame, Marina, Flora and Sky are no ordinary siblings, the four of them have a very special secret: The sisters have magical faculties, and they each have a mastery of one element - fire, earth, water and air ! While she is experimenting with participants: Laila Padotzke, skills on ... Leonore von Berg, Hedda Erle - her powers will be experimented with, the evil Glenda will draw attention to her, Katja Riemann and others. In cooperation with Walt Disney we are giving away 2 DVDs. Keyword: "HEXEREI" * Germany Release: September 24th, 2020 BON VOYAGE - A Frenchman in Korea n, has two grown sons and is bored with life. About genre: Comedy head chef Stéphane is divorced and writes the fresh director: Eric Lartigau Instagram, he meets the Korean Soo, with whom he regularly goes to Seoul and contributes: Alain Chabat, brings wind into his dusty life. Out of an impulse flies © 2020 Eurovideo Doona Bae, Blanche Gardin in search of Soo ... etc. In cooperation with Eurovideo we are giving away 2 DVDs. Keyword: "VOYAGE" * released: September 24th, 2020 Weathering with you Gabe. As a real solar genre: Anime | Drama Hina is a very special girl with an extraordinary rainy Tokyo directed by Makoto Shinkai she can influence the weather and let the sun shine with a prayer. Together with Hodaka, she wants the people in Tokyo to have a contributor: Sebastian hellem is giving away ... © 2020 LEONINE Fitzner, Léa Mariage, Rainer a sunny day - unsuspecting the dangers in which Hina Fritzsche et al. In cooperation with LEONINE we are giving away 1 DVD and a 1 Blu-ray. Keyword: "SONNE" * Release: September 25, 2020 * Conditions of participation can be found on page 49. 33

LITERATURE OF BOOK TIP Bernd Jooß (Hugendubel Ulm) presents: The Guardians of Tal Illustrator: Don't look for me released: July 20, 2020 Zapf alias Falk Holzapfel released: July 13, 2020 Harlan Coben children's book thriller ISBN: 978-3-7891-1075 -7 ISBN: 978-3-442-49062-2 10.00 euros 9.99 euros For Simon a nightmare comes true when his Talis, Alva, Will and Sam discover you from one day to the next in the forest sparkle - disappears. She left the clear stone behind. It is the winter crystal! Message that they won't be found How did he get here? He must want to. Panicked, Simon quickly went back to the top of the search, and when he saw Paige in the Central Park mountain. Only from there can he actually discover the long, long-awaited winter that brings him to the valley. again. Because this young woman is distraught The four brave friends break down and full of fear. She flees from him, and Simon immediately up. But the way there is You don't have to only have one chance if he wants to save his daughter dangerous and alien creatures in all to be liked: He has to put her in the dark and armor they are close to the Ichiro Kishimi, dangerous world follow, in whose wake they get caught on heels ... is Fumitake Koga. What he discovers there pulls him and his entire family into the abyss ... ISBN: 978-3-499-63405-5 RELEASE: December 18, 2018 BOOK 22.00 Euro Fumitake Koga is in his mid-twenties when Hotel Laguna gave him Released: April 11, 2019 a book about the psychologist Alfred Alexander Gorkow Adler falls into his hands, written by Ichiro Kishimi - reading that changed his novel ISBN: 978-3-462-05306-7 for life. Many years later, the two of them have now teamed up to “You don't have to come from Are they really, the dream places of our childhood? After all to be liked “to write. After more than thirty years of absence, Alexander Gor- Adler's psychology keeps coming back to paradise; to the village of Canyamel, to the north parallels to the ancient philosophers on the east coast of Mallorca. Together with their mother, sister and wise men, they decided to write the book in their father - a benevolent and eccentric patriarch - according to tradition in dialogue form. So the child brought formative vacations here. Now Alexand- seeks a young man in his distress and Gorkow travels back, as an award-winning reporter and from the philosopher, who in turn is the father of a family. A modern tragic- a dialogue lasting several days, the psycholo- gy takes its course, about our vacations, back then and how Adlers gets closer. today, the people of our lives - and our eternal longing for the sea. Adler is a contemporary of Sigmund Freud and the founder of individual psychology. He is of the opinion that we have the opportunity at any time, release: November 9th, 2017 Panikherz to decide on a new path in life or Benjamin from attitude, regardless of what we have experienced in our past biography or where in life we ​​are ISBN: 978-3-462-05066-0 The Sams and straight. The main focus 12.99 euros on the blue dragon release: July 20, 2020, Adler will focus on interpersonal relationships, because only if we meet Benjamin v. Stuckrad-Barre wanted children's book to create a clear boundary to the expectation of rock star frenzy and the attitude of others and ourselves to rock star life, both got 13.00 euros we really be free and and consequently also the rock-a self-determined, contented life star-crash. Early fame, realism, nothing is allowed! And that’s how bored of running Sams is. What it looks like in detail, income loss, drug addiction. all day long while Mr. Taschenbier is busy clarifying Kishimi and Koga in vivid Udo Lindenberg's rebellious marches. Outside, a couple of children are watching examples. They remain shaped in their language and seduced to fly a kite. Something like that would always be understandable and keep the reader in mind, but Udo himself becomes a friend too. But because the kite shop is closed, you have to have a firm hand, so that you are a good and later rescuer. And then one uses that Sams exceptionally gets the forbidden th access to her theory. Self-discovery in the mythenumrank wish machine. And suddenly a ten hotel "Chateau Marmont" stands in front of him in a real little dragon! A fun game of hide-and-seek A great, encouraging and bright Hollywood. What begins as a retreat, because Ms. Rotkohl is by no means allowed to find out something about the book, which was planned for this difficult exam, turns out to be something. It is only noticeable that all of the sudden difficult times. as a return to writing and in good luck. Because Sams actually has a life as a novel. wished for a Chinese lucky dragon! 34

A sky that seems infinite, mountains whose snow-capped peaks glisten in the sun, wildflowers swaying in the wind. This is the sight that awaits Nate Roldan when he reaches the Wildflower Ranch. In the same moment he realizes that this is not where he is listening to Wildflower Summer. With his motorcycle and his tattoos he stands out like an ugly oil stain in this beautiful, peaceful place. Release: May 19, 2020 Kelly Moran. It just doesn't seem to bother Olivia Cattenach. Nate is here for your novel. He swore to her dying brother to take care of her. And ISBN: 978-3-499-27620-0 he will fulfill this task, no matter what it costs him. He just didn't think that the 12.99 euro price was his heart ... Little Red Riding Hood smokes on release: August 10, 2020 the balcony Wladimir Kaminer Release: March 04, 2019 Release: March 18, 2019 Short stories ISBN: 978-3 -442-31590-1 20.00 euros Understand the children. Or the grandparents. Some grow up, buy Leitz folder A N **** Do not phone contracts and abjure the cheap booze, which belonged to sit next to me yesterday to every party. The others have a childlike joy in conquering the world anew and David Mayonga with Nils Frenzel exploring their limits. Some young people, on the other hand, prefer to stay at home ISBN: 978-3-8312-0485-4 to look for themselves between the refrigerator and the 18.00 euro H T I PPS computer. In his new stories, family man Wladimir Kaminer describes the complicated relationship between the generations in the Bavarian province with a lot of love and speaks and humor. Dialect. David Mayonga sees R A LLE primarily as a Bavarian. Nevertheless, due to the color of his skin, he was rejected on the first day in kindergarten: “No, a Negro is not allowed to sit next to Secret Places.” To this day, release: December 10, 2019, 100 unknown racist hostilities accompany him. Dream travel destinations around the world The police search his car, Bruckmann Verlag is greeted while shopping with “Was illustrated book you want?”. In his ISBN: 978-3-734-31272-4 book, David Mayonga gives a 39.99 Euro insight into why we humans. This illustrated book invites you to rediscover the world. such a fear of experiencing wonderful hidden places and enjoying a primal otherness. Why we leave leaves far away from the crowds of tourists. Numerous insider tips discriminate and what we do about remote hiking routes, hidden dream beaches, less space and natural wonders make your trips unique. to give. Enriched with many things, from hiking in the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia to relaxing personal experiences, this is an appeal against fear of the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela on the paradisiacal island of Palau to visiting Buch - a surprising idea and prejudice and for a donor for the next dream trip. Society in which we judge people by who they are and not how they look. Release: August 10, 2020 The Red Apple Mi-Ae Seo Roman ISBN: 978-3-453-42335-0 12.99 euros Axel Springer Release: April 03, 2009 Hans Peter Schwarz Seoul, present: The city has a perfidious serial killer mo- biography held in suspense for a long time. Now Lee Byongdo, the killer with the delicate face ISBN: 978-3-548-60901-0, has been caught and is being kept in a psychiatric clinic. But Lee is silent. There is only one person he is willing to talk to: with the young psychologist Hardly any figure in contemporary history reflects the rise of Sonkyong. But only on the condition that she brings him a juicy red apple for every visit to the Federal Republic from the ruins of World War II. Nobody as obvious as in Axel Springer, Germany's most successful newspaper, knows why he chose Sonkyong, because both are editors. With his unparalleled media power, he parted that never met. The young woman agrees to the meeting - without ghosts, he was a model of conservative sentiment for some, reactive - to suspect that she is treading a path that will turn her into the onaric hatred figure for the others. Hans-Peter Schwarz was the first to lead the deepest abysses of the human soul ... Biographer free access to the archives of Springer Verlag. Arrows designed by Freepik 35

PODCASTS THE JOHNSONS PODCASTS Ana Johnson and her husband Tim describe their everyday life, life as a married couple in the crazy realm of the social media world. Available: • anajohnson.de No matter whether with stories or • Apple Podcasts conversations from everyday life, • Spotify interviews, reports from the areas of lifestyle and health, current news from all over the world, senseless conversations THE PODCAST UFO or topics with a lot of wit . The world of podcasts is diverse. Stefan Titze and Florentin Will Designed by Freepik Here we introduce you to our (almost) weekly hot favorites. and talk. Yes, they just talk. What else? Oh yes, they share observations, dissect life and ask themselves questions like: "What MIXED HACK actually is toast?" or "How do fish swim?" Mixed Hack is a weekly available podcast by • podcast-ufo.fail comedian Felix Lobrecht and • iTunes comedy author Tommi Schmitt. • Podcatcher app The individual episodes have no fixed scheme. Lobrecht and Schmitt talk about their daily work and anecdotes from GUEST LIST GEISTERBAHN about their past and daily life. Both artists Nilz Bokelberg, Donnie O´Sullivan and Markus “Herm” Herrmann grew up completely opposite. This dichotomy is often the subject of the podcasts publish weekly and ensures that your podcast is the source of plenty of laughs. Analyze the absurdities of everyday life in a pointed manner. Available in sister format: “Guest list Geisterbähnchen” • Mischeshack.de the three answer the questions • Soundcloud of the listeners and know everything • Spotify an answer! Available: GEDANKENTANKEN • gaestelistegeisterbahn.de • iTunes • Podcatcher-App Motivation, inspiration, practical knowledge, life hacks and the right impulses for more happiness, health and success. In ENDLICH OM this podcast you can expect a new lecture every week. Stefanie Luxat presents in her one of the top speakers. They offer people who have helped you with their useful and practical knowledge, to deal more closely with the ideas for job and life for everyone, topics of healthy eating and those who are personally developing. There are also tricks that everyone would like to have in life. Can easily integrate everyday life. Available: Available: • gedankentanken.com • ohhhmhhh.de • Spotify • Spotify • iTunes • Soundcloud 36

PLAUSCHANGRIFF MORDLUST Designed by Freepik Founded in 2009 is the Plausch- In "Mordlust - crime and attack one of the oldest podcasts their backgrounds" speak in Germany. Laura and Paulina about true crisis cast is here, in some cases from Germany. Pro riotous episodes, all episodes, are about two cases that cover film, video games, comics, and both psychological pop culture, what can be imagined as well as criminal face. Points will then be discussed. For example, maybe five hours, one goes to the question: Batman and his numerous in- “How would the act have prevented karnationen philosophized. can be? ”to the bottom. In addition to the discussed cases available: the two of them talk to insiders • plauschangriff.de about accompanying court cases • Soundcloud and other popular True Crime • Podcatcher app formats. Designed by Freepik Available: NDR INFO • mordlust.podigee.io • iTunes • Spotify NDR Info offers several well-researched podcasts. Among other things, “180 degrees: Stories against hatred” and “Fake HAPPY, HOLY & CONFIDENT Science - science on the wrong track”. The podcast by and with Laura Malina Seiler combines knowledge available: and inspiration around per- • ndr.de personal development, • Spotify awareness, business and • iTunes spirituality.You can expect coaching tips, expert interviews, stories from Laura's WTF WITH MARC MARON own life as a life coach and manager as well as a large portion of joie de vivre. Comedian Marc Maron chats episode after episode with others available: famous people including • lauraseiler.com Barack Obama, Robin Williams • iTunes and Ben Stiller. Partly on- • Spotify insightful, partly absurd and mostly incredibly funny. Available: GOOD NIGHT, SUNSHINE • wtfpod.com • Podcatcher-App If you are looking for • iTunes adventures and good night stories, you've come to the right place. Here you travel to the GABOR STEINGART fairytale world of heroes and princesses. Every Saturday a new episode is published for every morning Gabor large and small. Steingart in the podcast about world events - available with acuteness: and wit. Plus: Live report • gutenachtsonnenschein.de from Wall Street. Plus: exclusive • Deezer ve interviews. • Spotify Available: • gaborsteingart.com • Spotify • iTunes 37

KITCHEN MAGIC simple, vegetarian, mediterranean RECIPES FROM THE SOUTH © Erin Gleeson / Knesebeck Verlag | Recipe from “A festival in the south” (see left) LAVENDER LEMONADE “Extensive lavender fields characterize the landscape of the EIN FEST IN THE SOUTH in southern France. I was particularly impressed by MEDITERRANEAN VEGETARIAN CUISINE with the dried lavender bouquets on the market in Antibes. ”Erin Gleeson Erin Gleeson [D] € 30.00 ISBN: 978-3-95728-281-1 Two tea bags with lavender flowers in a jug for five minutes in 480 ml A festival in the south takes you on a journey through hot water. nia, Italy, Portugal and France. Discover the real Designed by coolvector / Freepik Mediterranean lifestyle! Typical flavors and traditional recipes of Mediterranean cuisine are reinterpreted in Erin Gleeson's latest cookbook and converted into vegetarian 480 ml cold water and the juice of rische versions. The focus is on small four lemons (about 120 ml) adding dishes for social gatherings, including snacks, pastries and stir well. ta, salads or drinks are included. Atmospheric photos of coastal villages and excursions into nature give the book its typical look. Remove the tea bags and stir in 3 tablespoons of agave syrup or honey. Let the lemonade cool down, add a little sweetener if necessary and serve with ice cubes garnished with lemon wedges and edible lavender. 38

CORN SALAD WITH PEACH “The Mediterranean dishes probably taste so good because they are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This salad is particularly suitable for the warm season, when peaches, corn and tomatoes are available on the market. ”Erin Gleeson © Erin Gleeson / Knesebeck Verlag | Recipe from “A Festival in the South” (see left) 2 peaches, cut into small cubes TORTILLA seeds from 2 corn cobs 145 g yellow cherry tomatoes, halved ESPAÑOLA WITH 1 small orange bell pepper, diced 1/4 red onion, chopped 2 tbsp chopped basil CHIVES 2 tablespoons of chopped mint 1 tablespoon of olive oil “You can find this tortilla in every tapas bar, 2 teaspoons of red wine vinegar is offered throughout Spain as a vegetarian dish. Traditionally it is only made from eggs, potatoes and onions, but I like to add a little Swiss chard to the salad before serving. ”Sprinkle Erin Gleeson with 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan & grind with black pepper. Cut 3 small red potatoes & 1 small red onion into wafer-thin slices (preferably with a mandolin / vegetable slicer). Put both in a coated saucepan, season with salt & pepper and fry for about 15 minutes in 3 tablespoons of olive oil on a low heat, turning frequently. Cut 2 large chard leaves into fine strips and mix with the potatoes. Put the lid on and let the chard collapse in about 2 minutes. Then turn off the stove. In a mixing bowl, stir 6 eggs vigorously with salt & pepper and stir in the potato mixture. Remove any dark cooking residues from the saucepan. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil (the bottom should be covered with oil) and let it get hot over low heat. Add the potato and egg mixture and fry, covered, for 5–8 minutes. Check with a spatula whether the tortilla is already browning at the bottom. Place a large plate upside down on the saucepan and turn the tortilla out onto the plate. Let the tortilla slide back into the pot and fry without the lid for about 3 minutes on the other side. Cut the tortilla open like a cake and serve hot. © Erin Gleeson / Knesebeck Verlag | Recipe from “A Festival in the South” (see left) 39

KIDS PAGE CHILDREN IN ACTION SPORTY ON THE GO Actually, the weather doesn't matter. Kids can keep busy outside in all weathers. But especially when the sun is shining, there are some activities that might bring a little more fun and action. SKATEBOARDING FOR YOUNG AND OLD Skateboarding is an absolute trend sport. At least since Tony Hawk stood a 900. Boardsport has also been represented in Ulm for years. Last but not least, thanks to Fifty Eight (58), who can look back on more than 27 years of experience in this area and have been starting a new concept since 2019. The owner-run shop on the Danube offers a wide range of boards and accessories as well as an attractive range of courses and rentals. If you have never stood on a skateboard before, a beginners course is ideal for this. The 58 skate instructors teach you the basics that are preprogrammed to have fun on the board. This not only promotes the sense of balance, but also trains the body and mind. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an amateur, the staff in the shop are always at your side and take care of your inquiries and requests. By the way: Individual and unusual children's birthdays can be combined with the topic of skateboarding. In a small group, the kids get to know everything about the roller board. But that is not the only focus, there is of course a lot of fun and games that should make this day an unforgettable experience. fifty-eight.de 40