What does the Book of Enoch preach

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There are many ancient books that had or still have a high status in Christianity, but have been forgotten over time or have simply been banned. Even if if they do not have the same authority as the Bible, many of the ancient books are worth reading.

The Book of Enoch is one of these. Yes, even Judas quotes from this book in his letter. The only question that arises today is whether we hold the same Book of Enoch in our hands today as Jude did then. Much speaks against it. It is good to know what is written in this book, even if it does not have the same authority as the biblical canon.

Following advice from Sergej Pauli (see comments), I inquired about the Book of Enoch in more detail and recommend everyone to read through this article about the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch is neither to be classified Apocryphal nor Deuterocanonical but should only be used as information material.



The book of Enoch.pdf

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The “Book of Enoch” - a divinely inspired script?

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