Who invented macaroni and cheese?

Mac and Cheese American Style - Recipe, History & Facts

Mac and Cheese or the short form Mac n cheese is a popular and well-known recipe from the USA. But does the Mac and Cheese recipe really come from the USA? We would like to get to the bottom of this question in this article. In addition to a short Insight into the story we present you a delicious, American mac and cheese recipethat you absolutely have to try. Finally, we have a few more for you, interesting - albeit partly curious - Facts compiled.

Where does Mac and Cheese come from - a glimpse into the past

The origin of the Mac and Cheese dish lies - how could it be otherwise - in (South) Italy. In an Italian cookbook, the "Liber de Coquina"which to the oldest cookbooks counts from the Middle Ages is already in the 14th century talked about a pasta dish with cheese. The recipe that's still on Latin could therefore be written as birth hour by Mac and Cheese. According to the recipe, had to Lasagna sheets cut into squares about 5 cm in size from fermented dough. These were boiled in water and then with grated parmesan cheese gratinated.
According to legend, he had then President Thomas Jefferson, after his stay in Italy, the classic, American macaroni and cheese in his luggage when he returned to Virginia. He also acquired one in Italy Pasta machinewhich he also brought to the USA. After the death of Thomas Jefferson's wife, his daughter became Mary Randolph appointed housekeeper. She published the cookbook in 1824 "The Virgina Housewife"in which a recipe called "Macaroni and Cheese" was to be found. Mary Randolph's recipe consisted of three ingredients: Macaroni, cheese and butter, all layered together and baked in the hot oven. According to historian Karen Hess, the cookbook was one of them most influential cookbooks of the 19th century. Therefore, in many stories to this day, Mary Randolph becomes the one Invention of the recipe "Mac and Cheese" attributed - although the origin of the American classic is probably in the South of Italy lay.
The "Mac and Cheese" dish is still valid today as an integral part of everyday American cuisine and is part of the standard menu in many diners. There are now many different variations and recipes that change over time regionally different have developed.

Mac and Cheese Recipe - American and delicious

The Mac and Cheese dish is one of them absolute favorite dishes most Americans. We'll show you how to make the macaroni in creamy cheese sauce easy to prepare and such a thing authentic piece of America can conjure up on your plate.
You can easily recreate the American Mac and Cheese recipe in four simple steps. For 6 persons you need the following ingredients:

  • 500 g of pasta
  • 75 g butter
  • 75 g flour
  • 700 ml milk
  • 250 grams of cheddar
  • 75 g parmesan cheese
  • salt and pepper

Step # 1 - Cooking the Macaroni

Put the macaroni in boiling salt water and let them cook until they are firm to the bite are. Then pour the noodles off with a sieve. Now you can turn the macaroni into a flat baking dish give.

Step # 2 - Heat the butter and sweat it

After you've cooked the macaroni and put them in the baking dish, give 75 g butter in a saucepan and heat this until the butter liquid is. Now take the flour and stir it in low heat under the melted butter. Now sweat the flour by adding the mixture of butter and flour keep stirringuntil the roux starts to bubble. This usually takes about two minutes.

Step # 3 - Cheese Sauce for Mac and Cheese

When the roux is ready, you can remove the pan from the heat. Now give carefully add the milkwhile you're with a Whisk Continue to stir the contents of the pot. When you have put all the milk in the saucepan and the sauce nice and creamy put the pot back on the stove and stir until the The sauce thickens. Now you can temperature from the stove gear down - so that the sauce does not burn. Now give about two-thirds (in our case almost 170 g) of the cheddar cheese in the sauce. Keep stirring until the cheese completely dissolve is.

Step # 4 - Off to the oven

In the fourth and final step, this comes Mac and Cheese Dish in the oven. You should preheat this to 200 ° C (ideally in advance). Now enter the Cheesesauce over the macaroni (in the baking dish). Season the cheese macaroni with a little more salt and pepper and to lift The pasta once throughso that it mixes well with the cheese sauce. Before the mac and cheese find their way into the oven, sprinkle the cheese macaroni with the remaining cheddar cheese and 75 g Parmesan. The baking dish now comes for around 5 minutes in the oven. The mac and cheese are ready when the cheese is up golden brown is and bubbles slightly.
We wish you one Enjoy your meal - Enjoy the American Mac and Cheese!

6 Facts About Mac and Cheese You Guaranteed Not To Know

That such a popular dish has its own public holiday in the USA - namely the "National Mac and Cheese Day" on July 14th - probably hardly surprising. But there are many more facts (some really very curious) about the popular Mac and Cheese dish from the USA.

  • Crayola (an American manufacturer of crayons and crayons) has had one since 1993 Crayon with the color "Macaroni and Cheese"
  • In the US, Mac and Cheese is getting up 1st place among all cheese recipes
  • Mac and Cheese has been on the list for many decades ten most important "comfort foods"
  • No kidding - the one recommended wine to Mac and Cheese is Burgundy
  • There are two restaurants in New York City (S'MAC and Supermac), the Mac and cheese dishes only on the menu - but there is also a gourmet version of the dish
  • Marlena Spieler and the writing duo Deanna Keahey and Steve Kilner have published two cookbooks that exclusively from Mac and Cheese recipes consist

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