Which are the most mispronounced fashion brands

Nike, Zara & Co. | Fashion brands that we
mispronounce all of them

YES, it's really true: Zara is not called Zara at all!

Well, at least that's not how it is pronounced. A video has appeared on social media in which a Zara employee demonstrates the correct pronunciation.

It is not called Zara, but Thara - pronounced softly, like the English "the".

A team of journalists from Refinery 29 visited the fashion company in A Coruña in northwestern Spain and recorded the video there.

But Zara is far from the only fashion brand whose name we mispronounce. The list is long, that's why it shows BYou you the brand names that we mispronounce the most!


Just because it is spelled with a “g” doesn't mean that you also say Givenchy. Would be too easy.

►The following is correct: Dschi-Wohn-chy


Everyone knows the popular sports brand, but hardly anyone pronounces the name correctly. In English, the "e" is pronounced like the German "i".

► It therefore means: Nai-kie


At that point we could all learn from Kim Kardashian. She is an avowed Balmain fan and can't throw the name around often enough. Her good friend Olivier Rousteing happens to be the designer of the French fashion house ... But enough of that. If you want to pronounce the name correctly, simply leave out the "i". Why? No idea. French is a difficult language.

► It is correct to say: Bahl-mahn


Usually, Italians are pretty straightforward in their pronunciation: words are spoken as they are written. One of the few exceptions: “ch” and “sch” are not sibilants in Italian.

►The correct pronunciation is: Mos-kino

Acne Studios

Acne is a Swedish fashion brand and is relatively young. By the way, Acne has nothing to do with skin impurities, but stands for "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions" (German: "Ambition to create new forms of expression").

► Correct pronunciation: Ahk-nej


Levi's is the abbreviation for "Levi Strauss & Co.". The company is based in San Francisco. However, the founder Levi Strauss was a German immigrant.

►Thus, both pronunciations are correct: the German "Levis" and the English"Liweiss"