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Word keyboard shortcuts: an overview of the best Word shortcuts

Regardless of whether you use Microsoft Word for business or pleasure: you work with the right Word keyboard shortcuts faster and more effectively with the popular word processor. The entire operation is designed so many times over easier and more intuitive, whereby the arsenal of available Word keyboard shortcuts extends far beyond the popular copy-and-paste or a print command.

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However, as is the case with Excel shortcuts, for example, it takes a little practice to use the practical keyboard shortcuts. In the long run, however, the effort is worth it if you work regularly with Word. So that you have a Overview of the most important Microsoft Word shortcuts We have summarized the best keyboard shortcuts below in a table.

Common Word keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut command
Ctrl + X cut out
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Insert
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + F Search
Ctrl + H Search and replace
Ctrl + G Go to
F4 Recover or retry
Ctrl + Y Restore
Ctrl + Z Undone
Ctrl + S to save
F12 Save as
Ctrl + P To press
Ctrl + N new document
Ctrl + O to open
Ctrl + W Close document
Ctrl + Alt + F Create a footnote
Ctrl + Alt + E Create an endnote
Ctrl + F2 Page preview / page preview
Ctrl + K Insert hyperlink

Word shortcuts: positioning and navigating

Keyboard shortcut command
Ctrl + Left Arrow one word to the left
Ctrl + Right Arrow one word to the right
Ctrl + up arrow one paragraph up
Ctrl + Down Arrow one paragraph down
Shift + F5 to the last processing point
Shift + Right Arrow Highlight text: one character to the right
Shift + Left Arrow Highlight text: one character to the left
Shift + End Highlight text: at the end of the word
Shift + Home Highlight text: at the beginning of the word
Shift + Down Arrow Highlight text: one line down
Shift + Up Arrow Highlight text: one line up

Word keyboard shortcuts: formatting commands

Keyboard shortcut command
Ctrl + Shift + F set the highlighted text in bold
Ctrl + Shift + K italicize the selected text
Ctrl + Shift + U underline the selected text
Ctrl + Shift + W Underline word
Ctrl + Shift + D underline twice
Ctrl + + superscript
Ctrl + # subscript
Ctrl + Shift + G Capital letter
Ctrl + Shift + Q Small caps
Ctrl + D Change font
Shift + F3 Switch between upper and lower case
Ctrl + 8 Font 1 pt smaller
Ctrl + 9 Font 1 pt larger
Ctrl + E Center paragraph
Ctrl + R Align paragraph right-justified
Ctrl + L Align paragraph left-justified
Ctrl + B Justified
Ctrl + M Increase line indentation
Ctrl + Shift + M Decrease line indentation
Ctrl + T hanging indentation
Ctrl + Shift + T cancel hanging indent
Ctrl + 1 single line spacing
Ctrl + 2 double spacing
Ctrl + 5 1.5 line spacing
Ctrl + 0 Remove paragraph formatting
Ctrl + Shift + J Arrange paragraph
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