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US elections 2020 - Chief of Staff: Biden will reverse Trump's policy "from day one"

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    Trump attorneys spell back in Pennsylvania

    Donald Trump's lawyers have toned down a lawsuit against the result of the presidential election in the important state of Pennsylvania. When the complaint was updated, they deleted the allegations that when the votes were counted, Trump-side observers had violated constitutional rights. Trump's lawyers wanted to invalidate several hundred thousand votes in Pennsylvania on this basis. The allegation remains that Trump's Republican voters were disadvantaged in Pennsylvania because some districts with a democratic orientation were allowed to correct mistakes in ballot papers.

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    Biden's corona expert: with "scalpel instead of ax"

    The government of the future US President Joe Biden wants to avoid wide lockdowns in its fight against the corona pandemic through targeted measures. "We have approaches with the precision of a scalpel instead of the brute force of an ax," said Vivek Murthy, one of the co-heads of the Biden coronavirus expert council, the TV broadcaster Fox on Sunday. During the election campaign, President Donald Trump tried to scare voters with the prospect of nationwide lockdowns under Biden. Meanwhile, the corona situation in the USA is getting more and more out of control. On Sunday, the mark of eleven million infections was passed since the pandemic began. A million cases were added in just six days. Several states tightened corona measures over the weekend.

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    Joe Biden's political program for the first few days of office

    The elected US President Joe Biden wants to reverse various political decisions made by Donald Trump on the first day of his term in office. "We have a lot to do for day one," said Biden's chief of staff Ronald Klain on Sunday on NBC TV. Among other things, it is planned to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, to protect young migrants in the USA and to take health care measures. Biden can initiate the steps after taking office on January 20 as presidential decrees.

    Klain also emphasized that Biden is already preparing measures against the corona pandemic for his term of office and is consulting with scientists, among others. His options for action are limited: "He is not the President." There isn't much that Biden can do right now other than calling on President Trump's administration and local authorities to act. "That will change on January 20th."

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    Trump tweets about Biden's victory and renews fraud allegations

    US President Donald Trump first wrote in a tweet on Sunday that his challenger Joe Biden had won the presidential election - but at the same time reiterated his allegations that the vote had been manipulated. The Republican responded to a tweet in which a Fox News host wondered how Biden could be ahead if he had a weak election campaign.

    Trump wrote: "He won because the election was rigged." He repeats his allegations, which have still not been substantiated, that no election observers were admitted and that software used during the count falsified the results. Trump's attorneys are filing various lawsuits in several states. In a tweet published a little later, he contradicted media reports that he recognized Biden's victory. “He only won in the eyes of the fake news media. I don't admit anything, ”wrote Trump.

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    Nonviolent Resistance

    According to its boss Enrique Tarrio, the right-wing extremist US organization Proud Boys does not want to resort to violence in its commitment to Donald Trump as US President. "We will stay peaceful, definitely," said Tarrio to the Berlin "Tagesspiegel" (Monday) on the sidelines of a demonstration for Trump in Washington on Saturday.

    If an election victory for Democrat Joe Biden were to be confirmed, the Proud Boys would "have a beer and go out and protest," and definitely "peacefully but powerfully," emphasized the Florida businessman.

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    Trump: Giuliani should lead lawsuits against election results

    After setbacks in his lawsuits against the result of the presidential election, Donald Trump turned to his longtime lawyer and confidante Rudy Giuliani. The former New York mayor should lead the legal effort, Trump tweeted on the night. Trump's campaign advisor David Bossie, who had previously been tasked with this, was incapacitated a few days ago due to a coronavirus infection.

    Giuliani is a loyal companion of Trump, but has already got him into trouble several times. He was a central figure in the Ukraine affair that sparked impeachment proceedings against Trump. Giuliani had actively sought to persuade Ukraine to investigate Trump's ultimately victorious challenger Joe Biden.

    In the final spurt of the election campaign Giuliani had tried in vain to use emails from an alleged notebook owned by his son Hunter Biden to suspect that Biden was doing dubious business in the Ukraine. Most recently, he repeatedly disseminated Trump's claims, without any evidence, that his presidential election victory had been stolen from him through election fraud in favor of Biden. Several lawsuits filed by Trump attorneys in various states have failed in court due to a lack of evidence.

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    Berlin: Biden election good for trade and the fight against corona

    The German Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier also sees the election of Joe Biden as US President as an opportunity for a fresh start in the fight against the corona virus. "We have to use the worldwide enthusiasm for Biden's election victory for a global fresh start in the fight against the pandemic," said the CDU politician of "Bild am Sonntag".

    Corona politics suffer very much from the fact that very contradicting strategies are being pursued around the world. "Joe Biden, on the other hand, has very similar concepts to the Europeans," emphasized Altmaier.

    The minister also sees Biden's election victory as better opportunities for trade between Europe and America. "American-European trade will experience a renaissance from spring 2021, when the new US cabinet is in place," he emphasized. “The trade conflicts that arose during the term of office of (US President Donald) Trump cost us growth every year. I am optimistic that with President Joe Biden we will be able to resolve these conflicts and take steps to protect the climate. "

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    Several thousand fans demonstrate for Trump

    Several thousand supporters of US President Donald Trump gathered in central Washington on Saturday to have his back. Trump's spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany spoke on Twitter of a million participants, assessments by observers and the media ranged from a few thousand to a good 10,000.

    A week earlier, significantly more people celebrated in the streets of Washington when Joe Bidens' victory in the US presidential election was announced.

    Speakers at the demonstration in Freedom Plaza, not far from the White House, followed Trump's account that his victory was stolen from him by massive electoral fraud. They promised to keep fighting and abused the media for wrongly declaring Biden the election winner. "Fox News are enemies of the people!" One of the speakers shouted into the crowd. The channel from Rupert Murdoch's media empire was Trump's house channel for a long time - but recently moved noticeably away from him.

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    Trump drops by in the armored vehicle

    The visit to a demonstration of his supporters in Washington announced by US President Donald Trump was limited to one lap in the armored vehicle on Saturday. Videos could be seen how Trump waved from the car. The Trump fans gathered in Freedom Plaza not far from the White House shouted "Four more years!" and «We want Trump!». Then Trump drove to his golf club.

    Demonstrations by Trump supporters were planned for Saturday in Washington, and a few hundred of them had already come to the city center in the morning. Trump had written on Twitter the day before: "I could try to stop by and say hello." He still refuses to admit losing the presidential election to Joe Biden.

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    Ex-central bank chief as finance minister?

    Former Fed President Janet Yellen is in the running as Treasury Secretary under President-elect Joe Biden, according to Bloomberg news agency. There are more applicants, Bloomberg reported, citing informed people. Because of her possible new role, Yellen canceled appearances as a speaker.

    As central bank president from 2014 to 2018, Yellen stood for a loose monetary policy. In October, she spoke out in favor of combating the corona crisis not only through monetary policy, but also through fiscal policy support measures.

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    Trump expresses initial doubts about his own election victory

    After the election in the USA, the incumbent US President Donald Trump has for the first time raised doubts about the certainty of victory he has shown so far. "This government will not do a lockdown," said Trump on Friday at an appearance in the rose garden of the White House, which was about a vaccine against the corona virus.

    And he added: “Hopefully that will - whatever happens in the future, who knows which government it will be, I think that will show. But I can assure you that this government is not going to lockdown. "

    This first public address by Donald Trump in more than a week has caused another topic of conversation: Trump stepped in front of the cameras with an unusually gray hair color.

    Spectators around the world wondered where the Republican's blonde quiff suddenly went. A wave of questions broke out on social networks as to why the 74-year-old no longer dyed his hair.

    Trump in his Covid-19 speech

    President Trump: "This administration will not be going to a lockdown. Hopefully, the - the - whatever happens in the future - who knows which administration it will be? I guess time will tell." pic.twitter.com/jQkYahBrVO

    - The Hill (@thehill) November 14, 2020
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    Biden's team demands access to confidential information

    The team of US President-elect Joe Biden has requested immediate access to confidential intelligence from intelligence agencies and the government's plans to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

    Incumbent Donald Trump's refusal to initiate this threatens national security and the fight against the virus, a Bidens spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Friday. The information "would greatly aid our preparation for governance," she said.

    Trump's government has not yet issued a letter that would initiate the legally required, orderly handover ("transition"). This would give Biden and his team access to government ministries, agencies and confidential information before they took office on January 20.

    Psaki stressed that Biden's team did not want to go to court to sue the elected president. However, such a step cannot be ruled out either. Recently, individual Republicans had also called for Biden to have access to current intelligence so that he was fully capable of acting from day one in office.

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    “March for Trump”: US President encourages his supporters

    After his defeat in the presidential election, incumbent Donald Trump hopes for increased support from his supporters.

    One day before a demonstration against alleged fraud in the presidential election on November 3, Trump announced on Twitter that he was considering whether to “come over and say hello”. Trump wrote on Friday that he was encouraged by "all the tremendous support out there, especially at rallies that come naturally all over the country." Without being able to provide any evidence so far, the President repeated his accusation: "This election was rigged."

    Under the motto “Stop the Steal”, several groups have called for a “March for Trump” this Saturday in central Washington. A demonstration is to lead to the seat of the US Supreme Court. Antifa groups have called for a protest against the rally by Trump supporters.

    Trump greets the demo participants

    Heartwarming to see all of the tremendous support out there, especially the organic Rallies that are springing up all over the Country, including a big one on Saturday in D.C. I may even try to stop by and say hello. This Election was Rigged, from Dominion all the way up & down!

    - Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 13, 2020
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    The vaccine is not to be delivered to New York for the time being

    The soon-to-be-available corona vaccine should not initially be delivered to New York State, Trump emphasized in his speech in the rose garden of the White House. The Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo does not trust the government in Washington and wants to examine the drug separately. "So we won't deliver it to New York until we have permission," said Trump.

    Trump indirectly criticized Cuomo for his announcement a few weeks ago that an approved vaccine would be checked for its safety by its own experts. Cuomo had justified this with concerns that Trump could use a fund for political purposes and distribute it prematurely to the population.

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    Trump does not want to impose a lockdown

    Trump also commented on how to proceed in the corona pandemic. "We will not impose a lockdown under any circumstances," emphasized the Republican vehemently. A lockdown puts many lives at risk and causes umpteen problems.

    Trump only marginally comments on the US presidential election. "Time will tell who will take office in January," he said.

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    Trump: "The vaccine will be approved very soon"

    In his first speech since his election defeat, Donald Trump commented on the search for a possible vaccine. In the rose garden of the White House, he gave information about "Operation Warp-Speed". The goal of this operation by the Trump administration is to provide Americans with a vaccine against the coronavirus as quickly as possible.

    “Another administration would have needed three, four, five years for our vaccine. But our operation is unmatched and unrivaled. Our vaccine will be approved very, very soon, ”said Donald Trump. A vaccine should be available for the entire US population by April. He also expects rapid emergency approval for Pfizer's Covid vaccine, which is being developed with BioNTech.

    He also commented on how to proceed in the corona pandemic. "We will not impose a lockdown under any circumstances," emphasized the Republican vehemently. A lockdown puts many lives at risk and causes umpteen problems.

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    Court dismisses Trump lawsuit in Michigan

    Donald Trump's campaign team has lost a lawsuit in Michigan in connection with the US presidential election. A state court rejected the motion to prohibit certification of the election results in the district around the city of Detroit. This is reported by the Reuters news agency and several US media outlets, including CNN.

    "The plaintiff's interpretation of events is wrong and unbelievable," said Judge Timothy Kenny. The campaign team had alleged election fraud and irregularities in the casting of votes. Trump has not yet admitted his defeat, but has filed lawsuits in several states. Experts don't expect them to change the outcome.

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    Broadcasters predict a clear Biden victory

    The newly elected US President Joe Biden has according to predictions from television stations 306 electors won - significantly more than the required 270. The broadcasters CNN, NBC and CBS predict that Biden Georgia won, the Republican incumbent Donald Trump won the state of North Carolina. These were the last two states that had not yet declared a winner. For the first time in 28 years, a Democrat has brought the state of Georgia.

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    Trump announces speech in the White House

    Donald Trump wants to speak publicly for the first time since his election defeat. The White House announced that Trump wanted to start at 4 p.m. local time on Friday (10 p.m. CET) about the search for a vaccine. The USA is recording new highs in new corona infections every day. 153,496 cases were recorded on Thursday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. This is the highest number of cases since the pandemic began.

    Trump's Democratic challenger Joe Biden was unanimously declared the winner of the presidential election on Saturday based on surveys and vote counts by various US media. Trump has so far refused to admit defeat and presents himself as a victim of massive election fraud. His lawyers have filed lawsuits in several states, but have not provided any evidence of large-scale election fraud or errors.

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    Election interference: Pelosi denounces Facebook

    The US House of Representatives Chairman Nancy Pelosi said Friday that Facebook had an influence on the elections. «I'm not a big fan of Facebook. I don't know what exactly happened, but I know they were part of the problem, "Pelosi told reporters. Technology is a blessing, but the flood of information on social media can also be misused for non-democratic processes.

    Furthermore, the chairman of the House of Representatives, Joe Biden, pledged the determined support of the Democrats. With all differences of opinion in its own ranks, the party would find a consensus in advocating for the interests of the population. The Republicans in Parliament and the White House government called on Pelosi to return to the negotiating table.