Cedar is a universal fragrance

Did you know that smelling starts in the womb? In fact, scientists have shown that even unborn babies can perceive odors in the amniotic fluid. However, you only learn later to evaluate individual fragrances as positive or negative. In any case, one thing is beyond doubt: it is not gestures and words, but fragrances that determine our social behavior, as well as feelings of rejection or sympathy.

When it comes to choosing a partner, fragrances also play a central role. Who we find sexually attractive is not a matter of chance. Six olfactory receptor genes are located on the chromosome. In order to provide the potential offspring with the best possible immune protection, these genes regulate the choice of mate in such a way that the opposite genetic profile is found to be the most attractive. The connection between sexual attraction and body odor is, therefore, by no means to be underestimated. But this begs the question of what we need to consider in order to properly deal with the power of fragrances. Here are some interesting facts and practical tips. Have fun while reading!

No perfume at the first meeting - why?

As we have already mentioned, every person has their own unique body odor, which is often referred to as an olfactory fingerprint and which plays a crucial role in sexual attraction. In order to avoid choosing the wrong partner, you have to make sure that the perfume does not adulterate your own body scent, but supports and strengthens your own scent profile. According to scientific studies, there is a connection between the genetically created fragrance profile and our preferences for fragrances. So, because we prefer floral scents or substances like musk and amber, our genes ensure that we get to the right partner.

Pheromones increase a person's attraction?

Although it has not been clearly established whether pheromone perfumes are actually effective, it has long been known that pheromones provide sex appeal. Pheromones are defined as certain odorless and invisible fragrances that are unconsciously perceived and that influence sexual behavior. Since man-made pheromones may also have an effect on the opposite sex, many manufacturers offer fragrances that contain sex pheromones. However, we must not forget that the effectiveness of commercial perfumes containing pheromones has not yet been scientifically proven. If you are looking for a seductive fragrance, you can find out more about the aphrodisiac properties of certain fragrances instead.

Who are the “seducers” among women's fragrances?

Even if every single man feels drawn to different notes, certain fragrances are considered the ultimate "seducers". This definitely includes ylang-ylang and jasmine, which exude a high degree of irresistible sweetness and leave an unforgettable feminine impression.

Other notes that make men's hearts beat faster are scent nuances from resins, woods and spices such as clove and cinnamon. Even if they are seldom part of the main note, they are characterized by a remarkably attractive effect. As for the powdery notes like vanilla, tonka and heliotrope, they hardly leave anyone indifferent.

Amber and musk also have an attractive effect, as they combine very well with the skin. Also, let's not forget that both notes are of animal origin. Natural musk is produced as a pheromone in the sexual gland of the Asian musk deer. And when it comes to amber, this note is so warm, soft and sensual that it evokes a protective instinct in men.

In addition to the seductive fragrances mentioned above, there are also some new notes that are not so well known, but are fascinating more and more fragrance lovers. These include feminine and softly interpreted wood notes, as well as the scent of sun-tanned skin on the beach, which is created by salicylates.

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Before we finish our stroll through the world of attractive fragrances, we would like to give you one last valuable tip. Make sure you choose your perfume yourself. Don't forget that the scent develops best on the skin and that you have to wait at least twenty minutes before the top and heart notes evaporate and the base note can be felt. It is worthwhile considering the fact that the base note is retained for several hours and provides the desired attraction.