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Drugs Australia: Laws, Penalties & Use Behavior

Of course are Drugs in australia, just like in almost all countries on earth, prohibited. This applies to both importation and purchase, sale and possession. Of course, on the 5th continent, too, a clear distinction must be made between ownership, consumption and sale. While possession of small quantities of narcotics is an administrative offense, the sale of illegal drugs is subject to severe penalties. Regardless of whether it is marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, amphitamins or opiates, anyone who is caught selling one of these substances can expect very high fines and possibly imprisonment.


Laws, consumer behavior & Co

In Australia, as in Europe, there are many users of illegal substances. The self-destructive crystal meth in particular is enjoying ever increasing popularity and therefore contributes a large part to the drug problem in the country. But ecstasy pills are also a popular party drug among many young people in Down Under. Marijuana consumption has also increased, but this has the positive consequence that less alcohol is consumed. If a person is in possession of drugs, the judiciary must prove that the narcotics really belong to the suspect. If an offense with smaller amounts is found for the first time (e.g. up to 50g marijuana), penalties of up to AUD 3,000 or a year in prison, possibly even both, can be expected.

In the case of hard drugs, the penalty increases significantly. It looks very different with the sale of illegal substances, as this is a very serious crime in this country. Dealing on a large scale can result in sentences of up to 25 years in prison and a $ 300,000 fine, while large-scale trading can be punished with life imprisonment and fines of up to A $ 500,000. Regardless of whether it is cannabis or amphetamines, the Australians logically do not understand the fun of drugs in traffic. The consequences are the withdrawal of the driver's license and heavy fines up to and including prison sentences.


Nimbin: An entire village in a cannabis intoxication

Nimbin is the exceptional village on the 5th continent. Everything here revolves around buying, selling, and consuming marijuana. In addition, the trade in hallucinogenic mushrooms and other intoxicating plants (Happy High Herbs) is also quite common. There is a simple reason why this small hippie village was able to develop into a cannabis stronghold. In 1972, because of the Aquarius Festival held in Nimbin, countless students and hippies came to the extremely idyllic location.

Some of them liked it so much that they stayed right here and turned the village into a hippie mecca. Even if the Aquarius Festival as such no longer exists, around 20,000 people still meet here every year on the first weekend in May to celebrate the Nimbin MardiGrass, which was launched in 1993 and calls for the legalization of cannabis. The focus of the intoxicated event is a lot of live music, goofy parties (Goa & psychedelic trance), various readings and the legendary Hemp Olympiad, which includes joint building and other funny competitions.

Note: The buying and selling of marijuana is also forbidden in Nimbin, although almost everyone here seems to make a living from it in some way. One could therefore say that the marginal acquisition and consumption of soft drugs are partially tolerated in Nimbin, but that there are sometimes police checks.


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