Can Han Solo return as a ghost

"Star Wars 9": No Trevorrow, No Hamill? - Ghost from Johnson's trilogy

During the discussion about the dismissal of the solo-Directors is taken up again and again in view of the imminent theatrical release, it is about the involuntary departure of Colin Trevorrow relatively calm. The case seemed clear, because months ago an anonymous source said that Trevorrow was involved Jurassic World always only got his head through. At Star Wars - Episode IX he wanted to do the same, but Lucasfilm-President Kathleen Kennedy thwarted his plans.

However, new and unconfirmed rumors - which is why they should be treated with the appropriate caution - speak of Trevorrow being fired as a director for a completely different reason. So he did Rian Johnson asked Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) At the end of Star Wars - The Last Jedi not to let die, so this one too in Star Wars - Episode IX could still be part of the party. But not only Luke's death was apparently a problem for Trevorrow. He also said Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) want to work out what with his death in The last Jedi is no longer possible.

If you believe Mike Zeroh from Express UK, he also knows the real reasons behind Skywalker's demise. Johnson wanted the old (legacy) characters no longer to hold back the new ones, which is why they wanted to make room for these new characters with the death of Luke Skywalker. This place would not have existed if the former Jedi master were still alive. That should also in the sense of J.J. Abrams have been who Star Wars - Episode IX planned together with Johnson and is now allowed to stage in Trevorrow's place.

What is Mark Hamill doing there?

Due to current developments, it is known that Star Wars - Episode IXCarrie Fishers Should have been a film. But since this is no longer possible, the Leia character is not to be re-cast and no CGI is to be used, many hope that at least Mark Hamill will work for Star Wars - Episode IX returns. Isn't he the only one of the big three who can still return when you consider the cinematic demise of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in Star Wars - The Force Awakens consider.

But Hamill may not be doing it. He has often expressed his opinion in a way that those responsible should not always like, and this time too he does not hold back. In an interview he was asked again if he was for Star Wars - Episode IX would return. His answer: He no longer cares. Fisher's death wreaked havoc on him and his family, which is why he found it difficult to concentrate on working on another one Starwars-Movie to look forward to. If he stays true to this attitude, it could well be that Star Wars - Episode IX have to do without one of the old heroes entirely.

Rian Johnson and his own trilogy

You can see things as you want, some things could certainly have been done better, other things could of course not have been foreseen. However, many fans - without taking sides at this point - agree that Rian Johnson is at Star Wars - The Last Jedi made some big mistakes. The news that he's now working on his own trilogy star Wars-Universe works, therefore not only caused storms of enthusiasm.

Although information is still in short supply, Johnson revealed in an interview with Digital spythat he is currently looking at everything, but is still in the phase in which he wonders what exactly the new trilogy should be. His only goal is to make her feel like that Starwarsthat he loved as a child. That is all. What does this do Starwars out? How can this spirit be captured? What can inspire a child that has never heard of Starwars heard? He is concerned with the very fundamental questions of what Starwars be.

No matter what he chooses, Johnson already expects to reap some hatred. You can't pick out the good things without realizing that you're going to turn people against you with the same passion. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just both sides of the same coin.