What kind of a writer are you

Are you a writer

When we open ourselves to the highest inspirations
so they never stay away; but if we fail
then we will never achieve the highest
whatever we do.

Are you a writer
Then remember that there is only one big rule for anything successful
literary work gives:
Look into your own heart and then write; be true
be fearless and be true to what your inner being commands.
Remember that no author can write something that is worth more than himself.
If he wants to write something more valuable, he must first become more valuable himself.

He's just the secretary and writes his own self in the book:
so he cannot put more into it than is contained in himself.
If he is a great person, with resolute resolutions
and deep feeling, always open to the highest inspirations,
then something that cannot be described in more detail becomes
pass into his book and convey to him such a living force,
that every reader receives the same inspirations,

which the author has received and passed on.
What is between the lines is often much more than what is in the lines.
It is the author's spirit from whom this power emanates,

he gives the twenty-five or thirty percent added value,
who lift a book out of the middle variety and give it
give great quality, the one percent,
making it the only one in a hundred that succeeds
while the ninety-nine others never see a second edition.
The same spiritual force that a great personality works into their book,
also ensures that it always finds new readers so quickly;
because the only way a book circulates is after all

from mouth to mouth, and only in this way does it find a wide circle.
Only for this reason, because it has become valuable to himself,
many a book buy many copies,
to give them away to others.

from "In Harmony with the Infinite" by Ralph Waldo Trine (1866-1958)