How do file hosting services make money

File hosting

Filehosting refers to the storage ("hosting") of files on the Internet. Mostly it means media files such as mp3 or mp4 files.

There are tons of paid and free filehosters. Well-known services were, for example, Rapidshare and Mega. Filehosters are often referred to as one-click hosters, as files often only contain one Click to upload and download.

1 Make money with file hosting

There are different filehosters where you earn money by offering your own files for download. The amount the download services pay you for 1,000 downloads of your file is usually in the range of $ 5 to $ 20.

A recommended service is, for example, DepositFiles *.

In addition to the number of downloads, the remuneration often depends on the following factors:

  • Country of origin of the users who download the file (English-speaking countries such as the USA, England or Canada are usually good for the earnings)
  • File size (usually: the larger the file, the more earnings)

You should read the exact conditions of the respective provider in his "Terms of Service" (TOS).

Below is a selection of filehosters you can use to earn money for downloading your files:

2 facts about file hosting

  • Filehosters are, in principle, web space providers with whom you can access the web space without a password. There are also usually no fixed web space sizes.
  • The filehosters have meanwhile replaced the P2P exchanges as platforms for the distribution of films and music.
  • With some file hosts, you can restrict access to uploaded files, for example to paying customers.
  • The filehosters themselves often have no search engines for the uploaded files.

3 file hosting providers

3.1 Amazon S3

One of the most popular file hosting services among Internet marketers is the "Amazon S3" service. S3 stands for "Simple Storage Service".

This way to Amazon S3:

3.2 Other filehosters

  • - Service to temporarily upload large files, which can then be shared with selected people via email
  • - Share presentations, documents and professional videos
  • - Allows free sending of up to 5 GB. The service runs according to operator information CO2-neutral (operation of the server using green electricity from hydropower).

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