What are light poles used for?

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Defining one's own identity is not just a snapshot, but can point the way into the future: Those who know what they can build on can develop on a solid foundation.

As a 98 percent voluntary federal organization, the THW is unique and deeply rooted in society. The broad spectrum of volunteers that enriches the THW is therefore difficult to describe in just a few words. With its mission statement and its ten guiding principles, the THW tries to determine identity. In addition, the THW takes a clear position on social issues. Find out below who we are and what we stand for.

The Diversity Charter included social origin as the 7th dimension of diversity in 2021. People with disadvantaged social origins have special experiences and perspectives and thus valuable skills for organizations.

The guiding principle of the

The task of technical-humanitarian aid is performed in the organizational structure of a federal authority, but in the self-image of an emergency organization supported by volunteer members.

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The THW assumes social responsibility and takes a clear position on social issues.

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