What's the best C-book

The 5 best C books

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It is usually not very easy to get started with C, as there are many techniques here that are not suitable for beginners. However, if you should pick up a suitable book, this will make it a lot easier for you to get started. Exactly for this reason there is this book, which shows you all the important basics in 300 pages. Of course, only the most important basics are dealt with here, which you can use to create your first small projects in C.

It starts with learning the most basic things. Later you will learn how to use the modules and libraries. The point that you will learn how to use libraries effectively is a big plus, as you can save yourself a lot of effort in the long term because there are many people who have already written the code for you.

In the next step you will then be initiated into efficient programming, where you will learn what references and pointers are. Furthermore, the use of the graphical user interface is described here, which you need when your application should look nice.

Finally, you will also learn how to use databases to store your data. Since this is rarely dealt with in a beginner's book, you can clearly see this as an advantage. You will likely use this in many projects as well, which is why it comes in handy.