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If Amazon continues to grow as it has before, then Walmart will have caught up with it by 2025 at the latest. The extent to which Walmart was shocked by the drop in sales in the past year could be seen in the last few months ("Walmart, and the $ 3 billion deal of the desperate").

There was a strategy update on the capital market day last week - also on the latest online investments in and JD in China, where they gave up their own e-commerce business in favor of a stake:

As a future e-commerce company, the Walmart management presented itself without ties this time. E-commerce boss Neil Ashe, who presented last year and only got the tech area in January, was no longer there.

He was replaced by founder Marc Lore. However, he was not allowed to go on stage alone and was accompanied by the CEO:

The CFO has broken down where Walmart wants to invest how much in the future. Simple growth through branch openings should become increasingly taboo:

In e-commerce, Walmart mainly builds on the marketplace business and on shopping cart optimization à la

At the Capital Markets Day, the CEO once again emphasized that Marc Lore was under his personal protection and should drive the e-commerce business as independently as possible from the existing structures. It remains to be seen whether this can succeed.

More on this in Exchanges # 149 ("Walmart, and the imbalance in the US market").

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