Sells Starbucks frappuccinos in Trenta size

Starbucks cup sizes at a glance

There are many ways to order coffee from Starbucks. In addition to the drink itself, you can choose which flavor you want, whether you like it hot or ice-cold, whether it should be mixed and what about the caffeine and the sweetness. And of course you also have to decide which cup size it should be.

Starbucks has different cup sizes ready in order to be able to offer the right product to the quick coffee drinker as well as the pleasure drinker who makes himself comfortable with his coffee. New customers at Starbucks may initially be surprised by the size classification, but you quickly see the advantage: Sometimes you have more thirst or time to enjoy, sometimes less. Thanks to the different cup sizes, everyone can order exactly the amount of coffee they want at the moment.

Most drunk: Tall, Grande and Venti

Common coffee sizes at Starbucks include Tall, Grande, and Venti. Whereby these are not to be confused with the common “small”, “medium” and “large”, because at Starbucks it can be a little more.

Tall corresponds to an amount of 355 ml and usually contains an espresso for coffee specialties. It is one of the original drink sizes from the early days of Starbucks. At that time, however, this amount was still perceived as "large", while the tall now looks rather small among the common cup sizes.

Those who opt for a Grande, on the other hand, expect 473 ml, and coffee specialties with milk contain a double espresso. By the way, Grande means nothing other than "large" in various languages.

There is also the Venti size, which has 592 ml of hot drinks in the cup. For cold drinks it is even 770 ml. Like a Grande, a Venti contains a double espresso, provided it is a drink with milk. You can also order a Venti mug with pure coffee. Something like this is ordered elsewhere as a jug or jug.

If, on the other hand, the choice falls on an ice-cold drink the size of a Venti cup, a triple espresso (three shots) is even poured for milk drinks. Incidentally, Venti is the Italian word for "twenty", which should indicate the cup size. Because 20 fl oz (fluid ounzes) should fit into a Venti cup. Venti is therefore exactly the right size for everyone who likes to spend a long time in the café and does not want to keep getting supplies at the counter. The Venti cup size is ideal for a cozy chat or a reading hour.

Of course, the amount of espresso for the individual drinks can also be customized on request in order to meet your personal taste. This is just one of the many options that confuse new customers at Starbucks, but ultimately are all about customer satisfaction.

Other cup sizes at Starbucks: Trenta, Short and Demi

For all those who can't get enough of their favorite drink and for whom a Venti is not big enough, there is still the size Trenta, which we have not yet seen in Germany. This corresponds to an amount of 890 ml, the equivalent of about 30 US fl oz. This largest cup size at Starbucks was introduced in 2011 and is only available for iced drinks.

The shorts, on the other hand, are much smaller, one of the mini coffee sizes at Starbucks. If you order a short drink, you will receive 240 ml, i.e. 8 US fl oz. This size was originally one of the two original cup sizes at Starbucks, along with the tall size. Even if this is a common amount of coffee that coffee drinkers consume over the course of a day, the short cup size at Starbucks plays a rather subordinate role. At Starbucks, only the Demi size is smaller with only 89 ml, which corresponds to an espresso shot.