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It's a common stereotype that drummers aren't necessarily the most intelligent members of a band. Similar to the hypothesis that the guitarist and singer of a band are acclaimed by fans and groupies. Today we want to get rid of the clichés and scientifically prove why the drummer is simply the better partner!

Fact number 1: Drummers are leaders, not followers.

With drummers in the back of the stage, it is often assumed that one drummer is less important than the other members. A big fallacy!

At this point it should be said: A band is only as good as its drummer. Without the given rhythm of the drummer, it would be difficult for any bandmate to keep the right beat. Thus, each of the band follows the rhythm of the drummer - he largely sets the beat.

Fact number 2: Drummers are damn bright.

Professor Ullen of the Karolinska Institute conducted a study that examined the performance and intelligence of drummers. The results speak for themselves: Drummers have innate problem-solving skills and a positive impact on the community. After the drum session, the test subjects were able to achieve better results in an intelligence test than they did before drumming.

Fact number 3: Drummers are happy people.

Drumming is not only fun, playing the drums improves your health, relieves stress, strengthens the cardiovascular system and releases endorphins.

"When it's over, you can hang yourself up to dry. To me, that's the most satisfying feeling in the world, "says drummer Greg Fox. "That feeling of exerting yourself - it's so vital."

Fact number 4: Drummers are athletes

Drummers in rock and metal bands are at least as physically active as soccer players are at a game. A British study found that footballer Ronaldo burns as many calories on the pitch as drummer Clem Burke in 90 minutes. Pulse measurements at Ronaldo and Burke showed that their pulse was in the same range during a 90-minute performance and had a peak of up to 190 beats per minute. It was similar with the values ​​of the calories burned.
This round clearly goes to the drummers!

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