Does the Raspberry Pi have a microphone

To a Microphone on the Raspberry PiTo be able to use, there are initially 2 options.

1. You have a USB microphone with built-in sound card

2. You have one external sound cardand a normal microphone

I decided on the 2nd variant and bought the inexpensive Daffodil sound card and the inexpensive clip-on microphone from K nig. Both parts are very cheap and compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

To set up the microphone, you first load the sound driver

1 sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835

To make sure that the external sound cardis used you go into the alsa-base.conf file:

1 sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

In it you change the audio index from -2 to 1

1 options snd-usb-audio index = 1

Next you change again the audio output as the standard output in the Nano Editor

1 sudo nano /etc/asound.conf

by entering:

1 pcm.! Default {2 type plug 3 slave {4 pcm "hw: 1,0" 5} 6} 7 ctl.! Default {8 type hw 9 card 1 10}

That was it. Do another reboot

With alsamixer you can also adjust the volume.