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Training to become a certified
FISAT height workers level 1-3


FRIDAY each level test.
THURSDAY one appointment each for the repetition of instruction (WU).
WEDNESDAY there is the possibility of a practice day as preparation for the WU. The number of participants is limited in each case.

The course costs have remained unchanged for 3 years: course including exam: 1,280.00 euros, WU: 280.00 euros, practice day: 200.00 euros (prices excluding 20% ​​VAT)


Working at height (working on the rope) requires extensive training in the professional application of rope access and positioning techniques. We offer you this training according to the guidelines of the Association for Rope-Assisted Work Techniques (FISAT), which is carried out by Sacha Poscher, Managing Director VerticalWork and FISAT-certified trainer.

The examination is carried out by an external examiner from FISAT. After successful completion, each participant receives a FISAT ID and a certificate. This certificate is recognized internationally and across industries.

Level 1
Mediation of basic knowledge in the area of ​​rope access and positioning techniques. Requirements for the operation of SZP construction sites, material knowledge and selection as well as care, maintenance and testing of the various equipment components are shown. The training is limited to the standard vertical working method. Stop, clamping and connecting knots are also learned. An important part of the training is teaching rescue techniques in vertical rope access.

Level 2
This level provides you with advanced vertical and combined access techniques as well as complex rescue techniques based on level 1.

Level 3
The professional planning and implementation of rope access and positioning techniques will be conveyed to you in this level. In addition to the legal fundamentals, standard science, job evaluations and the implementation of instructions, the focus is on complex access and rescue techniques.

Repeat instruction for SZP
In this seminar, in addition to refreshing theoretical and practical knowledge, news and findings in the sector of rope access and positioning techniques are conveyed.