What are some chemistry geeky lines

Knowledge test: chemistry

Do you know what Teflon was designed for? Which metal is the heaviest? What knowledge made the chemist Linus Pauling famous?

How many natural chemical elements are there?

When was the first plastic in the world applied for a patent?

How did the famous French chemist Antoine de Lavoisier die?

Which of the 57 elements that occur in the human body has the largest share in the total weight of a person?

What knowledge do we owe to the American chemist Linus Pauling?

What did the US nuclear chemist Glenn Theodor Seaborg succeed in 1980?

What was Teflon developed for?

What does the chemist call a giant molecule made of identical building blocks?

Which is the heaviest metal?

What material did the alchemist Hennig Brand in Hamburg want to make gold from in 1669?

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