What makes your friend zone a woman

Avoid and escape the friend zone - the most important tips

In the ambivalentTrap between friendship and love Both men and women often get there faster than they'd like. Fortunately, however, you are not helpless in this situation because there are some things you can do about itavoid the dreaded friend zone.

What is a friend zone?

Of course, you can only avoid a friend zone if you know what it's all about.

The name Friendzone, in German"Friendship Zone", applies when a man and a woman are very good friends, but one of the two is actually each otherhoped for more than friendship. This is then in the so-called friend zone of the other, stamped as a good buddy and friend instead of a potential flirt partner.

The word originally comes from the 80s cult series "Friends", which is still very popular today.

Generally there is2 different types of friendzones:

1. The friendly date

That kind of friendzone isespecially tricky. They both find each other attractive and have already had a few dates, but somehow it didn't work out anymore. If youmiss the moment to get closer, the initial romance quickly turns into a familiar, friendly atmosphere and you are therein the middle of the friend zone.

2. The good friend

Are of the 2nd kindmen are particularly affected. You have been friends with a woman for a long time and you get along great, but you actually want tomore than just being your best friendwhich, unfortunately, she does not notice.

Are you in the friend zone? - the self-test

They wonder if you toostuck with your dream woman in the friend zone? Find it with this quick oneSelf test out:

  1. If something is important to you, you are always the first point of contact.
  2. She talks to you about other men.
  3. You usually get a big hug to greet you and say goodbye.
  4. Whether helping with the move or relocating the new WLAN, if she needs help, then you are always there.
  5. They have slept together in the same bed many times, but still never got closer.
  6. She gives you tips on how to land better with women.
  7. She treats you differently in the presence of other men.
  8. She doesn't care much about how she looks around you. When they meet, she is usually without make-up or wearing her cozy sweatpants.
  9. She tells you which of your friends you find attractive.
  10. She doesn't react to your hidden advances, compliments from you hardly ever take off.

Can you answer yes to most of these statements? Then unfortunately everything looks as ifthe trap of friendship has caught on you.

How To Avoid Friendzone: 8 Tips

Of course, you can't force anyone to fall in love with you. Even so, there are a few things you can do to avoid falling into the friendship trap. These10 tips can help.

1. Make a great first impression

Witha good first impression you can achieve a lot. Put on something nice for your date and show that you have thought about it and that this meeting is something special for you.In this way you make it clear from the very first moment that you are interested in more than just friendship.

2. Meet with her alone

How do you want to convey to your dream woman that you really care about her if you only ever meet her in a group? So she will quickly get the idea that your relationship is probably only on a friendly basis. If you want to avoid a friendzone, thenmeet her alone.

3. Choose the right place for your meeting

Just hanging out together at home, studying to study or having a kebab dinner is not helpful if you want to avoid a friend zone. Take your chance andplan a very special date. Invite them to a romantic dinner or surprise them with a nice picnic in the park. So can yousimply avoid a possible friend zone.

4. Give her clear compliments

Compliments like, “nice dress” or “I like your new shoes” sound more like something you would say to your best friend. If you want to avoid a friend zone, you'd better get itmake very clear compliments. Say something about her beautiful eyes, how sweet her smile is, or how much you enjoy the time with her.

5. Clarify the situation

If you want to avoid a friend zone, it is important that you do the same with her from the startcommunicate clearly. First building a friendly base and then trying more afterwards in most cases backfires. At the second or third meeting, tell her that you can imagine more of her than just a good friendship.

6. Look her in the eye

One look is worth a thousand words.So let your eyes speak to tell your dream woman what you are feeling. So she quickly knows where you stand and never even thinks of putting you in the friendship drawer.

7. Be a gentleman

Old-fashioned clichés or not, in order to avoid the friend zone as a man, you should go ahead and do itLet the gentleman hang out for a bit. Hold the door for her, offer her your jacket and also pay the bill in the restaurant. With thesesmall but fine gestures you can easily make it clear that this was not a friendly meeting but a real date.

8. Make physical contact

What is the difference between a good friendship and a relationship?In any case, the physical contact. If you want to avoid a friend zone, you should definitely create one. Here, of course, appliesSure instinct. You should be the woman in no case press! Briefly grasp your hand when talking about something or lightly touch your arm while walking. Only if you feel that you are comfortable with it should yougo one step further.

Escape the Friendzone: this is how it works

Despite all caution, the friendship trap has struck you and now you are wondering:"How do I get out of the friend zone again?" With these 5 tips does it work:

1. Reconsider your behavior

In order to escape the friend zone, the first step is to find exactly youreflect on one's own behavior. What made you slip into the friend zone and how could you change this behavior? Even small changes in how you interact with your girlfriend can ensure thatshe suddenly perceives you very differently. Try it.

2. Change something about your appearance

How about a makeover? Go to the hairdresser or get some new outfits.
Often you cansmall type changes ensure that you are perceived in a completely different light.

3. Ask her out on a date

Has your dream woman labeled you a “good buddy”? You don't just have to put up with it. Make it clear that you're interested in more and ask her out on a date.

4. Meet with others

Don't worry, it doesn't mean that you should just forget your dream woman, but once you get into a friend zone it can be helpfulto meet up with other potential partners again. This is how you practice flirting and at the same time make your girlfriend a little jealous if your world suddenly no longer revolves around her.

5. Boost your self-esteem

It is typical for people who are in the friend zone that they always try to please their dream partner and would do anything for them. This not only damages your own self-esteem, it also makes you feel quicktaken for granted become.

Strengthen your self-confidence and stand up for your own interests.

For example, you can simply determine the next time and where you will meet, cancel an appointment if it does not suit you at the moment, or give yourself a little more time to reply to your message.

Sometimes something has to be missing before we realize how much we miss it.