Why do people make lists

07 apr Do to-do lists really make sense in your life?

Apparently, we humans love to-do lists. These fully written pieces of paper on which we collect everything that should be tackled, processed and ticked off. Always with the goal of being able to throw this completely done list in the trash at the end of the day. Happy about what we have achieved today. But do these to-do lists really make sense in your life? And…

Why is that?

Because to-do lists provide a kind of security. The security of not forgetting anything and of delivering everything that we have to do to the point and in full. However, this leads to the fact that we process and deliver things, but there are always things left over that are not done. And - we are so knitted - where are we looking? Not the 10 items on the to-do list that we did, but the two that weren't done.

The result:
Frustration and the constant feeling of "I couldn't make it again."
And then, the height of the perversion is to put those two missing things to do on tomorrow's to-do list. So, before you even start the day, you have two things on your agenda. Plus of course the new things to do.

You make you feel bad, period. If we turn a to-do list into a to-be list, this feeling can change completely. It's fun again to get things done.

Incidentally, in his article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung about the sense and nonsense of to-do lists, Marc Baumann finds that his daughter lives by the best to-do list ever: 1) play, 2) play, 3) play, 4) play , 5) Ignore clean-up reminders, 6) Play, 7) Don't be tired yet. I liked it so much that it had to be included in this article.


To-do or to-be - that is the question

And how does such a to-be list work now?

To be means something like "to be". So ask yourself:
How do you want to be Stressed or Relaxed? Annoyed or happy?

How do you want to feel? What makes you happy?

And then it's about your own well-being, not primarily about doing.

“But it won't work without doing,” you will say.

And you are right.

The trick is on your focus, your inner compass.
You don't do nothing anymore, you do what you do more consciously.

So you do the following:
You think about in which of your projects you feel exactly this well-being, this happy feeling. You can also look back over the last 14 days. When did you feel really good about what you were doing? Which of the projects did you really enjoy? If you feel like it, take ‘your inner child with you on the journey. You will see, things immediately come to mind that are a lot of fun. Maybe it will be easier if you ground yourself beforehand. You can find my guided grounding meditation on our gifts page. Easy to download yourself.

These projects (or any work related to them) will be at the top of your to-be list!

If you focus on your well-being, you are sending a clear signal to your subconscious: I take care of myself and give myself a good life. And you also send out this signal. To the universe, to the people around you and, thanks to the dear mirror neurons, ultimately to yourself again.

You will see this happening:
First of all, you make things a lot more fun.
You are finally allowing yourself to take care of the very things that make you feel good first. You are at the top of your priority list, your very own V.I.P.

No more to-do list terror!

Does that feel good? I simply say: I am sure!

In addition to having more fun, the things that need to be done are much easier to handle. After all, you do what makes you feel good first of all.

To-do lists and to-be lists do not have to be in opposition and a to-be list even makes multiple sense.

Because when you are in a good mood, happy and focused on your well-being, things are easier that, in addition to the happiness-maker points, also want to be done on this day.

And they can also be on your list - but only after the points that ensure your well-being and your good feeling.

You can make such a list for every day, for a week, for a month or even for a whole year.
Just always make sure to put your main focus on how you want to feel at the end of this time. Because it's about YOU!

It's not about wanting to own anything in particular.
The only goal is how you want to feel at the end of time.

You can only support others when you are doing well.
Without sucking you out.
Without becoming powerless.
Without doing anything at some point, because everything is just too much.

From the to-do list to the to-be list - so that it really makes sense.
Try it! I'm looking forward to your feedback.

And if you need help making your life really easier, contact Andrea or me. We are happy to support you!

From the heart, Dietmar