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Lip frenulum piercing: pain, costs, healing

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You want oneGet a lip frenulum piercing and are looking for info tooPain, costsandCure? In my guide I will tell you about my experiences and provide you with all the information you need about piercing through the lip band.

What is a lip band piercing?

A really pretty and changeable piercing is the one that you actually only see when you smile. In English, the lip band piercing is also often referred to as "Smiley face" designated.

Get a lip frenulum piercing

If you have now made up your mind and want to get a lip frenulum piercing, then you should start looking for a good piercer. Most of them now have websites where you can also look at pictures of their work and refer to reviews from previous customers (beware of fake reviews).

In and of itself, piercing the lip band is not a big deal, as there are no important nerve tracts running along it and it is simply very thin. Before you know it, the needle slipped through there.

Advantages and disadvantages of each ring

You will certainly be asked by the piercer which jewelry you want. Since there are different options, I would like to briefly list them and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Horseshoe ring
    This jewelry is very trendy and is also popular. The piercing is not completely closed and, as the name suggests, looks like a horseshoe.
    Looks really cool.
    - Kcan be easily exchanged.
    The ring likes to slip, so that it sits crooked, which can be annoying with photos if that bothers you.
    From further away it can look like there are dark spots on your teeth.
  • Ball closure ring
    Women in particular often want a lip frenulum piercing that glitters, which is why the ball closure ring is often used. It is an open ring that is closed by a ball wedged between both ends of the ring. The ball can be colorful, but also with rhinestones, just as you like it.
    Lots of variable balls that can be used.
    The rhinestones in the middle do not give the impression of dark spots on the teeth.
    Difficult to open by itself, which makes replacing the lip frenulum piercing really tricky.
    This piece of jewelry can also slip and sit crooked.
  • Discreet clicker ring
    If you like it very discreet and want to avoid the problem of slipping, a clicker ring might be the right thing for you. It's a ring that opens and closes by clicking a small part into it. The ring is really quite simple and without any glittering or shiny inserts.
    Can be easily taken out and replaced by yourself.
    No slipping, which is why the piercing always sits well.
    If you like it flashy, you won't be happy with the simple design.
    Is relatively relatively expensive.

That happens with the piercer

1.) First you can sit on the chair, you can probably choose the jewelry and then disinfect your mouth. You usually get a mouthwash for this, which you have to rinse with for about a minute before you can spit it out.

2.) Now the piercer will take a very close look at your lip frenulum to decide where to pierce best. How it rests at the end can be influenced by the size of the jewelry used.

3.) When pricking the lip frenulum piercing, nothing is drawn beforehand. You can probably sit back and then the needle will go through the lip tape.

4.) The needle is pulled out, the plastic tube remains in it. Then the piercer pulls the jewelry through with the help of the tube and it's ready.

If you want to know exactly how this works, you can see it in this video:

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How bad is the pain when piercing?

What most people want to know before the piercing is the question of the pain associated with the lip frenulum piercing:

"Does it hurt a lot?"

No, it is one of the least painful piercings ever. Which is why, in my opinion, no anesthesia is necessary. It is really hardly noticeable and before you know it it is over. So, as you can see, there is no need to be afraid.

Can you prick a lip band piercing yourself?

Are you thinking about getting the lip frenulum piercing yourself? I can only advise against that. It is only a membrane, but it is still quite difficult and only possible with enough experience to place the piercing correctly so that it sits correctly. Especially with a place like this, where the risk of growing out is relatively high, you should let a specialist do it, as with all other piercings.


The cost of a lip frenulum piercing is around 35 - 50 euros, depending on the piercer. Usually this price includes both the piercing, the jewelry and the follow-up examination. With some piercers, the care product is even included.

Most piercing studios have a price list online on their website where you can check what it costs.

What are the risks of piercing the lip frenulum?

As already mentioned above, the lip band piercing is a very low-risk piercing. There are no nerve tracts running through the lip band and it is only very thin tissue. That’s what makes the job a little problematic, though. Since the ribbon is only very thin, the greatest danger is that the lip frenulum piercing can grow out.

There isn't much you can do about it other than not playing around with your tongue all the time. This increases the risk that the hole will enlarge.

Another problem child with this piercing is the gums and teeth. Because the ball usually rests at the transition from the teeth to the gums, this can lead to the gums receding due to the constant irritation. That would be a reason to take the piercing out yesterday rather than tomorrow.

Information about the healing process

As low-risk as the lip band piercing is, it is just as easy and uncomplicated during the healing process. Those who observe the simplest rules of care can enjoy a healed piercing within a very short time. But how should you care for a freshly done lip frenulum piercing?

Proper care of the fresh piercing

As with any piercing, the right care is also essential for the lip band to enjoy your new piece of jewelry. However, here too there is not so much to pay attention to, as is the case with tongue piercing, for example. That's why I'll briefly explain what is important when caring for your lip band piercing.

Disinfect the mouth

You should disinfect your mouth twice a day. The best way to do this is with the mouthwash solution that you probably got from your piercer. Simply put a cup cap in your mouth in the morning and in the evening and rinse for a minute so that enough of it gets to your lip frenulum. Then just spit it out.

After every meal, smoke, kiss, etc., it is best to disinfect with a spray so that no bacteria can accumulate.

If you do all of this, the lip frenulum piercing should be healed in two to three weeks.

What shouldn't you eat / drink?

Ultimately, you can eat and drink anything except fresh milk. You should avoid them for the first few days, but dairy products are generally allowed. Just be careful with spicy foods or very strong spices. That could be uncomfortable when it gets to the wound.

What to do if the lip band piercing becomes infected?

If the wound just doesn't want to heal or the lip frenulum piercing festers, then you should pay your piercer another visit and under no circumstances do it yourself. Together you will surely find a way that you will soon enjoy your jewelry.

Change the lip frenulum piercing

Something that is really tricky with lip band piercing is changing. Anyone who has a ball closure ring can hardly open it without aids. I always recommend going to a professional with this piercing jewelry. This has the following reason:

The lip band is really very thin. If you should slip or pull too hard when trying to open the ring and get the ball out, it could happen that you tear the ring out, as the tissue does not offer much resistance, but tears through easily.

If you still want to change the lip frenulum piercing yourself, you will need ring opener pliers. With this and with a little practice, the lip band piercing can then be opened very easily. With the help of the pliers, the ring is bent open a little and the ball then simply falls out.

My experiences

It's been 10 years since I had a lip frenulum piercing. I really didn't have any pain with the piercer, it wasn't even uncomfortable, I simply didn't feel anything. The healing time was also really easy compared to tongue piercing.

Unfortunately, after a year or so, I had to take it out because my gums decided to withdraw. The first signs were reason enough for me to take out the lip band piercing, which I still find a shame because it looks really super cute.


Can you hide the lip frenulum piercing?

Yes, and pretty good too. If you use a banana plug instead of a ring, the lip frenulum piercing is hidden and practically invisible.

Is a lip band piercing compatible with braces?

In theory, that works fine, depending on the texture and size of your lip band. However, I would personally wait until the braces are gone. So you can better judge how it fits best. In addition, one should be careful not that the piercing damages the braces and the insurance then causes problems.

What diameter should the ring have?

It all depends ... The larger the diameter of the ring, the further down it rests on the teeth / gums and the more or less it is visible. It is best to let your piercer tell you the diameter of the jewelry they have used. So you can easily buy new jewelry. The lip frenulum piercing is usually done with a needle size of 1.2 mm.