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Community letter of the Protestant parish Beiseförth Malsfeld December 2018 to February 2019 No. 190 News from Dharwad "Bank sponsors" wanted


1 parish letter of the ev. Parish Beiseförth Malsfeld December 2018 to February 2019 No. 190 "Bank sponsors" wanted The pews in Beiseförth should get a new coat of paint. "Your" bank needs a sponsor! News from Dharwad Clear progress can be seen in the construction of the new school. Bishop Dr. Hein visited the construction site. Continue reading on page 4 Continue reading on page 5

2 Thought against Dear Readers, In my personal Christmas story there are a number of characters that we don't find out about in the Bible. There is, for example, an ox (which must have been in the stable beforehand) and a donkey (on which Mary could ride to Bethlehem), but also an innkeeper. The animals can also be seen in many old Christmas paintings, and they have, at least indirectly, a biblical background (see Isaiah 1,3). The landlord, well, somebody must have invented him. Maybe someone who wrote a nativity play. Because somehow the way from the hostel, which is overcrowded, to the stable has to be found. What happens there fits so well with who God is and how we are: God wants to come to us, and somehow we have no place for him. Not even then. And there I recognize a lot of what I know from today, of myself, of us. The important punch line at Christmas is: That doesn't stop God from us humans. He finds his way even when everything is occupied, when the doors or the hearts are closed. But I ask myself: does it have to be like this: that is occupied? Does it always have to be that way? That sounds a little mechanical, a little too right, I think. What if the landlord had space after all? Or if he had made room? Then the child would not have been born in the stable, but in the inn. And it would still have been the same god in the same child. The innkeeper would certainly not have understood who he was dealing with at first. You couldn't tell where it came from this baby. But he could have met God in his own way, with a small friendly setting of the course on the way that should make a whole world happy and happy. There is also that: that we can meet God on his way, sometimes without even suspecting it; let alone understand what God is up to in detail. God is not only great at making something out of the botch that we so often produce. He also has a use for the good. And he's happy about it. The thing with the crib is over. The landlord failed. Well, maybe not quite. At least the thing about the stable occurred to him. And a crib is certainly better than the hard floor for a newborn child. And maybe the landlord really isn't that important. Perhaps the story could have done just fine without him originally. Because it doesn't really matter that he wanted to meet God. It is actually important whether I want to: be a good part of God's way to the world and with the world by trying to do what is actually humanly obvious: a host accommodates guests. Who do I give space to in this Advent? 2

3 from the community of Getau were: Celebrating a golden wedding: Celebrating a birthday: For reasons of data protection law, this information can only be found in the printed edition. We ask for your understanding. They died: If you, dear parishioners, do not want your data to be published, please inform the rectory in good time! For reasons of data protection law, this information only appears in the print version. We are currently checking whether this information can continue to appear. We ask for your understanding if this information will no longer be published in print in the near future. Many Thanks. 3

4 News "Bank sponsors" wanted for Beiseförther Church In the meantime, word has probably got around: We will (unfortunately) not be able to celebrate at Christmas in our beautiful Beiseförther Church. But we are very (!) Confident that we can celebrate a great re-inauguration before Easter. The interior painting work has now been completed and the scaffolding has been dismantled. The electrics have been renewed and the windows with their new wooden frames have been reinserted. Now we have to work on the wooden floor, replace the pulpit railing, install the new lights, and then we still have to go to the benches. The church council has now decided that they should be repainted (after more than 30 years). We will have to raise these costs ourselves from the community. That is why we are looking for "bank sponsors" to whom we can make the following offers: Donation for a seat (50 cm): 50 euros Donation for a small bank (3 m): 300 euros Donation for a large bank (5 m): 500 euros Transfers should go to the following account: Förderkreis Kirche Beiseförth Purpose: Bank sponsorship IBAN: DE As in other cases, we are happy to issue certificates for donations that can be claimed to reduce taxes. The total cost of the renovation will be in euros. Responsible for the additional costs are, above all, the considerably greater effort involved in replacing the electrics and the longer use of the scaffolding. The pews of the Beiseförther Church need a new coat of paint. Above you can see the pews after they were carried out of the church. Family leisure time Grossarl 2019 In the coming year we want to go back to family leisure time from Saturday, July 27th to Sunday, August 4th, 2019. The guest house in Grossarl, where we were guests in 2017, has been booked again. It offers 4 or 6 bed rooms with shower / toilet and a great outdoor area for playing. The program includes tours to the beautiful surrounding mountains and alpine pastures (from family-friendly to challenging), excursions into the surrounding area (adventure swimming pool, Lichtsteinklamm, Erlebnisalm, crystal mine), spiritual impulses and music, long evenings on the terrace, board games and community with each other . Adults (> 18 years) pay EUR 350 for accommodation and full board, children (0 18 years) EUR 200. The journey must be organized by yourself. Registrations will be considered according to the order in which they are received. Youth workers Matthias Lambach and Pastor Henning Reinhardt are in charge. Registrations are available at the rectory (Tel or 4

5 School in Dharward It took a long time, but now the work has made significant progress: The school of our Indian partner church in Dharward (North Karnataka) has had its roof covered in the last few days. The new building had become necessary because the previous building was in a miserable condition and the government's operating permit had been revoked. The new school has a large classroom, a small office for the two teachers, a room for serving food and, finally, sanitary facilities. We are happy about the progress, which we have also supported through collections and through the proceeds of a church festival that took place some time ago. News from India Visit of the construction site by Bishop Dr. Martin Hein, Ms. Ruth Hein and Pfrin. Claudia Brinkmann Weiß Congregation study trip to the oldest Christian country in the world From to the parish Spangenberg offers a trip to Armenia, the oldest Christian country in the world. Long before Constantinople built its Hagia Sophia, the Armenians built a large cathedral that Byzantium served as a model. We will see the mighty ruins including the remains of the Hittites, Romans and Persian times. In addition, it goes on foot and by bus through the unique landscapes of the mountains in the Urals, to old monasteries and modern cities. On the way we meet again and again people who talk about their life in Armenia and with whom we talk about God and the world. Those who like to discover new things together with others, are looking for spiritual impulses for their own life and have fun in a mixed group, will find all this on the study trip. Further information on the trip and registration with Pastor Kathrin Mantey, Spangenberg (phone: 05663/346; email: 5

6 News from Yaroslavl Parish Festival: Donation for the reconstruction of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Yaroslavl Not only was it fun, we were also able to help with our parish festival in August 2018: we were able to donate 634.12 as proceeds to the Association for the Reconstruction of the Lutheran Church in Yaroslavl. It is a small contribution to the fact that the Evangelical Lutheran Christians in Yaroslavl can continue to renovate their church. The renovated church building of the Lutheran congregation in Yaroslavl On the website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Russia it says among other things: Our church is the only congregation house of the Western Christian tradition in the Yaroslavl region. We hope that our church will become part of all the excursion routes of the oldest city on the Volga. Easter service in the Lutheran Church in Yaroslavl 1. Malsfelder Hobby Table Football Cup On January 19th, the time has come: a table football tournament for adults starts in the parish hall in Malsfeld. We play in teams of two at four tables. A maximum of 16 teams can register. Participation costs 15 euros per team. We organized prizes for the first three places. Drinks and food are provided. The proceeds of the tournament are intended for the work with children and young people in our community. Registrations (stating your own team name) are to be sent to: The participant contribution is to be transferred to the following account: Förderkreis Ev. Jugend Beiseförth Malsfeld IBAN: DE Registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received. Start is at 4:00 p.m. 6 License:

7 reviews of the anniversary confirma on Malsfeld at the Diamantene + Goldene Jubilare Seniorenachmi ag on the subject of "Being a Christian in India" with Paul and Salome Shindhe Image: Ms. Koller and Mr. Heyn in Indian costume Women's breakfast on November 3rd, 2018 Thanksgiving festival on Dethof farm on September 30th, 2018 Family leisure time on the Kirchberghof from October 2018 Thanksgiving festival on the Dethof farm on September 30th

8 All about the church tower News from and for our congregation ... Christmas tree We are still looking for a beautiful Christmas tree for our Malsfeld church. If you have a suitable copy and would like to hand it in, please contact the rectory (Tel). Nicholas Collection On December 6th, it's that time again: Our confirmands will mingle with the crowd of clowns. However, they do not recite a poem, but ask for donations for the sponsored child of their year. The money is collected and made available to the educational aid of our regional church (Kassel), which finances a child in India to attend school, the necessary learning materials, daily food and clothing. Did you know: A child can get all of this for a month for as little as 30 euros. So: join us and support our avid collectors! Book table in Advent During Advent there will be a book table in the church in Malsfeld. Here you can stock up on books or calendars before and after the services. We are also offering fair trade chocolates in various flavors this year. Family service for the 1st Advent "wish list" On December 2nd, we will celebrate a family service in the Malsfeld church at around 12am. It's about the wish list. It goes without saying that they have to be written before Christmas. And maybe you want to bring your note with you to the service. Because we can really use the Advent market in Beiseförth This year we as a parish will again be at the Advent market in Beiseförth. Our confirmands will sell cocoa and chocolate fruit skewers for the benefit of their sponsored child. The youth work support group is again offering self-knitted socks for sale and will be offering soup for lunch. Cups with the Beiseförth church imprint can be purchased from the Beiseförth Church Support Group. There is also another book table where you can stock up on reading material, calendars and fair trade chocolate. Church service on Christmas Eve In Beiseförth, Christmas Vespers is celebrated again at Mühlenplatz. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the church renovation has unfortunately not yet been completed. On the other hand, the atmosphere on Mühlenplatz is also something very special. The church service will be shaped by the trombone choir, the Beiseförth children's church service and volunteers from youth work with Matthias Lambach. 8th

9 Topic On the 50th anniversary of Karl Barth's death The cheerful partisan of God In 1959, editors of the magazine Der Spiegel interviewed Karl Barth for a cover story. The report should be called God's Partisan. Then Barth said: Better write God's happy partisan. And so it happened. The church father of the 20th century was born on May 10, 1886 in Basel and died on December 10, 1968 at the age of 82 in Basel. His father Fritz Barth was a theology professor. He himself decided on his confirmation day to become a theologian. In 1914, when the First World War broke out, he experienced a kind of twilight of the gods. Because his liberal teachers affirmed the war. Barth asked critically: Is the God claimed for the war God at all? His book The Letter to the Romans was a flaming rejection of 19th century Christianity. In him, Barth God only meant to speak of people in a slightly elevated tone. Dialectical theology was the name of the position around which a group of similarly active young theologians such as Eduard Thurneysen, Rudolf Bultmann and Paul Tillich gathered. After Adolf Hitler came to power in January 1933, he played a key role in the formation of a Confessing Church that was free from Nazi affiliation. The Barmen Theological Declaration of May 1934 came largely from him. Against the German Christians she confessed that besides the one word of God there are no other events and powers, figures and truths that have binding force for the church. After his expulsion from Germany, Barth became a professor in his hometown of Basel in 1935. When the German defeat loomed, he swam against the tide again. Since 1944 he campaigned for the Germans to be freed from their isolation and wrote: Friends in spite of everything. And he turned to ecumenism with intensive cooperation. His main focus, however, together with his assistant Charlotte von Kirschbaum, was the further work on Church Dogmatics, which the students called Moby Dick because of its scope. And what does he say over and over again on the almost pages? He once summed it up like this: God for the world. Jesus Christ for man. Heaven for earth. REINHARD ELLSEL Alliance prayer week in the church district of Melsungen from On the following days we invite you to reflect, pray, sing and talk together: International prayer week of the Evangelical Alliance 2019 The Evangelical Alliance in Germany Sunday,, h: Ev. Parish hall Spangenberg Monday,, h: Ev. Mörshausen parish hall Tuesday,, h: Ev. Free Church Community Melsungen Wednesday,, h: Ev. Landefeld parish hall Wednesday,, h: Ev. Parish hall Spangenberg Thursday,, h: Ev. Church Malsfeld Friday,, h: ev. Parish hall Schwarzenberg Saturday,, h: Ev. Church Elbersdorf Sunday,, h: Ev. Learning to live Lutherhaus Melsungen 9

10 From youth work From children and youth work Outlook youth service on December 16 On the 3rd Advent the young people from justbe invite you to a youth service in the Malsfeld church. An ideal opportunity for everyone to get in the mood for the upcoming Christmas party. The focus is on The Search. It goes without saying that it is not only the young people who go looking, but also all those who attend the service. The big question is: what will we find! Our youth band will of course be there again with lots of great songs, a very special dance performance and lots of Christmas spirit. Children's holiday games 2019 Save the Date Our children's holiday games will take place again in the new year during the Easter holidays. This time in the 1st week of vacation from April 15th to April 18th. All children from preschool age 12 are invited to have a great time with us from Uhr. There are great creative workshops but also the opportunity to get started in a sporty way. Also included are creative impulses, beautiful songs and a great game of terrain. 10

11 Diakonisches Werk Silvia Scheffer, ethnologist and social therapist, asylum and refugee counseling, has worked in the Diakonisches Werk in the Schwalm-Eder district since 1993. She has fixed office hours in Homberg, Melsungen and Ziegenhain. Contact with the request to make an appointment:, or Further information: You have been an employee at the Diakonisches Werk for 25 years and are responsible for advising refugees. How has the job changed over time? Silvia Scheffer: The central question is always about the possibility of obtaining and keeping a right of residence in Germany. The mainspring is the perfectly reasonable desire to get a perspective on the future. Everyone wants to be able to live normally, free from fear. This includes work, family and, for most of them, the desire for contact with Germans, regardless of whether someone comes from Afghanistan or Nigeria.It seems to me that this is the most difficult wish to fulfill. Two changes can be seen here. The high level of commitment shown by many people in our region when it comes to support for refugees is wonderful. Introducing them as new neighbors into our everyday lives is what many have made it their business to do and are doing great community work. This is relatively new and I am very happy about it. At the same time, fear of strangers and threats to our living conditions is publicly stoked. That is why talking to those who are skeptical about refugees is an essential part of my work. It's about coexistence and mutual respect. This has nothing to do with skin color, clothing or religion, but with attitudes and behavior. These topics are just as important as the question of your stay. That doesn't make the work easy, but it always makes it interesting. What is the consultation about? Scheffer: In addition to the central theme of securing residency, it is about family responsibility: how can you find work to help the family; can one bring the family; many young people really want to do an apprenticeship and prove themselves to be productive. The search for affordable housing is currently an urgent topic, as is the case for so many people in Germany. How does the cooperation with the parishes look like? What do you want from the parishes or from the church districts? Scheffer: The advice center was born with this collaboration because it was set up by the church districts and thus also by the congregations. In fact, it is geared towards needs: general information, thematic work with confectioners, initial questions about church asylum, help for refugees in the community. I think this works fine. That is what we are there for and I am happy when communities use this. Diakonie with a campaign against exclusion and indifference The campaign "Unheard of!" Diakonie wants to give people who have been marginalized a voice. Diakonie President Ulrich Lilie says about the three-year advertising campaign that the focus is on listening rather than outrage. Many people now have the feeling that their biographies no longer belong and that they play no role in politics. The campaign started with posters and a website on the subjects of refugees and the homeless. Later it will be about other disadvantaged groups or people who feel disadvantaged. Also "Unheard of! These AfD voters." is being planned as a poster motif, said Lily. They definitely want to cause irritation and get involved politically. The state associations of Diakonie can adopt the motifs for their own campaigns. Diakonie Deutschland is the Federal Association of Diaconal Works of the Protestant Land and Free Churches as well as professional associations. Diakonie includes inpatient and outpatient services such as nursing homes, hospitals, day-care centers and social stations with employees and voluntary helpers. 11

12 Offers There is a VISITING SERVICE in our parish. These are women and men who volunteer to visit elderly, single or sick people at certain intervals. Note: World Day of Prayer 2019 Would you like to be visited? Would you like to work in this group? Then just get in touch with Ms. Margret Feger (Tel). We invite you again to the COMMON LUNCH at the Malsfeld parish hall at the following dates: Wed, Wed, Wed, Wed, Wed, you can register with Ms. Ploch () or Ms. Holzhauer () Driving service: Mr. Hillman () 12 Liturgy from Slovenia World Day of Prayer on March 1, 2019 Come, everything is ready: With the biblical passage of the feast from Luke 14, Slovenian women invite you to World Day of Prayer on March 1, 2019. The motto of the service is an invitation to everyone: There is still room especially for all those people who are otherwise marginalized such as the poor, refugees, the sick and the homeless. The artist Rezka Arnuš has symbolically implemented this concern in her cover picture for the World Day of Prayer.

13 Women's breakfast Report on the 2018 breakfast meeting A report by Margret Feger The group Women in Conversation had again invited to the annual breakfast meeting for women on November 3, 2018 and welcomed 80 participants. After a hearty breakfast, Ms. Tamara Hinz from Essen gave a lecture on the subject of mosquitoes and elephants. She gave valuable suggestions and tips on how to learn to better deal with one's feelings. Feelings are an integral part of our life, yes, without our feelings we could not survive at all. But if we don't deal with them properly, they can become an enormous disruptive factor in our lives and block our development, according to the speaker. The lecture It's Monday afternoon. A horde of 52 children and adults runs in light rain across the grounds of the Kirchberghof in Warburg Herlinghausen. They meticulously look for white envelopes with a precisely defined number in each case. Team 2 is currently finding number 23: This time, however, there is no question or task in the envelope, but a battle: Each of the four teams should practice a folk song and perform it in front of the jury and the other participants. The jury evaluates the performances and only the team with the most convincing performance receives the desired points. And it goes on ... This adventure game is just one of the many highlights of the family free time of the parish from October on, encouraged not just to suppress unpleasant feelings, but to look at them, deal with them and give them an appropriate space . Appropriate, however, also means that we learn to guide our feelings and to act on them where they make life difficult for us. We can do this when we understand that our feelings follow our thoughts. Depending on how we evaluate a situation and what thoughts we have about it, such or such feelings arise in us. So we are not uninvolved in the development of our feelings, but we are not at the mercy of them either. Last but not least, prayer and many good and encouraging people can thank the Kirchberghof. In addition to the joint meals, visits to the wood workshop, use of the sports hall with climbing wall and sky ladder, creative offers in the courtyard barn, activities on the subject of courage in three different age groups, joint evening closings and game evenings for adults and older children were on the program. But there was always time for rest periods. While at the beginning some families were still unsure of what to expect, in the end they all agreed: It was a great time together with many intense experiences. And the two days spent together also made sure that the participants help each other better truths from the Word of God, to direct our feelings on the right track. The morning was musically framed in the autumnally decorated parish hall, with performances by Susanne Bruelheide and Karin Lux. Games, fun and community on the Kirchberghof A report by Miriam Simon got to know: through the countless conversations at the table or drying the dishes, through the common things Conquering the ladder to heaven, through the games and challenges experienced together. Anyone who was a stranger on Monday is no longer a stranger. The fact that the free time was so nice and entertaining is mainly thanks to the preparation team: Verena and Henning Reinhardt and Matthias Lambach. Many thanks to you three for the loving and careful preparation. As a participant, you always felt like you were on a children's birthday party: around every corner there was a new surprise that you thought up for us and that we were able to experience and enjoy. 13th

14 Calendar of events New series: Philippians letter: Philippians letter I: Philippians letter II: Philippians letter III YOUTH GROUPS (together for Malsfeld and Beiseförth): Tuesday, young girls 3:00 p.m. 4.30 p.m. (preschool children 3rd grade) 4:00 p.m. (4th 7th grade) in Beiseförth, multi-purpose room for association practical life support Wednesday, young boys 4:00 pm 5:30 pm (1st 6th grade) in Beiseförth, multi-purpose room for association practical life support We invite you to the CHILDREN'S SERVICE in Malsfeld and Beiseförth. Please refer to the service schedule for the times. Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. in the Malsfeld parish hall, for children of pre-kindergarten age with parents Information from: Miriam Simon Tel FOR YOUNG PEOPLE justbe youth creative project Thursdays, p.m. in the Malsfeld parish hall, Bible reading group on Fridays, p.m. in the Malsfeld parish hall youth group (from 14 years) on Fridays from o'clock in the parish hall in Malsfeld "GLAUBE aktuell" every Tuesday at 8 pm in the parish hall in Malsfeld. The senior citizens' group (jointly for Malsfeld and Beiseförth) meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at noon in the Haus der Lebenshilfe in Beiseföth on Wednesday, December 5th: "Sing happily in Advent" Advent afternoon with Magdalene and Karl Georg Simon Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019: "Our parish in review of the year 2018" with Günter Reichelt Wednesday, February 6th, 2019: "Brain training for our gray cells "with Günter Reichelt BIBLE TALK Regional Church Community, Malsfeld Stettiner Straße 22, every Thursday at o'clock Trumpet project choir: Ans prechpartner: Daniel Simon Dates by arrangement Church choir: Wednesday, p.m. in the Malsfeld parish hall Children's choir (for children aged 5 to 12): Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. in the Malsfeld parish hall. Dec. 2018, o'clock, venue: In the house of the association for practical help in life: Advent celebration Tuesday,, o'clock, Malsfeld parish hall: Presentation of the world prayer day country 2019 "Slovenia" Tuesday,, o'clock, Malsfeld parish hall: Preparation of the world prayer day on

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16 Finally / Imprint 16 Diakoniesta on Fulda Eder for you competent and reliable Station Malsfeld Tel .: Emergency call: Head: Ms. Dagmar Pfort Do you need help? TelefonSeelsorge Nordhessen ev (free calls) Debt counseling youth, drugs and family counseling center Partnership conflict, separation and divorce counseling Telephone numbers / Mail: Pastor Henning Reinhardt, Tel .: 05661 / Email: pfarramt.beisefoerth Youth worker Matthias Lambach, Tel .: 01573 / Email: ejbm Bank details : Church district office Melsungen, Kasseler Straße 56 Kreissparkasse Schwalm Eder IBAN: DE Volks und Raiffeisenbank Schwalm Eder IBAN: DE account of the Förderkreis Ev. Youth Beiseförth / Malsfeld: Kreissparkasse Schwalm Eder IBAN: DE Account for the voluntary community contribution: Evangelische Bank branch Kassel IBAN: DE BIC: GENODEF1EK1 GEMEINDEBRIEF is issued by the church council of the Evangelical parish Beiseförth Malsfeld m / Ev.Kirche.Beisefoe / r? pnref = lhc Responsible: Rev. H. Reinhardt, Kirchstr. 9 M. Lambach, Sonnenhang 8 D. Bruelheide, Mühlenstr. 22 G. Reichelt, Heideweg 14 Photo credits: Title page: GEP p. 4: Photo: D. Bruelheide p. 5: Photo: Bishop Niranjan p. 6: Photo: Rev. i.r. Karl Leonhaeuser P. 7: Photo: G. Reichelt, Doreen D. Arnold P. 10: Photo: M. Lambach P. 11: Photo: Diakonie / Kathrin Harms P. 12: Photo: GEP P. 13: Photo: G. Reichelt Others: Private