How does Christianity explain dinosaurs

Creationists in Kreuzlingen: Noah's Ark, dinosaurs and God's creation in the film

Creationists in Kreuzlingen: Noah's Ark, dinosaurs and God's creation in the film

Starting today, the “Film Days: The Creation” will take place in the Dreispitz-Saal. The organizers are committed to creationism. You want to encourage another way of looking at life

Breathtaking nature films, an exhibition of exciting exhibits and everything with a religious background. From 6 p.m. today until Sunday, the “Film Days: Creation” will take place in the Dreispitz-Saal. It's not an ordinary event. "The world is characterized by harmony and originality - and that's why we believe that it bears the signature of a creator," says the organizers' website.

Not Darwin, but God

The organizers are creationists. They are convinced that it was not evolution, as described by Charles Darwin, that made the earth what it is, but that everything was created according to God's plan. A few thousand years ago the world was created in seven days, as it is written in the Old Testament. And not with a big bang 14 billion years ago, as science explains.

An association from the environment of the Adventists

The head of the organizers is Arnold Zwahlen from Romanhorn. He is pastor of the Seventh-day Adventists in Thurgau. The initiators of the “Pro Creation” association from Amriswil, which is organizing the exhibition, also come from the area around the Free Church.

The Adventists

The Seventh-day Adventists are an evangelical free church. Central to the Adventists is the belief in a timely return of Jesus Christ, i.e. a second Advent (arrival). In contrast to many Christians, Adventists consider Saturday as the seventh day of the week to be holy. The free church was founded in the USA in 1863. Just four years later, the first Swiss municipality was established in Tramelan in the Bernese Jura. Worldwide there are around 20 million Adventists, in Switzerland the free church has almost 5,000 members.

"We have brought together films and exhibits that show the beauty and ingenuity of creation," says Zwahlen. The association also shows the material publicly. Two years ago, the film days took place in the casino in Frauenfeld.

Arnold Zwahlen explains:

"We believe that what is in the Bible is realistic".

"Belief in a Creator gives meaning to life." It does not make sense that everything should only be a product of chance. The aim of the exhibition is to give an alternative perspective on how the world came into being. However, the association does not want to proselytize. There are also scientists who support their point of view, but they are not so well known.

You are open to discussion

Arnold Zwahlen and the “Pro Creation” association have no problem with criticizing their view of the world. “But actually we don't get negative feedback very often”, even if it does happen from time to time. "That gives rise to interesting discussions that we are of course very open to."

Noah, the Ark, and the Flood are real

The creationists do not hide their arguments, but oppose it aggressively with attempts at explanations. Among other things, a three-meter-long model of Noah's Ark can be seen in the exhibition. The flood as a primeval catastrophe had occurred. “The ship was suitable for the high seas and we also show concepts for how all animals could have space,” says Zwahlen.