Can people create real value

Customer loyalty through added value: how does it work?

From business circles one hears again and again that I am only successful as an entrepreneur if I have one for the world create real added value. But what does it actually mean to create value? What is the definition of "Create value" and how can I use this knowledge to align my products, services and corporate strategy in such a way that they offer the maximum benefit for my customers?

What it means to create value

A Rule of thumb reads:

"I create value for a person when I appreciate this person through my actions."

And this Appreciation I succeed precisely when I know the personal needs of the customers and cover these needs with my products and services. So what are the needs that every person has and according to which I, as an entrepreneur, can orientate myself maximum added value to create for my customers?

The 6 basic psychological needs

  • The need for security
  • The need for variety
  • The need for something Special to be
  • The need for love, affection and one Community
  • The need for personal growth
  • The need for something beyond yourself to give

These six basic needs every person owns; they are just differently pronounced in the individual individual. If, as an entrepreneur, I know how to respond precisely to these basic needs of my customers, I will be successful in the market. So let's take a look at which company in the world best addresses the needs of its customers.

The list of the most valuable companies in the world shows that currently the company Apple comes first. So let's check together whether Apple actually addresses all of these needs with its products and services:

1. Security

To cover the need for security, Apple offers a guarantee for each of its products refund policy and one Support in case of difficulties. This does not necessarily set the company apart from other companies, but the big difference is made by the fact that there are several million users worldwide who suggest a first-time buyer:

"Apple products are safe and I can buy them safely because so many other people have done it before me."

The real security comes about here through the possibility of "To be able to follow the herd blindly".

2. Variety

Apple products are also excellently positioned when it comes to variety: through the app and iTunes store, as well as the numerous product accessories, the company offers its customers an almost infinite variety of options To experience products again and again and redesign. This means that it is never possible to get bored, because a new app, a new game or a new video can be consumed within seconds.

Also the fact that Apple new products at regular intervals brings to market, ensures that end users are offered variety.

3. To be special

Apple products are marketed in such a way that they have become one Status symbol became. And status conveys people to be special. The possibility of one personal callback to support reinforces this feeling of being valued by the company.

It is also interesting to see that Apple devices have a free engraving can be customized. This also covers the customer's need to be something special or to be able to express uniqueness.

4. Love, affection and fellowship

The raging fan base of Apple products offers the user the opportunity to become with like-minded people to do, to found communities and to be able to identify with the title I am an Apple user. And having the latest Apple device can help attract attention from friends and acquaintances. So the idea that people get love and affection with the Apple brand is not so absurd.

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5. Personal growth

Personal growth here means constantly accepting and mastering new challenges in life. Challenges facing me on the Way to my personal goals surrender.

In my first impression, Apple products cannot directly meet this need. But in an indirect way: The Opportunities for interaction, which apps, software products, games, etc. offer, regularly present the end user with new challenges and provide the opportunity for personal growth.

6. To give something beyond yourself

The need to go beyond oneself, to help a neighbor, to create something for someone else: That's exactly why Apple is the global market leader. Because their products are nothing more than tools that help people do just that To cover the need for them by themselves.

With Apple products I can write texts, program software, record music, shoot videos, communicate with friends and much, much more. Plain and simple:

I can be creative and create values ​​myself.

Do you offer maximum added value?

And that is exactly the secret of a valuable company: making products and services available with them Customers create values ​​themselves can. So if you want to align your company to offer your customers maximum added value, then check your products and services according to this model.

Determine to what extent they respond to the six basic human needs mentioned and answer the following for you ask:

  1. Will be with my products and services all needs covered?
  2. The Fulfillment of which need is in my market decisive for success?
  3. With which easy to implement change can I make my customers feel even more valued?

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