What is a storage server

Webmail - "Connection to storage server failed"

  • Hello,

    does anyone have any idea where the error is?

    (Web hosting 8000)


  • just telephoned the support,

    can still be due to the domain transfer.

    so wait and see

  • you had to wait a long time, but everything works now!

  • Hello,

    it doesn't work for me either - and the domains have been with netup for 2 months ...

  • The subdomain mail must be set for the respective domain and point to the respective Netcup mail server.

    At least that was the problem with me

  • Good day,

    the message says that the webmail server could not reach the IMAP server. This is the case if the DNS settings are set incorrectly or if they are not yet known.

    Best wishes

    Felix Preuss

  • Good afternoon a question,

    I diligently made all the settings with my domain provider, but got the following error at Roundcube after logging in

    Connection to the storage server failed.

    Server error: Authentication failed. netcup

    Have I forgotten or overlooked something?

    Kind regards


  • Feedback:

    I solved the problem myself, since my forum title also suggests my current status and I am a beginner, of course I was not aware that when I enter the external domain in the CCP, I get data that I have to provide to my domain provider for the DNS server.

    This happened, I have given the MX, Domain, A entries etc. to my provider and the forwarding and the login work.

  • I have a similar problem that I haven't been able to solve yet:

    For a longer period of time I have used https://webmail.netcupmail.de/ to occasionally access a mail server that was installed on a Netcup VServer. This always worked without any problems, although the associated domain was not with Netcup, but with another provider. The DNS settings are limited to type A entries:

    1. * A 46.XX.XXX.XX 3600
    2. A 46.XX.XXX.XX 3600
    3. www A 46.XX.XXX.XX 3600

    I recently moved everything to a new Netcup server and redirected the DNS settings accordingly to the new IP address. Since then I have been getting the message from Netcup webmail:

    Connection to the storage server failed.

    It would be very helpful if it could be clarified which DNS settings you have to make in order to be able to use the webmail instance of NEtcup.

  • I don't know if I can help, but I'll just try to work out the differences.

    For my domain, which is hosted by netcup, there is an A entry "mail", as the pre-posters have already described.

    In my case it points to the IP address of the POP3 / IMAP / SMTP server according to the WCP. So this is the IP that is two numbers behind the IP of the web server (: .90). (MySQL: .91, Mail: .92). It will probably be the same for you. But I find it difficult without information.

    If it still doesn't work like this -> [email protected]?

  • I can confirm this with the DNS entries. After a domain move to Netcup I also had the problem that although a login via IMAP / SMTP to the m2x.netcup.net server worked, I got the message "Connection to the storage server failed" when I logged into the Roundcube web interface. . I made sure that the mail.mydomain.de entry points to the IP of the m2x.netcup.net server and the "*" and A entries point to the web server IP.

    After 24 hours of waiting, the login to the web interface worked.