Will there be another ISIS

ISIS fighters enlarge their "state"

After their recent conquests in eastern Syria, the terrorist group ISIS now controls more than a third of the country, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. ISIS fighters recently took over several locations near the city of Dair as-Saur from other opponents of the regime, as eyewitnesses reported.

After the terror group captured a gas field in western Syria, a video with a German-speaking jihadist emerged. He crouches in front of corpses that are supposed to show killed fighters of the Syrian regime. In a mixture of German and Arabic he says: "We slaughtered the Hanasir (pigs), the Hajawanat (animals)." According to recent information from human rights activists, around 270 deaths were reported when the gas field was captured. The people were "killed or executed in battle".

Iraq wants to arm

In neighboring Iraq, where ISIS also controls large areas, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki made an appeal to the international community. "We don't need soldiers, but we need help with arming and we hope for a quick response from countries with which we want to arrange a purchase," Maliki said to Germany. He argued that his government was fighting ISIS and with it the terror that threatens the whole world. His country could not win this fight alone.

The United Nations accused not only the ISIS fighters, but also the Iraqi government troops and their allies with crimes against humanity - which is likely to prevent German arms deliveries to Iraq.

"Ethnic" cleansing

The aid organization Misereor warned of a refugee crisis in northern Iraq. According to the Catholic organization, over 600,000 people fled to the Kurdish part of the country from the contested regions around the cities of Mosul, Fallujah and Tikrit within a few days. Thousands of Syrians also fled to the area. There was a lack of water, food, toiletries, medicine and clothing everywhere. Families lived in overcrowded tents at 45 degrees Celsius, and cholera was threatened.

All Christian families are said to have fled Mosul by now, as reported by Patriarch Louis Sako. On Friday, the mosques' loudspeakers asked Christians to leave Mosul by Saturday. Otherwise there will be "nothing for them but the sword," said ISIS.

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