How is reading comprehension measured

4 Helpful Ways You Can Improve Your Reading Comprehension

The success of language learning can be measured by various competencies that you should develop in the process. One of them is reading comprehension - it describes how well and how much you have understood when reading a text in the foreign language. Can you describe what it says there in your own words?

At best, can you answer questions about the text correctly in the foreign language? Do you get any benefit from it or do you have to read everything again to understand? Reading comprehension is sometimes difficult because it is one of the best ways to pick up the pace and challenge yourself; sometimes it can go too fast for us and then we have to perfect the method.

Tip # 1: Read and Look Up

Admittedly - that can be backbreaking work. Reading comprehension exercises consciously confront you with vocabulary and terms that you are not yet familiar with. The point is to get to know them and to understand them from the context. Therefore, the first time you read it, look up any unfamiliar word and understand why it is there and what its meaning is.

It's not much fun at first. But then you will notice how you begin to understand foreign language texts better and better.

Tip # 2: take notes

Take notes or give a short heading for each paragraph. You are welcome to do this in German at the beginning, but then you should continue in the foreign language. This is how you structure the text and begin to understand it better. Over time, the method becomes routine and is no longer strenuous, but absolutely sensible

Tip # 3: answer questions

We already had to answer questions about the text at school. If you don't get such questions, you can ask yourself them. At the beginning it can be simple questions as long as they are not too self-explanatory. In between, ask yourself questions that are not so easy to answer. Write down the answers in the foreign language.

Tip # 4: Read texts aloud

Kill two birds with one stone and read a text out loud if reading comprehension is difficult. Sometimes things are easier for us when we can explain or tell them to someone, even if it's just our woodchip wallpaper. Reading aloud can reveal connections as you begin to see them from a different perspective.

Above all, you also train pronunciation and speaking in the foreign language - and increase your effectiveness.

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