Why do Indian films take so long

Bollywood general information


The term Bollywood was coined for the Indian film industry and embodies every kind of film genre that is produced there. Bollywood films are very lavish and colorful films that inspire a wide audience with dance and music. The films are a bestseller in India and their popularity has also increased in Germany.

The films are mostly about love, feelings, pain and relationships, so they try to lead people into another world, where problems are solved by feelings and affection. With musical dances and singing, the viewer is accompanied through the entire film. The main actors also impress with their looks, shine and recognition potential. Due to the problems that arise, the audience should empathize and feel what the actor is going through and is reinforced by the vocal interludes.

When it comes to fashion in the films, too, they remain very classic, in their Indian traditional costumes and rather go with their free thoughts into the western world. The films have a long playing time and are never broadcast for less than 2½ hours to 4 hours, which means that a considerable amount of game scenes and content is processed.

In Germany there have been broadcasts of Bollywood films since the GDR, but only since 2004 have they become known and popular. The television broadcaster RTL2 broadcast the series on Bollywood films, which were able to hear a large number of viewers. The broadcast of the films started a media hype and the actors became more in demand and more popular than ever.

So it was not just about the films, but DVDs were brought onto the market, CDs, magazines and everything else a collector's heart needs. The varied and loving films were so well received by the masses that a musical was even put together and toured through Germany.

The actors of the Bollywood films have often come to Germany and presented their films, especially on MTV and VIVA, which then also broadcast the soundtracks before the films began.