What does a Groupon voucher look like

Groupon: Print out the voucher - this is how it works

You can buy vouchers of all kinds through Groupon, for example for restaurants, excursions or events. With many providers, it is sufficient to show the voucher code in the app. In some cases, however, you will have to print out the Groupon voucher and present it on paper.

If you forgot to print out the voucher immediately after purchasing it, you can still find the corresponding document and put it on paper later. There are various ways of doing this.

Groupon: Print out the voucher, that's how it works

After the purchase you will receive the Purchase confirmation by email to the address on file with Groupon. The voucher is attached in PDF format to this email. Open the attachment with any PDF reader to print out the voucher.

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Beware of fake vouchers that are shared via WhatsApp!

Groupon: Print out the voucher, that's how it works

If you have already deleted the email, you can find the confirmation via your customer account:

  1. Opens Groupon.de.
  2. Log in with your access data.
  3. Top right you can find your name. Click on that.
  4. From the new menu you choose "Your orders“.
  5. Find the appropriate deal for which you are the Print out voucher confirmation want.
  6. Presses right on "View".
  7. It a new browser window opens with your voucher.
  8. Prints the document.

Important tips:

A few days after the redemption, you will receive an email that you can use to rate your experience. If there were problems redeeming the voucher or if you have general questions about the offer, you can contact Groupon customer service.

Everything worked? Have you been able to redeem your voucher? How was your experience? Share your experiences in the comments!

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