What is the best Tamil movie ever


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Almost 1000 films are currently produced annually in India. This includes not only Bollywood films in Hindi, but also those in the languages ​​Bengali, Kannada, Malayam, Tamil, Telugu and others. Some important milestones of the past 100 years:

- "Raja Harishchandra", 1913: The first feature film from Indian production laid the foundation for the film industry on the subcontinent. As in all early works, a mythological story is told from the great epics of India. (Director: D.G. Phalke)

- "Alam Ara", 1931: Director Ardeshir Irani was the first to use an audio track. Today music, songs and dance are the main elements of many Indian films. A total of 1329 silent films were produced in India up to the 1930s.

- "Bhagya Chakra", 1935: Director Nitin Bose was the first to have the idea of ​​singing playback. Today all actors only move their lips - and playback singers like Lata Mangeshkar became stars.

- "Rattan", 1944: The film was initially given little chance of success because it supported the outrageous view in India in the 1940s that women should have a say in the choice of their husbands. But M. Sadiq's film broke all records.

- "Aan", 1952: Scenes with tamed lions, horses and elephants thrilled the audience and made Mehboob Khan's film the first successful color film.

- "Mother India", 1957: The struggle of a woman from the country against nature and human evil became a cult film. The mother shown in it symbolizes India, which struggled with itself and its neighbors after independence (director: Mehboob Nargis).

- "Mughal-e-Azam", 1960: The Story of a Mughal Prince was an extremely elaborate production with expensive sets and costumes that dragged on for eight years. But the epic film by K. Asif became one of the most financially successful of all time.

- "Bhuvan Shome", 1969: The satirical comedy marks the beginning of the New Indian Cinema, the state-sponsored art films. The success of Mrinal Sens Film results in years of funding for non-commercial films that are committed to social realism.

- "Sholay", 1975: Reviled by the critics, the first Indian western became one of the greatest cinema successes. Dialogues in everyday life are quoted from it to this day. (Director: Ramesh Sippy)

- "Gandhi", 1982: The Indo-British biopic about Mahatma Gandhi won eight Oscars, including Richard Attenborough for Best Picture and Best Director. 300,000 extras were used for the funeral scene.

- "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge", 1995: The mix of comedy, romantic film and musical with the superstar Shah Rukh Khan became a super hit. Aditya Chopra's film has been shown in a cinema in Mumbai to this day - longer than any other.

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