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Kant: AA XII, correspondence 1796, Page 100




Text (Kant):




  01 Hobby horse, namely to be called enlightened abroad. This     02 is the aegis of critical philosophy in Salzburg, but it is     03 will be bestowed upon his death. There is none in Munich     04 to think critical philosophy, since Stattler lives and rules here.     05 But there is by no means a lack of individual men who are secretly     06 study this system and seek to use it. Your writings are     07 there, as in Austria Kontrebande, but especially your religious work.     08 Oh why does the truth have to fight against so much     09 until she only half asserts her voice! Do men like that     10 if critical philosophy is very reluctant, this is how it makes its fortune     11 easier with women. You don't believe how enthusiastic girls are     12 and women are fond of your sistem, and how general     13 they wish to know. Here in Würzburg you come in     14 many women’s society, where one is zealous, before others     15 to show more knowledge of your system, and where it is always your favorite conversation     16 matters. Yes, which is certainly a rare occurrence, man     17 does not only keep itself within the limits of the practical part, but rather     18 also ventures into the theoretical.           19 You allow me to express myself because of a doubt I have in     20 I have natural rights, turn to you and ask about them. Mr     21 In his Natural Rights, Professor Schmalz puts forward the sentence, there     22 Contracts are not binding: do the added service     23 they are only binding. This sentence makes us very lucky: just me     24 I always find so much of the positive right borrowed in it, and I do     25 can't satisfy me in any way Professor Schmalz makes     26 however it must be, the principle of reason becomes the Principe des     27 Natural law. This principle governs once without exception     28 Truthfulness; why should it afterwards be indifferent in natural law     29 be? and one here needs a reason, the achievement, that for     30 Connect truthfulness. I have the necessary distinction between     31 Morality and natural law in mind: only if an identical principle     32 once commanded without exception, why should it fall silent another time?     33 With perfect duties, I believe, never one should be allowed     34 Gaps take place, which morality fills, even if this is imperfect     35 Obligations takes place. Also makes performance the contract     36 only binding, then, in my opinion, the essence falls apart     37 of the contract, since everyone will be careful not to conclude a contract,             

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