Which is the most luxurious property in Mumbai

5 of the most expensive properties in the world

Infinite luxury, countless rooms, pools, helicopter landing pads and even private beaches are a must for the richest inhabitants of the world. For everyone else, the following luxury properties will just remain a beautiful dream for a little longer. But it is well known that one is never too old to dream. Read at Fischer Immobilien what the following properties have to offer!

1. The Antilia, Mumbai (India)

One of the most expensive single-family homes in the world is the Antilia in Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The spectacular building belongs to the richest person in India, the petrochemical entrepreneur Mukesh Ambani. The billionaire did not move in after the house was completed, despite years of construction and high construction costs.

The skyscraper has a six-story parking garage, swimming pools, cinema, temple, library and three helipads. The impressive building is 173 meters high and has 27 floors. The construction costs were an unbelievable 50 to 70 million US dollars, furnished the property is said to have exceeded the 1 trillion mark.



2. Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-Mer (France)

The villa was built in 1902 on behalf of the Belgian King Leopold II as a gift for his wife. The current owner is the native Brazilian Lily Safra. She inherited the luxury property from her late husband, Edmond Safra, a banker.

The Villa Leopolda is said to be worth an estimated 500 million euros. The building is built in the Belle Époque style and encloses around 2,700 square meters including the pavilions and ancillary buildings. On the property there is a swimming pool, a cypress avenue, olive groves, an eight hectare park and a helipad.

3. Fairfield Pond, Sagaponack (New York, USA)

Fairfield Pond is known as the largest residence in the United States. The owner is the American investor and businessman Ira Rennert. The property offers everything your heart desires and probably more.

Highlights include a bathtub worth $ 170,000 and a luxurious bowling alley. The property is worth $ 170 million.

4. Hearst Castle, near San Simeon (California, USA)

Hearst Castle is a castle-like property near San Simeon, California, built in the 1920s by newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The residence was where John and Jackie Kennedy honeymooned; “The Godfather” was also filmed at Hearst Castle. The property is worth $ 165 million.

5. The Pinnacle (Montana, USA)

Before the billionaire house of Mumbai billionaire Mukesh Ambani existed, the world's most expensive private house stood in the wasteland of the Rocky Mountains. The villa is located in a wonderful ski area and belongs to the American billionaire Tim Blixseth.

The building covers 4,830 square feet and sits on 64 hectares of land. This includes four guest houses, ten bedrooms, an indoor and an outdoor pool and a cellar for 8,000 bottles of wine. The traffic connection is ensured by a helicopter landing pad and a heated entrance to the underground parking garage. Probably the most spectacular extra in the house is the ski lift, in whose gondola you can float directly into the ski room.

The value of "The Pinnacle" was set at 155 million dollars and one can therefore speak of the most exclusive "ski lodge" in the world.
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