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The term clickworker

clickworker offers registered internet users - our so-called clickworkers - digital work orders on its own internet platform. Clickworkers process these orders on an independent basis for a fee within the platform, the so-called Clickworker workplace. As with other agencies, the Clickworker must register with us before starting work. All Clickworker data is treated as strictly confidential.
clickworker offers you an ideal opportunity to earn money in addition to your employment or self-employment. Please note that working as a Clickworker is no substitute for full-time employment. Both the project offer and the achievable monthly income can vary widely and cannot be guaranteed.

Allocation of jobs

Each Clickworker selects the work that he would like to take on independently from the pool of advertised jobs. However, the same pool of tasks is not available to every Clickworker. They qualify for specific assignments through work samples, short tests, personal interests and preferences, training and language skills. Depending on their profile and qualifications, they are offered certain jobs in preference. A Clickworker can also be excluded from processing certain order types. The Clickworkers receive a pre-determined fee per order for their work.

Advantages as a Clickworker

The tasks at clickworker are smaller, coherent, micro-jobs. This gives you maximum flexibility. Every Clickworker can independently choose when, where and how much they want to work. Since the individual micro jobs can often be processed and completed in seconds, you can interrupt or resume work at any time. The Clickworker is therefore neither time- nor location-bound.

Who can become a Clickworker

Anyone who can read this website with the help of a web browser has already met the technical requirements. Furthermore, you have to be of legal age to register as a Clickworker.

Easy entry - even without formal qualifications

Working as a clickworker at clickworker is uncomplicated - even for newcomers. Introduction and short tests (qualifications) ensure the necessary competence on the clickworker workplace, the work surface for the clickworker. The work processes there are completely user-oriented via the web browser. For many tasks, formal qualifications are not required - almost anyone can participate, provided they are of legal age.

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