Do people have microdoses of cannabis

Microdosing: The perfect amount for everyday use

I'm turning my back on the strong THC supplements more and more, even if I love to write about cannabis strains that are beyond the 20% THC mark. The best, strongest and most hyper-crazy weed naturally exudes a fascination for itself, no question about it. But it is not exactly suitable for everyday use and for people who are not terminally ill like me, it is a nice change every few months, but in my opinion you don't really participate in life with too much THC in your blood. In some articles I have already typed my experiences with so-called "microdosing". Cannabis is moving more and more into the mainstream, and there is more and more positive reports about cannabis in the media landscape.

But the mainstream isn't interested in GG4, this extremely THC-laden cannabis strain. Rather, cannabis products that contain very little THC are more of the choice of the masses. On the one hand, I want to explain in this article what exactly "microdosing" means and what quantities it is, and on the other hand I will show you how you can easily implement "microdosing" yourself.

What is microdosing and what are the benefits?

With microdosing, in German "microdosing", only very small amounts of cannabis are consumed. Usually 1-10 milligrams of THC, the most popular are doses between 2.5 to 5 milligrams. For comparison: A large joint can easily contain 1 gram of the strongest cannabis. For example, you can inhale 5 milligrams of THC by pulling it from the vaporizer.

Microdosing is often used to treat anxiety; if the THC levels are too high, for example, anxiety can be triggered even more. In countries like Nevada, California, Oregon or Canada, cannabis has been legal for some time, and microdosing is taking over the market share there. This is because cannabis is legal to purchase in these countries. The prejudices of society on the subject of cannabis are very low in these countries, which has the consequence that the broad masses of people are curious and want to consume cannabis themselves. Those who drink alcohol for the first time will not pour a bottle of absinthe into their pears, but start with a beer or wine. The same goes for cannabis. Cannabis products that have an active ingredient content of 5 milligrams THC are of course more preferred than a pure joint with strong Krampus OG.

Of course, there are special products in these countries for this target group of consumers.

Nobody in Germany develops products, not yet. The biggest concern of using cannabis is probably to improve your life, otherwise you would hardly resort to a mind-expanding substance like cannabis. These reasons are mostly quite banal, you just want to feel better, be happier, cope with everyday stress better, focus more on the important things in life, or simply consume some THC after work and sink into the sofa like the crumbs of chips in the sofa column .

Most people who use cannabis do not want to walk through life completely high, get paranoid thoughts, or flood themselves with fast food every day because the munchies are kicking them. Those who practice microdosing usually add value to their lives. I notice these positive effects every day, I haven't been really high in a long time, I don't need this state. Rather, I just want to experience the positive effects of cannabis, and that usually only works with microdosing cannabis.

It is extremely important to me personally that our German society understands that cannabis is not about consuming as much cannabis as possible. Too much can also mean that there is damage to the mind and body, even the endocannabinoid system of the body can be overused by abuse. Microdosing helps anyone interested in cannabis to gently approach THC.

But how can I do microdosing in Germany?

So one thing is certain, a joint or a bong are not really suitable for microdosing. A joint, perhaps, if you pass the joint around in the group and everyone draws once or twice. Since group smoking, like gangbangs, is not part of everyday life, you have to look for other things beyond the joint. Vaporizers would be a very suitable means for microdosing. A vaporizer is an electronic device that heats cannabis strongly, but does not burn it. On the one hand, a vaporizer is perfect for microdosing and, on the other hand, you can vaporize cannabis flowers as well as self-made concentrates in it. If you are more interested in vaporizers, you should visit our guide on the subject: push. In addition to vaporizing flowers and concentrates, THC patches or THC syrup are also very interesting for microdosing. A little tip on the side: a fine balance can work wonders when it comes to dosing, especially when flowers are taken.

One of my favorite forms of consumption, especially when you are relaxing in bed and reading a book, are probably vape pens that contain the delicious THC. Understandably, you can only make these yourself, which is really not difficult. The cannabinoid CBD can offer real added value in combination with THC. CBD has many advantages when it comes to microdosing, for example it is used against anxiety, depression and chronic pain. My experiences when you consume CBD and THC 1: 1 are more than positive, I get very focused, my default mode network becomes quieter and in general I feel very good.

The raw material that is used for microdosing naturally plays a major role.

If you have the opportunity to grow cannabis yourself abroad, you should definitely consider this. Many so-called “Seedbanks” in Europe offer cannabis seeds for self-cultivation. There are not only cannabis genetics with a high THC content, but also very moderate strains that have a high CBD content and a manageable THC content. Only high-percentage cannabis varieties are usually available on the German black market, but this can also have advantages when it comes to microdosing. The so-called "rosin" is the simplest type, especially for people who want to do microsdoing in Germany. Rosin is a concentrate that can be produced using pressure and heat. A straightening iron can produce this using its own body weight. Rosin is really a very nice method for microdosing. It can be consumed in the vape pen or with the "dab rig". If you want to know how to make this creamy concentrate called rosin: The ultimate rosin guide.

I can only recommend to everyone to discover microdosing for themselves. This form of consumption offers as many benefits as a joint can hardly do for a healthy person. Even when meditating, it can work real miracles. Those who then deal a little more intensively with all the different forms of consumption can live the American Dream even here in Germany.