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Development environment: Qt Creator 4.15 extends the C ++ little helpers

The Qt Company has released the first beta of Qt Creator 4.15. The development environment mainly has extensions for writing C ++ code on board. There are also some additions to the LSP (Language Server Protocol) client for connecting other programming languages.

In conjunction with the Qt Modeling Language (QML), the IDE can now process inline components. The concept introduced in Qt 5.15 allows several QML components to be defined in one file. In addition, the adjustments for Qt 6 started in the previous release continue.

Refactorings and filters for C ++

For C ++ code, Qt Creator 4.15 offers refactorings for creating getter and setter methods and for generating a constructor. In addition, the results of the search for references (Find References to Symbol Under Cursor) can now be filtered according to the type of access.

In the "Type Hierarchy" view, which shows the hierarchy with the associated base classes for a class, individual entries can now be displayed directly in the editor or in a separate type hierarchy view. The editor also highlights the previous class when navigating in the hierarchy. Another new feature is the highlighting of brackets in expressions that use the ternary operator.

Global in search and surroundings

Another new feature is a locator filter for finding and opening files on all operating systems. Previously, the function was reserved for developers on macOS. There Qt Creator relies on Spotlight. The Everything tool is now used by default for Linux and the Everything tool for Windows.

Finally, under Tools | Options | Environment | System | Environment the setting for global environment variables that also apply when starting external tools from the IDE. The Client for the Language Server Protocol uses the formatting options introduced in version 3.15 of the protocol. The team has also improved the interaction with the Language Server for Java.

Further innovations in Qt Creator 4.15 can be found on the Qt blog. The complete list of the new features can be found in the associated change log. The open source version of the Qt 5.15 Beta is available on the download page. Commercial customers can find the latest version on their account page.


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