Which are the best Asterisk SIPphone apps

What is Asterisk® and where are the differences to 3CX?

Asterisk® * is open source software used worldwide, with which PCs and servers can be set up as telephone systems. It was developed in 1999 by the computer scientist Mark Spencer in order to be able to implement various scenarios for telephone communication.

Advantages of Asterisk® IP telephony

Since the Asterisk® software is open source (i.e. its source code is freely accessible and changeable), Asterisk® can basically be adapted to your own needs. Conventional telephone systems often require additional hardware for extensions, which can quickly drive up the price. In contrast to this, Asterisk® is already a software solution and the elegant counterpart to traditional hardware blocks. It also allows the connection of analog telephone connections (POTS) via suitable gateways so that older devices can still be used.

Disadvantages of Asterisk®

Imagine you want to build a house: you order all the building materials to put it together exactly how you want it. The advantage is certainly that you have a completely free hand in deciding where to place which stone and you will certainly learn a lot in the process. Asterisk does just that: it supplies you with the stones, cement, and bricks, and lets you do the building yourself.

As anyone who has ever built something knows, it is not uncommon for you to come across unforeseen obstacles. Sometimes one's own knowledge is not as mature as one had assumed or the occurrence of a special case delays the progress of the project. Often times, fixing these problems is time consuming and expensive. Suddenly the programming and maintenance of the telephone system ties up important resources in the company and "you just wanted to make a phone call".

Differences and similarities: 3CX and Asterisk®

If you are looking for a telephone system that is based on open standards but is user-friendly and also runs on all common operating systems (Windows, Linux Debian, Mac OS), 3CX Asterisk® is superior in many respects. By using the open SIP standard, users retain control over their IP-enabled devices such as telephones, gateways, ATAs and DECT devices and are not forced into proprietary models.

Since most offices have Windows in operation anyway, no extra server or firmware solution is required to get an easy-to-use, intuitive telephone system that fits perfectly into your existing IT structure. But other operating systems do not present any difficulties either. 3CX also offers numerous features, such as the integration of existing CRM systems, video conferencing via WebRTC and soft clients. Combining all of these features into one user-friendly environment will free up a lot of resources in your company.

  • No specific Asterisk® / telecommunications training required
  • No problems with NAT traversal
  • Installation on Windows and Linux possible
  • Can be used anywhere: in the cloud or on-premise (MiniPC or virtualized)
  • 100% software-based - easy to set up and manage

Download the free edition today to break free of your proprietary PBX!

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