Which Samsung smartphones get Android 10

Android 10: These smartphones receive the update

Dennis Steimels

Google and OnePlus are very quick with updates, but Samsung owners have to be very patient. Find out which phones get Android 10 in this article.

EnlargeThese smartphones get the update to Android 10.

The new Android 10 has been officially available since the beginning of September 2019. And although Android 11 is already available in the first developer version, not even all current smartphones have received the update to Android 10. Of course, Google itself was particularly quick to update its own Pixel phones. Immediately afterwards, OnePlus rolled out the update to its Oneplus 7 and 7 Pro models after the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro came onto the market with preinstalled Android 10. In the meantime, Samsung has also updated some models, even if users had to be patient. The newly introduced Galaxy S20 series (hands-on) comes from the factory with Android 10, just like the new Galaxy Z Flip.

Android 10: This is new

The biggest obvious change in Android 10 is in the gesture controls. To access the Google Play Store, just swipe diagonally towards the center from one of the lower corners. Two markings show the function. There is also a new menu on the side of the screen. Place your finger on the side of the screen for a moment to make it appear. You can then open the menu by swiping towards the center.

The main focus of the new Android version should be on security and data protection as well as digital wellbeing. Android Q also supports the typical application areas of foldable Android devices that are gradually coming onto the market. Apps should be able to easily adapt to different display sizes, depending on how you hold your foldable smartphone. Android 10 is also developed for 5G and should allow app developers to take full advantage of the better and faster connectivity. For streaming, games and augmented reality.

These smartphones get an update to Android 10


  • Asus ROG Phone 2

  • Asus Zenfone 5Z (participated in the beta)

  • Asus Zenfone 6

  • Asus Zenfone 7 (Pro)


  • Aquaris X2 (Pro) 8.0 9.0 10




  • Honor 20

  • Honor 20 Lite

  • Honor 20 Pro

  • Honor View 20

  • Honor View 30

  • Honor 10 Lite

  • Honor 10

  • Honor 9X / 9X Pro

  • Honor 8X

  • Honor Play

  • Honor V10

  • Honor V20

  • Honor V30



As things stand, there will be no official Android updates for new Huawei smartphones because Google has revoked Huawei's Android licenses due to the trade dispute between the USA and China. After the Mate 30 series, the new foldable Mate Xs mobile phone and the newly introduced P40 series are only coming onto the market with the license-free version of Android 10 (AOSP). Means: These Huawei models have to do without Google services. You do not have access to the Android app store Google Play and you cannot use the Google apps Maps, Mail and Co. Alternatively, Huawei offers the Huawei App Gallery, which already contains some Android apps that you can install - but not all! Huawei explains in detail about the situation on its own website Zukunftsversendung.de.

Huawei phones that were on the market by then can still be used with Google services. This also includes the P30 series. By the way: Depending on the mobile phone, the Android update may not come in the traditional way, you have to initiate it in some cases using the pre-installed Hi-Care app.