How do I prevent bad smell from cloth

How to successfully remove musty odor

A musty smell can arise in many places - in devices such as the washing machine, in books or in the apartment. The unpleasant smell can be removed with a few simple means.

When the laundry smells musty

If your laundry smells musty, the washing machine itself may be the cause. If the Washing machine itself smells musty, we recommend cleaning the inside with citric acid. To do this, dissolve six tablespoons of pure citric acid in half a liter of water and pour the mixture into the drum of the machine. Then set the cooking program and let the machine run once without laundry.

The rubber ring of a washing machine should also be cleaned regularly with a gentle soapy solution. After washing, the machine should always be left open so that it can ventilate and dry and no mold forms.

Sometimes it is the cause of a musty smell wrong drying can be found, for example when the laundry does not have enough space. Therefore, when hanging up your laundry, always leave enough space between the individual laundry items - the laundry items should not touch each other.

Especially towels develop unpleasant odors quickly. If they smell musty, they should, if available, at least be pre-dried in the tumble dryer. Alternatively, they should be washed hot and spun as hard as possible.

Stench: If clothes are not dried properly, they will start to smell unpleasant. (Source: PeopleImages / Getty Images)

Measures in the case of a musty apartment

A musty smell indicates that the home is too humid. Lies in the Apartment has a musty smell, it must first be ventilated. Intermittent ventilation is an advantage here: you open the window several times an hour for five to ten minutes. A placed bowl with coffee powder binds bad smells. Vanilla sticks that you hang up in air-permeable bags also neutralize a musty smell.

It should be absolutely excluded that the apartment from Mould is infested. If the walls are not damp, examine the areas behind airtight cabinets, such as the wardrobe or living room sideboard. Furniture should always be set up a few centimeters away from outside walls. Apartments affected by mold must be renovated immediately.

Neutralize odor: If it smells unpleasant, put coffee beans in a bowl and set it up in your apartment. (Source: GooMmnutt / Getty Images)

Rent reduction if there is a bad smell

If there is a permanent odor nuisance in your apartment, which only becomes noticeable after moving in or during the period of living, you may have the right to a rent reduction. In some cases, structural changes or inadequately sealed windows and doors can be to blame for the previously unnoticed odor nuisance. Before correspondence with the landlord, you should especially check the latter in order to exclude it. But the neighbor can also cause unpleasant smells.

Remove the smell of cigarettes from the apartment

You can reduce the smell of smoke with home remedies such as a bowl of vinegar water or coffee beans, but not completely remove it. If you would like a more decorative solution, you can put a bowl or plate with dried orange or apple peel on it or hang it up on a thread in the apartment.

If you are a smoker and move into a new apartment, paint the walls with a special primer before moving in. It prevents the nicotine from settling in the wall structure and thus the walls from turning yellow.

Remove burning smell from the apartment

A burnt food or a fire not only causes costly damage, but usually also leaves behind a very persistent and pungent odor. It is often difficult to get this burning smell out of the apartment. Home remedies such as coffee beans, vinegar water and orange peel hardly help because the stench is too intense. In this case, it usually only helps to ventilate thoroughly immediately after the incident - four to six hours - and to clean everything thoroughly. In addition to the outer furniture surfaces, the inner compartments should also be cleaned. Also clear out all the shelves and clean every single item - if it cannot be cleaned, you should dispose of it if necessary.

Fresh scent: Dried orange peel neutralizes stink in the home. (Source: Nalin Prutimongkol / Getty Images)

Also wash clothes, towels and curtains - if possible also the carpets. Don't forget to wipe the tiles too.

You can also hang up freshly washed towels in the apartment or in the affected room. These also absorb the smell.

After a fire, it is not uncommon for the apartment to be repainted and furniture to be disposed of.

Room sprays and deodorants often only cover up stench. They don't "wash" the air clean.

Smell in old books

Used, old books in particular develop a musty stench from time to time. This can be remedied with simple tricks: Put the musty book in a plastic bag, for example, and put it in the freezer for a few days.

An alternative is fresh cat litter. Fill a bag with it, put the book inside and seal the bag airtight. The cat litter soaks up the moisture and the smell evaporates.

Reduce animal odor

Owners of pets rarely notice the smell of their darlings. If you want to protect your visit from unpleasant odors, you should:

Regularly clean the litter box for cats (roughly daily, complete cleaning every week) and use closed versions with a roof, into which the animal can enter through a hatch.

Pay attention to intensive grooming in dogs. Brush your pet thoroughly every day or several times a day.

Bad kitchen smells

If you want to do without artificial aromas from room sprays and scented candles against unpleasant smells in the air after cooking or a party, you should cut an apple.

Put the carvings on plates and distribute them around the room. The apple captures the smells and binds them, explains the consumer initiative. Coffee powder, which can be left in the room for longer in bowls, has the same effect.

Apple wedges and coffee powder also help with stale air in a storage room, which often has to get by without a window.