Which Sleepwell mattresses are best to buy

Ergonomics & hardness

The orthopedically correct mattress must fit into the body of the user different lying positionssnugly so that the Spinecan be worn relaxed and without pressure points. This allows the intervertebral discs to expand during the resting phase regenerateand thus the back can recover from the daily stress. 100% natural rubber in the core of the mattress results in the highest point elastic properties and therefore the best contour-mapping body adaptationwith even pressure distribution. The `SLEEP WELL´ natural latex mattressis made from 100% natural rubber.
Through the high point elasticity Compared to other foam materials, the natural latex core is already in a position to allow the shoulders and pelvic areas to sink in slightly and, at the same time, to provide good support for the higher body areas of the waist, neck, neck and legs.
Another positive quality is that fast restoring forceof the material, which supports you noticeably when changing position and turning maneuvers during the night thanks to its low rolling resistance. You can easily turn around.

The Mattresses - core geometryas well as the slatted frame or plate frame under the mattress also play an important role in comfortable storage. The moderately differentiated 7 - zone natural latex coreis for people of normal build with normal shoulder and waist circumferencesperfectly suited. Degree of hardness 2 is recommended for use up to 75kg body weight. Degree of hardness 3 is usually used from 75kg upwards.

The Function of the mattresswill be in combination with the correctly selected Slatted frame / plate framefrom our assortment optimized and individualized. The following properties result when the mattress is combined with the slatted frame models listed below:

with slatted frame `SENSOLINE´Very finely tuned body adaptation for alternate sleepers (side / back / prone position) with a normal lateral body profile.
with slatted frame `WOODLINE´Somewhat firmer, worn feeling thanks to larger spring slats for alternate sleepers with a higher proportion of supine and prone positions and a normal lateral body profile.
with slatted frame `MULTILINE´flexibly adaptable body reshaping through disc springs in the shoulder and pelvic area for side sleepers, especially women with a little pelvic expansion and slim waist.
with slatted frame `POINTLINE´flexibly reshaping disc springs on a fixed frame with additional. Lowered shoulder, especially suitable for alternate sleepers with a slightly more pronounced shoulder area, especially men with a little shoulder and hollow back.
with the
Waa.Lea - sleep system
flexibly adaptable body reshaping through disc springs in the shoulder and pelvic area for side sleepers, especially women with a little pelvic expansion and slim waist.

Our experienced team of advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the correct selection and combination of slatted frames and mattresses. Whether on Phone,by Mailor in a personal consultation in our branches Berlin, Munich and Eisenach,In any case, it is worth using the many years of experience of our colleagues with the products and the most varied of applications.
In addition, we offer the possibility of 3-D Bodyscan body measurement on - with that it will be very accurate !!

Climate & reference

Cotton / TENCEL® - double cloth cover, made of 69% cotton (organic) & 31% lyocell (TENCEL®),
Quilting: 100% Lyocell (TENCEL®) with 400g / m & sup2, with cotton tricot as quilted carrier,

All-round cover with 4-sided zipper, removable, divisible, washable up to 60 ° C.

TENCEL®, also known as Lyocell, is a fiber made from the natural raw material wood. This material is produced under fair trade conditions in Austria, South Africa and other locations. The raw material wood comes from sustainable forestry. The special properties of this ecologically sound product are its exceptionally good, air-conditioning properties and the excellent moisture dissipation, which enables you to sleep cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter. TENCEL® thus ensures consistently pleasant temperatures, which is due to its microfine fiber structure, which quickly dissipates moisture into the interior of the fiber (similar to virgin wool). Compared to other fibers, TENCEL® bedding can absorb up to 50% more moisture. Due to its hypoallergenic properties, TENCEL® is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and people who prefer to wash their bedding regularly. TENCEL® materials can be washed and dried up to 60 ° without any problems.
TENCEL® is an extremely interesting fiber more -> "TENCEL®"

Organic cotton
kbA = controlled organic cultivation
Cotton from controlled organic cultivation is understood to mean cotton that is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and / or synthetic pesticides. Organic cotton is harvested by hand, no chemical defoliants are used for the harvest. The designation organic cotton means that the cotton is grown according to the guidelines of organic agriculture. In contrast to conventional cultivation, compost and manure are used as natural means of maintaining soil fertility just like in the past. This permanently improves the humus content in the soil and so more water and CO2 can be stored. In addition, the susceptibility to erosion decreases. The cultivation of different crops in a natural crop rotation prevents the multiplication of pests and diseases. The use and promotion of organic cotton has been shown to have positive social effects. Further information can be found at: -> "Organic Cotton"

Material & techn. Data

Degree of hardness:
Degree of hardness 2 = medium (up to 75kg)
Degree of hardness 3 = firm (from 75kg)

Total height: 17cm
Latex core height: 14.5cm
Weight: approx. 22 - 24kg for size 200 x 100cm

Volume weight:
Degree of hardness 2 approx. 70kg / cbm,
Degree of hardness 3 approx. 80kg / cbm,

We give a 10 year guarantee on our natural latex mattresses.