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"Time" magazine names Merkel "Person of the Year 2015"

"Chancellor of a free world" is what Angela Merkel magazine calls the award. The news magazine "Time" explains the award that she has shown herself to be a leader in the current crises. The 61-year-old was involved in the fight against the bankruptcy of Greece, in the refugee crisis and after the Paris terrorist attacks, the journal wrote. "Merkel had a different set of values ​​- humanity, kindness, tolerance - to show how Germany's great strengths can be used to save instead of destroy. It is rare to watch a leader in the process, an old and agonizing national one To discard identity. " The Chancellor also distinguishes her behavior in the Ukraine conflict with Russia.

"You may or may not agree with her. But she doesn't take the easy route," wrote Editor-in-Chief Nancy Gibbs. "For demanding more from her country than most politicians would dare, for her work against tyranny and opportunism, and for her steadfast moral leadership in a world in which there is no such," Time chose Angela Merkel as her Personality of the year. " And with this title the magazine comes onto the market:

The self-appointed caliph of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, follows in second place in the "Time" ranking. Behind them are the billionaire Donald Trump, who is running for the presidential candidacy of the US Republicans, and the US civil rights campaign "Black Lives Matter".

With the title "Person of the Year", the paper honors people who, in the opinion of the editors, have significantly changed the world in the respective year. The title "Person of the Year" has been awarded annually since 1927. Merkel has been the first woman to be awarded the title for almost 30 years. And only the fourth woman since the award was presented, as the magazine itself pointed out:

Last year, the award went to doctors and nurses fighting the Ebola epidemic. Pope Francis was honored with it the year before. US President Barack Obama was voted "Person of the Year" in 2012. The last German to receive this honor was Willy Brandt in 1970.

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