Where can I buy helium

Buy helium balloon gas - in the inexpensive disposable helium bottle!

Why is helium so suitable as a balloon gas?

The effective use of gas for balloons is becoming increasingly popular. As a parent or grandparent, you may still remember your chemistry class. There was once talk of so-called noble gases such as helium, neon or argon, which, due to their chemical constellation, have absolutely no desire to react with other substances. The balloon gas helium cannot explode or start to burn under any circumstances.

Why should I buy helium when the balloons look so beautiful in and of themselves?

Children love anything that appears to be sorcery. And a balloon floating in the air is still a little wonder of the world even for older children, where all other things fall down. Doesn't it seem really magical when the birthday balloons filled with the helium balloon gas move back and forth in a breeze? You can dream wonderfully there.

And how much fun it is to let a foil balloon (on purpose) soar into the air, perhaps with a card attached to it, in order to hope in the days after the child’s birthday that someone who is as far away as possible will report. By the way, this sometimes creates new friendships - completely outside of Facebook & Co.

At what price can you buy helium and do I have to return the helium bottle?

Of course, the price of helium always depends on the fill quantity of the helium bottle. But we can assure you that if you want to buy helium particularly cheaply, you are in the right place in this category. The amazed faces of the children present are well worth the purchase price and balloons with helium inside always cause admiration. Since it is a disposable helium bottle, you can dispose of it with the normal household waste or take it to a recycling center (e.g. a metal collection).

Which balloons are best suited for the helium balloon gas?

If you want to enjoy a filled balloon for as long as possible, you should choose foil balloons instead of latex balloons, because the balloon filling gas helium escapes much more slowly due to the better material. But we also have three useful tips for everyone who wants to fill ordinary balloons with helium:

  • Only fill the helium gas into the balloons shortly before the party
  • After filling with the helium from the gas cylinder, close the balloons very well, preferably with special balloon caps
  • We offer a special balloon gel to extend the floating time of latex balloons and thus for the longer residence time of the helium gas in the balloons. A drop of this is added before the balloon is filled with the gas from the helium bottle and rubbed in thoroughly from the outside.

Are there also single-use balloon gas bottles and can I buy helium as a private person?

Yes and yes. Each of our customers can buy helium. There is no special authorization required for this as for other chemicals. For those who do not feel like returning or sending the helium bottle or the helium cartridge to a dealer, our disposable bottles are suitable. Since helium is neither poisonous nor dangerous, these helium bottles have a green dot and can easily be disposed of in the “yellow sack”.

Like many other party planners, are you completely surprised at how uncomplicated the helium balloon gas is? Then you are probably asking yourself:

Where can I buy helium at particularly favorable conditions?

You can guess the answer: Well, here with us in this category.

To make it easier for you to find your way around, we have already stated in our helium gas titles whether the respective helium bottle contains the harmless gas helium for 30 balloons or whether this balloon gas is even contained for 50 balloons.

There is only one thing you should keep in mind when using the helium balloon gas: Avoid the party gag with the Mickey Mouse voice and do not let anyone breathe it in, because it is definitely harmful to your health.

Do you have any questions about the helium balloon gas or our foil balloons?

Under the following link you will find our FAQ (frequently asked questions) with the corresponding answers on the topic: Helium balloons