How many types of advertising are there

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Pop-up ads
Video clips
Television advertising
Cinema advertising
radio advertising

Perimeter advertising


Advertising is sent via advertising media the target persons conveyed. Advertising is very often transmitted via the Internet as an advertising medium. Other frequently used printed advertising media are newspapers, brochures and stickers. Also through the advertising media Film, television and cinema become advertising switched. Last but not least, advertising is conveyed by people: Agents sell their products directly to end consumers or buyers.

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What is AIDA?
Preparation of the analysis / interpretation
Image analysis
Text analysis

This is how advertising works

A.ttention: Attract the customer's attention.
I.nterest: Interest is aroused.
D.esire: The desire arises to own the product.
A.ction:The customer should buy the product.

The individual steps of the AIDA concept should be traceable for every advertisement.

Analyze and interpret advertisements

The analysis of advertisements for Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12.
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Item description
Interpreting poems
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Advertisements with statements for text analysis of the advertisement with quotations.