What was the tuition fee for the secretariat

Social contribution

Social contribution

The social contribution is a compulsory contribution from all ordinary students to of enrollment and for everyone Re-registration is to be paid.

For the Summer semester 2021 is the total social contribution
336,50 €. This includes:

  • for the Akademische Förderungswerk (AKAFÖ) (e.g. for cafeteria and dormitories) 110.00 €
  • for the ASTA 17.12 € (15.62 € for the student body, 1.50 € for the use of the bike rental system)
  • for the semester ticket (including the NRW ticket) € 209.38

The social contribution is set anew for each semester.
You can access the data required for the transfer at any time under FINANCE "Notes on paying social security contributions" above eCampus at https://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/ecampus/ecampus-webclient/login_studierende.html.



  • The feedback takes place after the student secretariat has determined that your social security contribution has been received.
  • IMPORTANT: The decisive factor here is the date on which the payment was received by RUB: The social contribution must be received by the RUB by the last day of the re-registration period (see deadlines)!The decisive factor is not the date of your transfer, but the date on which the social contribution was received on the RUB account.
  • Please note that depending on the bank, it can take several days for the payment to be received by the RUB. Even a quick transfer or online transfer does not necessarily speed up the process. Therefore, in your interest, make the transfer in good time before the re-registration period expires.
  • If the re-registration was successful, you can download your current certificate of enrollment from your eCampus (please note our information on the new semester ticket!)

Current notice

payment method

Direct debit is no longer offered for the time being

From now on it is no longer possible to have the social security contribution withdrawn from the account using the direct debit procedure and thus to re-register automatically for the next semester. All students have to transfer the amount for the coming semester themselves, even if they have previously participated in the direct debit procedure.

All students were informed about this in mid-February 2018.