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Buying used parquet: 3 ways to get good, used parquet

Parquet is an extremely popular flooring because it is so versatile, attractive and resilient is. Parquet floors made of oak or beech are particularly popular, but in principle almost any wood tone is possible. The biggest advantage of wooden planks is that they can be sanded and resealed multiple times. In this way, small and large signs of wear and tear can be removed so that the floor covering looks like new again without having to be completely replaced.

Unfortunately, a parquet floor also has a decisive disadvantage: This type of wooden floor is comparatively expensive. Some consumers therefore want to buy used parquet in order to save money. But is it even worth it? What should be considered when buying a used product? And where is used parquet available? These questions are answered in the following sections.

Is it worth buying used parquet?

Whether it is worth buying used parquet depends on various factors. Basically, if you just get a bargain a used purchase is not necessarily advisable. You can find new parquet flooring that is eight millimeters thick in stores from around 12 euros. It doesn't get much cheaper by buying it used.

High-quality strip parquet with a thickness of 22 millimeters is more expensive to purchase. If you absolutely want to lay such a parquet floor, it can be very useful to go after inexpensive offers for used parquet To keep an eye out.

Buying used is particularly worthwhile if you are interested in an extravagant pattern or a special type of wood - for example, a parquet that is no longer offered today or is only available at a very high price.

As a rule, the boards that have already been used can be removed without breaking them, so that you can lay them again. You benefit from the greatest advantage of the parquet: Since you can sand the used solid wood parquet at will and reseal it, the parquet floor can be reconditioned so that it can be restored looks like new. You can save money with used parquet without having to forego a great look.

Buy used parquet - what you should pay attention to

Regardless of whether you are interested in parquet made of oak, beech, ash or birch - when buying a used, you should always look for a high quality parquet decide. After all, it has already been used and you still want to many more years enjoy it. But how do you recognize good, used parquet?

Choose solid parquet

We recommend you that qualitative solid wood parquet To be preferred to the cheaper multi-layer parquet. As the name suggests, it is very solid and therefore of higher quality. This will prove to be an advantage, especially with parquet that has already been used.

It depends on a high level of use

Solid wood parquet also has a higher level of use. This gives you the option of sanding and resealing the parquet floor several times.

If you buy used parquet, you can hardly understand how often it has already been sanded and resealed. It is all the more important to make sure that the usage level is still high enough.

In general, high-quality parquet with a high usage layer can last around 30 to 40 years - and with good care can be used even longer.

The type of wood influences the quality

How qualitative parquet is also depends on the type of wood used from. With used parquet, it is advisable to use high-quality woods such as teak. You are by nature very resistant, which is why the flooring made from these types of wood is more resilient. This results in a longer useful life.

Good workmanship is important

In addition, the quality naturally plays an important role in the processing and manufacture of the parquet. The place of manufacture usually also has an influence here. From parquet, that made in Asia you'd better keep your hands off it. Usually the processing of this parquet floor is not that high quality. It can also be that Substances of concern are used in production come.

You are making a better choice with parquet made in the EU, because higher quality standards usually have to be met here. Make sure to ask the seller of the used parquet where it was originally produced.

3 ways to find good, used parquet

Now that you know what to look for when buying, it will be easier for you to decide whether the parquet you are interested in is really of high quality. But the question still remains to be clarified where exactly is it actually really good, used parquet to buy there. Therefore we present to you below three ways how you can find high quality, used parquet flooring.

Option 1: Search for suitable offers on eBay

The online portal eBay is the first port of call for most people when it comes to used goods. No wonder, because the leading portal for selling and buying used goods has an extensive selection to offer. Of course you will eBay also offers offers for used parquet.

The best thing to do is to opt for parquet that can be picked up by yourself. Then you can take a close look at the planks on site and check whether they actually have the promised quality. Alternatively, you can use the article pictures to take a closer look at the parquet and any defects.

If you want to buy used parquet on eBay, you should also vBefore reading the seller's reviews. If he has always received good reviews from other buyers, then there is usually nothing against buying.

Option 2: Regularly browse the classifieds

You could also be looking for used parquet in the local classifieds find what you are looking for. For example, eBay's separate classified ads portal is suitable for this. Simply enter the search term and your zip code to find used parquet in your area. Of course, there are other classifieds sites on the Internet that you can browse.

The advantage of this variant: You can take a look at the parquet without obligation before buying and decide not to buy it if you are not satisfied. Many online classifieds portals even allow you to create search requests. You will then be notified by email when someone offers used parquet in your area.

Alternatively, it is worth taking a look at the classifieds section of your magazine. Sometimes there are also advertisements for used parquet here. Whether online or offline - parquet floors are often used in classifieds offered even cheaper than on eBay. Sometimes it is even given away completely. It is therefore worthwhile to check regularly whether there are new advertisements.

Option 3: Advertise a search ad yourself

The third option is to use a classifieds portal to to advertise a search ad. Not everyone who swaps their old parquet for a new parquet floor comes up with the idea of ​​reselling it or even giving it away. So feel free to post a search advertisement in a classifieds exchange to draw attention to your request. It is best to also write in the advertisement what is important to you in order to avoid unnecessary offers:

  • What type of wood do you have in mind - oak, beech or ash?
  • What price expectations do you have?
  • How much parquet do you need?
  • In which area are you looking?

Do your best to run your ad in several portalsto increase reach and receive more offers.

Second-choice parquet as an inexpensive and high-quality alternative

Can't find a good, used parquet floor near you, but still don't want to buy a completely new parquet? Then can so-called second-choice parquet be an inexpensive, yet high-quality alternative. Quite a few dealers have second choice parquet on offer. It is actually as good as new, but it is characterized by the fact that more boards have larger knotholes or small defects than is the case with flawless A-Ware.

Nevertheless, the quality of the parquet is very good and the errors are usually barely noticeable. Second choice parquet is extremely inexpensive. In order to find such parquet flooring, it is best to look for a specialist dealer for wooden floors on the Internet or search directly for the term “2nd choice parquet”. In this way, the probability is greatest that you will find an extensive selection of inexpensive second-choice parquet.


If you want to buy used parquet in order to save money, you should pay particular attention to one high quality and check the parquet floor carefully before buying so that you can continue to use it for many years to come. Corresponding offers for used parquet are available on eBay, for example, but also in the common classified ads portals. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can also advertise a search ad or look for second-choice parquet.

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