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Improve writing style

Your written expression leaves a lot to be desired or have you already seen points or grades deducted for stylistic deficiencies? We'll show you how to do yours Improve your writing style!

What is meant by writing style?

The linguistic expression chosen by the author is referred to as the writing style. These include the choice of words, the sentence structure and the technical terms used. The context in which the text is used determines what is understood as appropriate and effective. Above all, analytical and factual texts are required in schools and universities. In literary texts there is more leeway for linguistic images (metaphors, comparisons), the condensation of text, rhythmic language or the deliberate violation of grammatically correct formulations or spelling rules. Bad style can make you appear in a negative light, for example when you apply or communicate with superiors, customers or colleagues in your professional life. In school and college, bad style can ruin your grade. But you can avoid that and improve your writing style relatively easily.

Improve your writing style in five steps

With these five simple steps you will quickly become a Callist.

Step # 1: make reading a habit

On the way to a confident and effective writing style, you need one broad basic vocabularyfrom which you can draw. Texts can be improved a bit afterwards (see step # 4), but if you have a solid eloquence, you can get the more out of it in the end. Turning a weak draft into a brilliant text afterwards is almost hopeless. In order to acquire this broad basic vocabulary you have to read. The more high quality knowledge you absorb, the easier it will be for you to write high quality text. It is advisable to pay attention to the quality of the reading material and to adapt the reading input to your desired output. The fun of reading should not be lost, it is perfectly legitimate to continue reading books or articles that are simply of interest to you.

Try to make reading a habit and read for about 30 minutes a day. For example in the morning at the kitchen table, on the way to work, school or university or in the evening before bed. The more you read, the more Your linguistic ability to express yourself becomes more diverse and your writing style will improve.

Step # 2: collect terms

Because reading alone cannot improve your writing style, you have to add a certain analysis component. It is important to develop an awareness of the language while reading and to integrate captivating formulations, melodious terms or important foreign words into your vocabulary forever. Marks all linguistic highlights - in Kindle, marked passages of text are automatically collected in a file. Alternatively, you can transfer all marked positions to a document or notebook. You can always refer to this collection if you need inspiration or get stuck while writing. Professional copywriters use this method and name theirs "Swipe-File" collection.

Step # 3: Eliminate common mistakes

In order for a stylish text to develop its effect, it should be as error-free as possible. Don't worry, minor mistakes can always happen and are not the end of the world. This is about gross blunders (for example: that / that, since / are, was / was, imperative, comma setting or tenses). Look at you what mistakes you keep repeating make and eradicate them once and for all.

Step # 4: use synonyms

As announced above, each text can be improved a little later. This works through synonyms. Especially boring and yourself often repeating words could be replaced with synonyms to improve writing style.

Step # 5: pimp grammar

In order to raise your text to a higher level stylistically, it is important to avoid certain things in the text: the indefinite pronoun "man" (especially in scientific texts the little word "man" has no place), that-sentences (sentences prefer in Formulate subjunctive) and active clauses (Passive clauses make your text appear more objective. But be careful: With English texts it is the other way around, there should be be formulated as actively as possible).


World famous writer Stephen King said, "To write well, you only have to do two things: Read a lot and write a lot"That's enough to improve your writing style and catapult your texts to the next level.

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