How do you play Keharwa Taal

How do I play tabla in a musical composition?

Usually many songs in Indian music are based on basic thekas like Kehrava, Dadra, Roopak. And some classic songs are based on Teentaak, Ektaal, Deepchandi, etc.

So, you should know all of these basic thekas first, and by listening to songs you should be able to figure out the taal of the song (i.e., Kehrava, Dadra, etc.). So the first step is that you should be able to figure out the Taal of the song.

Next, you should know different ways (thekas) or variations of this particular Taal (which you can learn from your teacher). Usually for each Taal there are very few and basic variations that are usually used for songs. Once you learn these variations, you can identify them while listening to songs.

Even if you can't play all of the variations, that's not a problem. You should be able to play a variation or two consistently with the song that should sound good.

After the next step, you should actually practice with a live singer. This step is the most important. Practice together as much as possible.

Lastly, here is a link to my software which is very useful for tabla players where you can write and play tabla compositions. You can also email help with compositions.