Should Ivanka resign

Ivanka Trump: is she breaking contact with Donald now?

A lot will also change for Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner after Donald Trump's end of office. The former advisers, like the rest of the family, are initially withdrawing from the public eye. On the day Biden was sworn in, the 39-year-old posted a farewell statement on her Instagram channel in which she thanked her for her political position in recent years. Currently everything still indicates that the former model would like to continue her career in politics. Could that also be the reason why she breaks with her relatives?

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That's why Ivanka wants to break off contact with Donald Trump

It has already become clear in recent weeks that Ivanka Trump is just as reluctant to leave her role in politics like her father. But the last four years have not been exactly how you would expect a good term in office. It is not for nothing that the ex-president has to assert himself in court and his daughter has made some headlines in the past. But apparently Trump's missteps seem worse for his daughter than their own, as Ivanka wants to distance herself from her family for good. The reason: She worries about her image, which has already suffered recently when she defended the people who violently stormed the Capitol. To them, blood doesn't seem thicker than water, because their goal isto maintain her political career by all means.The news channel CNN reports that the American is currently questioning her closest relatives.Whether she and her husband will really cut themselves off from Melania and Daddy Trump, however, cannot yet be predicted. After all, there has not yet been a clear statement.

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