Burns anthracite to ash

Anthracite charcoal

If an old boiler is to be replaced, it is really worth considering whether a new boiler with anthracite coal should be used - here are the facts:

Up until now, people were mostly annoyed about high maintenance costs, high heating oil prices or even high gas prices!
This is the dilemma that comes to mind when looking at alternative heating systems, especially when it comes to maintenance costs, reliability, long heating life and of course boiler efficiency.

According to this consideration, a small block-type thermal power station, the use of heat pumps and an anthracite boiler come into question.
According to my comparisons, only the anthracite boiler comes into question, because not only the efficiency and thus the cost efficiency are convincing, but also the taxation.

The average weight of the boilers is around 200kg, by the way, whereby the transport is not a big problem for freight forwarders, because the boilers are delivered by the freight forwarder on euro pallets and thus the relatively heavy freight can be easily transported to the customer.

So far you have thought that refilling the coal into the boiler is too cumbersome and unclean?
Not correct! Because there are now “automatically loaded coal boilers”, so you no longer need to go to the cellar several times a day to refill the coals (the ashes only have to be removed occasionally).