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Roberts Rebellion (Legends and Lore)

"Roberts Rebellion"

"Roberts rebellion (translated: "Robert's Rebellion") are a series of animated short films based on the legends and traditions of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth. The stories are spoken by the respective actors of the characters themselves. Conleth Hill speaks for his role as Varys, Aidan Gillen for Petyr Baelish, Pedro Pascal for Oberyn Martell, Ian McElhinney for Ser Barristan Selmy and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Ser Jaime Lannister.


Varys and Petyr Baelish (Season 3)

Varys: The Targaryen dynasty ruled Westeros for three hundred years. Wars were still fought, houses still exiled, and men still dying, but compared to the chaos before that, the empire was stable.

Petyr Baelish: And boring. The Targaryen lied, murdered and stole just as much as other lords, they only had dragons to answer all complaints. Until they didn't have it anymore. When the last dragon died, it was only a matter of time before the Targaryen would follow.

Varys: By "just" you mean another century.

Baelish: Which they wasted in making up for their lost advantage: burning their own palaces to hatch dragon eggs, drink sea fire to become a dragon and let us not forget the Mad King's favorite: burn men alive so he could still pretend would he be a dragon.

Varys: We urged Aerys to pardon Brandon Stark. The boy had threatened Prince Rhaegar, but Rhaegar had stolen the boy's sister - and the boy was the eldest son of our Guardian of the North.

Baelish: Who is the bigger fool: A mad king or the man who messes with him. Aerys saw knives in every shadow. When you told him to handle the Starks with care, you scared him and what he feared he killed.

Varys: I did not think you of all people would mourn Brandon's death, Lord Baelish. Not after yours, let's call it a "duel" with him.

Baelish:Brandon was as arrogant as he was stupid; just like his father, Lord Stark, who answered Aerys's call to the capital. You deserve your fate. But the younger son, Ned. What was his crime that Aerys ordered his death to be?

Varys:Unlike men, families don't die out if their heads are cut off.

Baelish: At the very least, you should point out that the loyal and dutiful Ned lived with Jon Arryn, a proud and exceedingly righteous lord with an impregnable fortress and no sons of his own. Perhaps you could have saved Aerys the "embarrassment" of a riot.

Varys: If only we had had the foresight to seek advice from you, Lord Baelish. But I think first we should have known who you are.

Baelish:: Nobody knew Robert Baratheon and yet he claimed he had a right to sit on the Iron Throne.

Varys: He had Targary's blood through his mother.

Baelish: A pretty dress for an ugly truth: it was war and he could swing the hammer harder than the other candidates. When did you know you had lost, Lord Varys?

Varys: When Robert killed Prince Rhaegar on the Trident.

Baelish: Not correct. You lost the war when you let Ned Stark sneak back north. Neither the damned Gate of the Valley nor Maidengraben to the north were ever captured. They could have held out for years, even if you killed Robert, but you also let him get through your fingers.

Varys: I told the court that Robert was hiding in the stone sipe, but the king's hand wasted too much time searching the city. Something about the glory of a duel, then Ned Stark's army appeared to save the day.

Baelish: Really a shame Lord Tywin was no longer the king's hand. He would have just ... destroyed the city and the matter would have been settled.

Varys: Possibly. And maybe the rebels could have raised more of the country for their banners.

Baelish: I almost forgot. You were always so loyal to the Lannisters during the war. Not true?

Varys: I have done my duty to the Reich. When Lord Tywin appeared in King's Landing and proclaimed his loyalty, I warned Aerys not to open the gates. Prince Rhaegar was dead, our armies destroyed. "The lion does not move until he does not judge meat."

Baelish: I admire your persuasion, Lord Varys. Few of them hold so much knowledge for so little use.

Varys: Grandmaester Pycelle told Aerys what he wanted to hear: That his old friend Tywin was there to help him.

Baelish: Then Aerys "old friend" stormed the city and his son stabbed him in the back.

Varys: An unfortunate but necessary act.

Baelish: Just like the pardons the new King Robert granted the old royalists: Maes Tyrell, Barristan Selmy, you.

Varys: King Robert decided wise order over vengeance.

Baelish: Jon Arryn chose Robert wisely. But Jon Arryn died, then Robert, then Ned. So ended their glorious revolution.

Varys: And Westeros has been on fire ever since

Baelish: Let it be.

Varys: Like Targarysch of you. One of the madmen.

Baelish: Fire turns even the proudest trees to ashes, leaving room for new roots to spread ...




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Oberyn Martell (Season 4)

Oberyn Martell: Twice the Targaryen tried to conquer Dorne with soldiers. They failed twice. It was only when the Dragon Kings came with husbands and wives that my ancestors gave in and agreed to join their Seven Kingdoms. House Martell could withstand war until the end of the days, but how could we withstand a peace that can be taken to bed?

For centuries the Iron Throne had no more loyal allies than the Princes of Dorne. Since the Martells were never conquered by them, we kept our original titles. Perhaps that was what drew Rhaegar Targaryen to us. His royal parents had not had a daughter to marry, so he had to look elsewhere for a princess and there was only one in Westeros: Elijah of House Martell, my sister. She was not the most beautiful woman in the world or in Dorne, but rare for a woman from our country, her flower came without thorns. She was kind and wise with a gentle heart. I loved her, I feared for her. For years I drove lesser men from her, but even I failed when Rhaegar came. Rhaegar was handsome and the Crown Prince of the Seven Kingdoms and our mother had worked hard to keep the connection safe. How could Elijah refuse? They got married and he took Elijah away from their homes, those who loved them and would have died for them and he locked them in the Red Keep, above his pigsty in a town surrounded by false friends. She bore him a daughter and a son, even if each of them nearly killed her.

Elijah loved Rhaegar, she obeyed him and he decided to steal Lyanna Stark, a pale Nordic girl whose veins had ice flowing through her, as well as all her people. Instead of punishing his unfaithful son, King Aerys executed the Starks when they came to seek justice and sparked a revolt. I know what the maesters call the war now, but describing it as "Roberts Rebellion" doesn't change what it was. The usurper's war. Dorne took the side of the crown because if we swear an oath, we will keep it. We didn't need threats from King Aerys, even if he made them anyway. He locked Elijah and her children in the Red Keep to ensure our loyalty. Even in his madness, he still knew that no true man from Dorne would ever take up arms against our beloved princess and that we would fight to the death for the side she was on.

At the Trident, Dorne lost ten thousand men and two princes. My King's Guard uncle and Elijah's gallant husband, Prince Rhaegar, who was too slow or too arrogant for Robert's Warhammer. When Robert's army marched towards King's Landing, the Mad King sent his wife and his own child away, but he kept my sister and hers in there. In his madness, Aerys thought the men from Dorne had betrayed him and his son on the Trident and he was only too happy to have his true friend back in his ranks: Tywin Lannister. Lord Tywin's army stormed his friend's city while Lord Tywin's son murdered the king he had sworn to protect. All of this could have been forgiven: war is terrible and men have to turn bad to go into the field. But the Lannisters knew that as long as Elijah and her children, Rhaegar's heirs, lived, no usurper could safely sit on the throne. So Lord Tywin's dog - Ser Gregor Clegane - let the mountain Elijah watch as he murdered her daughter and hit her newborn son's head against the wall. Then, with her baby's blood still on his hands, he raped Elijah and murdered her. When Lord Tywin later presented their bodies to Robert Baratheon, wrapped in red Lannister cloaks, I was told that the red color generously hid the blood from the men's eyes.

The Targaryen speak of fire and blood. In Dorne our blood is fire. If Robert Baratheon dared set foot in Dorne during his reign he would have lost his foot and he's not even the one we are blaming about Elijah. The Lannisters think their gold will buy them power. The Lannisters think the mountain will buy them strength. But if they want peace, they cannot buy it with mountains of gold or the steel of a mountain. You have to pay in blood.




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Barristan Selmy (Season 5)

Barristan Selmy:"Barristan the Bold, that's what they call me when I'm there. I know what they say behind my back; Barristan the old. That's true. I'm old, my hair is as white as the winters I've seen . "The older a man gets, the less sleep he needs. I have hardly slept these days. When night falls over this strange city, I am haunted by the faces of the kings I have served. The faces of those who." I vowed to protect the faces of those I disappointed.

All I ever wanted was a life of honor and protect a king worthy of my service. During the War of the Nine Heller Kings, I looked for Maelys the Ghastly, the last of the blackfire contenders who had started the whole war. Maelys believed that his Targarysch blood gave him a right to the Iron Throne. I made sure that his blood gave him no more rights than the filth of his corpse. To show his gratitude, the king made me a royal guard. It was the proudest moment of my life.

But the king died and I wasn't with him. Not that I could have saved him if I was there. But still I vowed to do better with his son, the young Prince Aerys. For 20 years his reign was peaceful and prosperous. Aerys was very popular with the common people and respected by his lords. But as the years passed, his temper grew dull. He became possessed by dragons and fire, and the swords of the Kingsguard could not protect him from the enemies hidden in the shadows. My king went mad.

But there was hope; his son and heir. Prince Rhaegar was everything the kingdom could hope for in a ruler. He was strong but also gentle, wise and careful, and a good friend. Whatever wounds Aerys inflicted on the kingdom, we hoped that his son would seal them again when he ascended the throne.

Then came the Lord Whents Tournament from Harrenhal, the largest ever in Westeros. I unsaddled every man I faced until only Prince Rhaegar was left. We both put our feet in the saddle and lowered our lances and attacked and I fell. Dirty and hurt, I watched as Rhaegar gave Lyanna Stark the victory wreath full of roses, even though she was engaged to Robert Baratheon and Rhaegar himself was married to Elia Martell. We all know what happened after that. If only I had been a little faster with the lance, if I had chosen a faster horse, maybe I could have spared the kingdom the destruction that followed.

Or if I'd thought of warning Brandon Stark about his carelessness. He came to King's Landing himself and demanded that Rhaegar give his sister back. Poor fool. If only he had known the depths of Aerys madness, he would not have dared to provoke him. Aerys ordered Brandon's arrest and I had no choice but to obey. When Brandon's father, Lord Rickard Stark, came to King's Landing to ask forgiveness for his son, Aerys burned him alive while I could do nothing but watch. I had made an oath to a mad king and was bound by honor to obey him, even at the expense of my soul.

Soon ravens came with bad news for the king: The Green Valley was in open rebellion. Demanding the return of Lyanna Stark, Robert Baratheon destroyed any army that opposed him. Eddard Stark, Brandon's younger brother, marched all north into the Narrow corner and had married Catelyn Tully, Brandond's fiancée, and won the support of the Riverside. The king sent ravens to Casterlystein to implore his former hand for help ... but no ravens came back.

A plan was drawn up. Prince Rhaegar was to lead the royal forces himself, now reinforced by ten thousand Dornish men, north to face Robert Baratheon, while the Kingsguard Lewyn Martell and I would accompany the king. Before we left, the prince confided in me that when we return from the battle there will be many changes at court. Despite my oath to the king, I have to admit that I was excited about it.

On the way to face Robert's army, we were sure we would win. We were outnumbered and we had Prince Rhaegar. His presence lifted the spirits of our men, and he looked every bit like the king he was destined to be. But on the Trident the gods played a cruel trick on us. Robert proved the words of the Baratheon as his army broke through our ranks. Lewyn Martell was killed and I fell badly wounded in a duel and could do nothing but watch Robert's Warhammer end Rhaegar's glorious reign before it began and the kingdom would never wash its blood in the Trident. Yet Robert spared me, even insisting that his personal maester take care of my wounds out of respect for me.

But respect for what? A royal guard should not survive a king, especially not two and one who was destined to be. I swore an oath to House Targaryen, and I disappointed them. All that's left of them is a single fire, half at the end of the world, surrounded by darkness. If the gods were gracious, I would still be young and in full possession of my powers. But whatever it costs I won't let this fire go out. This time I won't fail.




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